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  • November 10, 2011

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Co-owners of the Palm Beach Show Group Scott Diament and Rob Samuels.
Rachel and Christopher Trowbridge at the Dallas International Art, Antique & Jewelry Show.

From November 2-6, the Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas was transformed into one of the finest art, antique and jewelry exhibits in the world.  Guests at the Dallas International Art, Antique & Jewelry Show were impressed at the size, quality and caliber of the show.  With approximately 100 international exhibitors and more than 50,000 items for purchase, it was a show that exceeded all expectations and attracted prominent collectors and serious buyers from all corners of the globe.
"The Dallas International Art, Antique & Jewelry Show was the perfect fit for the sophistication and culture of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.  The combination of top international exhibitors paired with a showcasing of the world's finest antiques, art and jewelry delivered the quality show that you would expect to succeed in Texas," stated Scott Diament, CEO and co-owner of the Palm Beach Show Group.
Barbara Daseke chaired the Opening Night Private Preview Party on Wednesday evening benefiting TACA (The Arts Community Alliance).  A $15,000 check was presented to TACA by Scott Diament and Rob Samuels, owners of the Palm Beach Show Group. The A-List of opening night guests enjoying a spectacular champagne reception and previewing the show included: Caroline Rose Hunt, Patricia and Curtis Meadows, Nancy Dedman, Faye Briggs, Gail and Chad Cook, Lisa and George Longino, Joyce Fox, Rachel and Christopher Trowbridge, Tre and Pat Hodges, Sue and Phil John, Carol Seay, Pattie Flowers and Tom Swiley, Norm and Kelly Green, Lynn McBee, Garry Cox, Linda Gibbons, Carter Montgomery, Patsy Donosky, and Andy Teller, chairman of the TACA Board.
“This is my first time in Dallas and on opening night I met great people who were knowledgeable, sophisticated and extremely nice,” said Paul Vandekar of Earle Vandekar of Knightsbridge.

Phyllis Carlson Stevenson of Carlson and Stevenson Antiques also commented, “We are happy to be back in Dallas. The Palm Beach Show Group has done a great job promoting the show and selecting this wonderful venue.”

“The Dallas/Fort Worth crowd is elegant and rivals Palm Beach – this was the best opening night I have ever had at a show,” added D & D Gallery owner, John Amann.
Notable guests seen shopping the show throughout the weekend included: Harlan Crow, Trammell Crow, Jr., Barbara and Shelly Stein, Cheri Summerall, Margot Perot, and Patsy Donosky.
“We annually attend the Miami show, but decided to come to the Dallas International Art, Antique & Jewelry Show this year instead,” said Eddie and Minda Tovar of Austin, Texas.
Julie and Dan McCarty from Fort Worth, Texas also commented, “The show is easy to get to and the exhibitors are the crème de la crème. What a great mix of treasures. This is our first time in the new convention center, and we are impressed.”

The Dallas International Art, Antique & Jewelry Show was a virtual treasure trove with collections of fine art, sculpture, furniture, silver, textiles, bronze, jewelry, Americana, rare books, porcelain, ceramics, watches, clocks, Asian art and antiques, carpets, glass and more ranging in date from the antiquities to the 20th century. Many of the items were of museum or exhibition quality including, but not limited to, illuminated manuscripts exhibited by Dr. Joern Guenther Rare Books.
While browsing the collections, guests enjoyed the opportunity to speak with exhibitors about items firsthand and also received sound advice on the benefits of investing in this market. 
"The best investment a person can make, especially in today's economy, is in hard, tangible assets like antiques, art and jewelry. In challenging economic times, the antique, art and jewelry markets fair well and maintain their value when compared with traditional forms of investments such as the stock market and real estate," explained Rob Samuels, co-owner of the Palm Beach Show Group. "The added benefit of investing in antiques is that you can enjoy your investment for its beauty, while also watching it appreciate in value over time."
Guests seemed to heed this advice, as sales remained constant throughout the show's four-day run. 

Dallas International Art, Antique & Jewelry Show, floor view.
DB Fine ArtCarlson & Stevenson AntiquesM.S. Rau AntiquesLion Heart Autographs Haynes Fine Art of BroadwayGioiaEarle Vandekar of Knightsbridge LR Antiques Sonny Ideker Bookseller Only AuthenticMichael Pashby AntiquesFrench Country Living UK J.S. FearnleyD & D Gallery Past Era Fine Antique JewelryBattledore Art Link InternationalAlexander GalleryR & A InternationalRobert E. Alker Fine ArtMarlene Wong Alvarado Lynda Willauer Antiques

In addition to the shopping, many guests also enjoyed the complimentary, educational lectures given by an impressive line-up of highly respected industry experts, many of whom are published authors and renowned authorities in their respective fields.  Lectures were given by Alan C. Lowe, director of the George W. Bush Presidential Library; Miller Gaffney, principal of Miller Gaffney Art Advisory; and Dr. Joern Guenther of Dr. Joern Guenther Rare Books.

The Dallas International Art, Antique & Jewelry Show is produced by the Palm Beach Show Group, the largest independently owned art, antique and jewelry show producers in the world.  Partners Scott Diament and Rob Samuels own and operate several of the largest, most prestigious art, antique and jewelry shows, including the Baltimore Summer Antiques Show (August 23-26, 2012), the largest indoor summer antiques show in the United States with the most important collection of silver exhibitors in the nation; the Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show (February 17-21, 2012), widely recognized as the largest show of its kind in the United States; and the newest gem in the Palm Beach Show Group crown, the Naples Art, Antique & Jewelry Show, scheduled to premier February 9-13, 2012.
"We were very happy to return to Texas because the area's collectors are some of the most sophisticated that I know. It's a true pleasure being able to add to outstanding collections – both established and emerging ones – in this area," noted Albert Levy of A.B. Levy.
“I’m very positive,” said Alexander Acevedo of Alexander Gallery. “I will do the show again.”

For more information about the Dallas International Art, Antique & Jewelry Show, please visit www.dallasfallshow.com or contact the Palm Beach Show Group’s director of communications, Chrissy Lambert, at 561.822.5440 or Chrissy@palmbeachshow.com.

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