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  • January 05, 2015

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Silver Candlesticks Before and After Restoration by Trefler's
Gilt Mirror Before and After Restoration by Trefler's

This year, Trefler’s, the oldest comprehensive restoration company in the United States, is encouraging everyone to adopt a new kind of New Year’s resolution. Trefler’s “Make A New Year’s Restoration” initiative acknowledges that antiques, paintings, and sculpture that need the skillful touch and care of a restoration expert often wind up on the bottom of the “to-do” list. This initiative encourages everyone that has been intending to repair, restore, or repurpose their family treasures to make a resolution to get them restored.


Trefler’s was inspired to create the “Make A New Year’s Restoration” initiative after a recent silver repair. A client brought in broken sterling silver candlesticks that had been in a box for nearly a full generation. Trefler’s expert silversmith removed damaged cement, reset the base and soldered the broken pieces back together. After a final polish the candlesticks were ready to be used and treasured by the next generation.


For almost 100 years, Trefler’s has expertly mixed century-old techniques with modern restoration technology to execute some of the best repairs in the world. Whether it is cleaning an oil painting, refinishing antique furniture, sanding chipped crystal, mending cracked ceramic, or binding a cherished book, Trefler’s is able to transform each treasure without risk of damage.  Trefler’s restoration experts apply their skills not only to fine art, but to any item that a customer might be interested in repairing for sentimental reasons. For example, Trefler’s recently worked with a client to restore her grandfather’s toolbox to be gifted as a graduation present for her son. Another client brought in his favorite mug, which was made by his son thirty years ago in camp, to repair damage from decades of use.  “We are ready to take on any level of restoration and repair,” comments David Manzi, President of Trefler’s.  “The public is invited to take a tour of our workshops, and see what we can do to preserve your family’s heritage.”

Chest of drawers restored by Trefler's and repurposed into a chest that opens from the top.


Trefler’s was founded in Germany, where Abraham Trefler began a small business building and restoring furniture.  Abraham’s son, Eric, was one of the few survivors of the camps in Poland and Germany during World War II.  After Liberation, he left Europe for America and finally settled in Boston, where he initially worked as a furniture restorer for antique dealers on Beacon Street.  He ultimately opened his own business, and using the expertise he learned form his father, quickly became recognized for his uncanny ability to store almost any kind of object.  Today, Trefler’s is still owned by the Trefler family.


Trefler’s is located at 29 Tower Road in Newton Upper Falls, MA.  Hours are Monday through Friday 9:00AM to 6:00PM, and Saturdays from 10:00AM to 2:00PM. For additional information, visit or call 617-965-3388. 

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29 Tower Road
Newton, Massachusetts
About Trefler's

Trefler’s has been owned and operated by the Trefler family since 1921 and is Boston’s best and only comprehensive resource for all restoration needs. Trefler’s expertly mixes century-old techniques with modern restoration technology to create some of the best repairs in the world. Trefler’s expertise includes: Porcelain & Ceramics, Wood & Furniture, Paintings & Frames, Glass & Crystal, Fine Art &Collectibles, Books, Upholstery, and Metals. No project is too big or too small for Trefler’s to work their magic.

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