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  • September 25, 2010

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Katy Schneider, "Drawing Room (detail)"
Eric March, "Mercedes and John"

The tradition of artists working with life models is alive and well. As evidence, art gallery studio21south presents “The Model is Posing”, featuring Sam Goodsell, Eric March, Joel Rudnick, Katy Schneider (Smith College), Jerry Weiss (Old Lyme), Thor Wickstrom, and other artists actively engaged in this timeless practice.

“The Model is Posing” is the phrase commonly used to bring a group back to attention when a model recommences work after a break, or to shoo away anyone attempting to intrude upon the studio during a pose. Similarly, the intent of this exhibit is to demonstrate that figure work from the live model is not a thing of the past, but to draw attention to contemporary practice of working from the figure.

Katy Schneider, one of the participating artists, has taught at Smith College since 1990. “By evoking a strong sense of light and a clear sense of space, I attempt to draw the viewer into paintings that are intimate in scale.” says Ms. Schneider. “By manipulating light and space, I attempt to discover and expose particular relationships, psychological dynamics, and subtle narratives.  At the same time, I also try to capture the eternal quality inherent in the fleeting nature of my subject matter.” Thor Wickstrom and Jaye Fox, co-directors of studio21south, themselves painters, are extremely pleased to be able to show Ms. Schneider's paintings which, while small in scale, sustain a commanding presence.

Jerry Weiss, "Afternoon Light"

In contrast to Ms. Schneider's work, Jerry Weiss (instructor at the Lyme Academy) boldly paints the human figure at nearly life-size.  Joel Rudnick is the sole sculptor in the show, and the scale of his figures speak to the subtle emotion and delicacy of the human condition. Bold in scale, but lyrical in content, Sam Goodsell's pastels have been widely recognized, as the subject of articles in Pastel Journal and American Artist, as well as "Painting With Pastels" by Maggie Price, published by North Light books.  His awards and grants include the Connecticut Pastel Society, the Pastel Society of America, and the Edward Mc. Dowell travel grant.  Many of Thor Wickstrom's pieces focus on the studio environment itself, depicting artists working from the model, making art from within a tangle of easels. Other work in the show ranges from Yuka Imata's careful, airy drawings to Julia Morgan-Leamon's watercolor sketches, which resonate with vibrant color.

Jaye Fox or Thor Wickstrom

189 Beaver Street
North Adams, Massachusetts
About studio21south

Located in an historic mill loft in North Adams, Massachussetts, studio21south specializes in contemporary realism. Its vision is to present quality work while maintaining a welcoming atmosphere for both artists and audiences alike. Co-directors Thor Wickstrom and Jaye Fox received the bulk of their training at the Art Students League of New York, as well as private atelier studies. Both have exhibited throughout the area and in New York City. Mr. Wickstrom is also an accomplished illustrator, and Ms. Fox is a docent at the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute and a part-time art instructor.

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