Wucai Fish Jar and 14th C. Painting Lead Strong Field at Gianguan Auctions

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  • March 06, 2017

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Ming fish jar with wucai tableau. Jiajing six-character mark. Gianguan Auctions Lot 97. Pre-sale estimate: $3M.
“Gathering Beneath the Sycamore Tree" by Qiu Ying (1495-1552). Signed Qiu Ying. One artist seal, seven emperors’ seals, six collectors’ seals and colophon by Gao Shiqi. Gianguan Auctions Lot 72. Value: $1.3M.

Gianguan Auctions is holding the first sale of Asia Week on Saturday, March 11. The collections of fine Chinese ceramics, historic and contemporary scroll paintings, carved jades and personal touchstones can be previewed now at Gianguan Auctions, 39 W. 56th Street. 

As is customary, the gallery is presenting the finest of the year's consignments. Highlights include both rarities and accessible items in all categories. 

• Ming fish jar with cover. The wucai tableau of golden carp in a lotus pond plays out on a white ground with underglaze blue enlivened by enamels of golden yellow, green, red, brown. The jar has the Jiajing six-character mark. Lot 97. Value: $3M.

• “Gathering Beneath the Sycamore Tree" by Qiu Ying (1495-1552), is painted in gongbi (realistic) style depicting life among women of the Ming court. Signed Qiu Ying, with one artist seal, seven emperors’ seals, six collectors’ seals and colophon by Gao Shiqi. Lot 72. Value: $1.3M.

• A gilt silver vase, 10" tall, incised with two Phoenix with outstretched wings and stylized tail feathers, flanked by two beast handles, all below a band of ruyi. Modeled after western style, it bears the Yongzheng four-character mark and is of the period. Lot 69. Value: $40,000. 

• Korean ceramic water droppers. The collection includes an abstract lion with supressed spout (Lot 283), a white with blue circular dropper with Daoist trigrams around a yin/yang symbol (Lot 280), a peach shaped dropper with blue floral flourishes (Lot 281), and an octagonal one in the shape of a dish. Josean Dynasty: Values: $400–$1,000.

Cinnabar, 16-lobe box with cover. Carved, pigmented dragons. Qing. Gianguan Auctions Lot 160. Estimate: $8,000.

• A Neolithic, Dawenkou culture flanged jade disc, pierced with a central aperture with three flanges on the outer edge. The stone is mottled green with russet patches. 81⁄4" diameter. Weight: 426 g. Lot 124. Value: $10,000. 

• Cinnabar, 16-lobed box with cover, carved with dragons amidst clouds. Similar to examples in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Qing Dynasty. Lot 160. Value: $8,000

The sale features paintings by Li Keran, Qi Baishi, Zhang Daquin. The values range from $10,000 to $150,000.

Jade jewelry with GIA certificates include:

• An elegant, cylindrical jadeite bangle of translucent green with vivid emerald streaks. Lot 7. Value: $20,000.

• A pendant carved to resemble bamboo with a silver squirrel atop. Lot 9. Value: $5,000.

For details on these and the other outsdanding properties in Gianguan Auctions', March 11 sale, please visit www.gianguanauctions.com or preview the items at Gianguan Auctions, 39 W. 56th Street. Previews run 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. For condition reports, contact the gallery at info@gianguanauctions or 212-867-7288.

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