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(Amsterdam, The Netherlands; New York, NY) September 21, 2020 – The European Fine Art Foundation (TEFAF), whose fairs champion museum-quality art from across the ages, is delighted to announce the launch of its new digital platform, TEFAF Online. Accelerated in response to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, this digital marketplace will host its inaugural fair November 1-4, 2020, with two preview days on October 30 and 31, 2020. TEFAF Online will serve the art community in place of this year’s annual TEFAF New York Fair by gathering the majority of the TEFAF global community --  283 exhibitors will be directly accessible to buyers in real-time -- to present 7,000 years of art history. 

This iteration of the fair will continue TEFAF’s tradition of presenting only the finest quality by inviting each exhibitor to showcase only one work of art which represents their expertise. This singular “masterpiece” format, offering a new dimension in the digital fair space, will create a collection of works at the very top of their respective segments of the market. The experience of attending the digital Fair will evoke much the same intensity of inspiration which would come from walking into a dealer’s gallery. Contextualizing images, text, and videos explaining each exhibitor’s specific choice will live on the online platform, sharing dealers’ passions for their area of specialty and fascinating art lovers across the globe. A live interactive component will enable collectors and exhibitors to engage with each other directly.

Upholding TEFAF’s strict standards, every work presented at TEFAF Online, will be vetted through digital means by TEFAF’s independent vetting committees.

TEFAF Online is here to stay. “As the global art community experiences limited mobility with travel restrictions and social distancing, we are proud to bring to fruition our hope to make art in all its varied forms more accessible via digital innovation,” said Hidde van Seggelen, TEFAF Chairman. “This new platform allows TEFAF’s respected exhibitors to be just a click away to new and existing collectors alike, and we look forward to developing it into a permanent feature alongside future TEFAF Fairs.”

TEFAF Online marks a historic first for TEFAF as an organization and points to the future of the global art market. Presenting a combination of expertise and accessibility, the Fair draws on TEFAF’s uniqueness offline and brings it online, reaching a new generation of buyers with fresh attitudes, tastes, needs and behaviors.




Galerie 1900-2000 (France)

Gallery 19C (US)



A. Aardewerk Antiquair Juwelier (Netherlands)

Acquavella Galleries (US)

Agnews (UK)

A La Vieille Russie (US)

Kunstgalerij Albricht (Netherlands)

A Lighthouse called Kanata (Japan)

Altomani & Sons (Italy)

Åmells (Sweden)

Antonacci Lapiccirella Fine Art (Italy)

Applicat-Prazan (France)

Ariadne Galleries (US)

Arnoldi-Livie (Germany)

Aronson Antiquairs (Netherlands)

AR-PAB / Álvaro Roquette - Pedro Aguiar-Branco // VOC Antiguidades Lda. (France)

ArtAncient (UK)

AV Modern & Contemporary (Switzerland)



Riccardo Bacarelli (Italy)

Bailly Gallery Geneva-Paris (Switzerland)

Gregg Baker (UK)

Véronique Bamps (Monaco)

Jean-Luc Baroni & Marty de Cambiaire (France)

Beck & Eggeling International Fine Art (Germany)

Charles Beddington Ltd (UK)

Michele Beiny (US)

Benappi Fine Art (UK)

Galerie de la Béraudière (Belgium)

Galerie Berès (France)

Bergamin & Gomide (Brazil)

Berko Fine Paintings (Belgium)

Kunsthandel A.H. Bies (Netherlands)

Bijl-Van Urk B.V. (Netherlands)

H. Blairman & Sons Ltd (UK)

Blumka Gallery (US)

Julius Böhler Kunsthandlung (Germany)

BorzoGallery (Netherlands)

Bottegantica (Italy)

Botticelli Antichità (Italy)

Bowman Sculpture (UK)

Brimo de Laroussilhe (France)

Ben Brown Fine Arts (UK)


James Butterwick (UK)



Jean-David Cahn A.G. (Switzerland)

Galerie Canesso (France)

Galerie Gisela Capitain (Germany)

Cardi Gallery (UK)

Caylus (Spain)

Enrico Ceci Cornici Antiche (Italy)

Alessandro Cesati (Italy)

Wallace Chan (China)

Cindy Chao The Art Jewel (China)

Galerie Jean-Christophe Charbonnier (France)

Galerie Chastel-Maréchal (France)

Galerie Chenel (France)

Le Claire Kunst (Germany)

Galerie Eric Coatalem (France)

Colnaghi (UK)

Thomas Colville Fine Art (US)

Connaught Brown (UK)

Galleria Continua (Italy)

Cortesi Gallery (Switzerland)

Nicolás Cortés Gallery (Spain)

Gisèle Croës (Belgium)

Daniel Crouch Rare Books (UK)



Daatselaar Fine Art & Antiques (Netherlands)

Dansk Møbelkunst (Denmark)

Daxer & Marschall Kunsthandel (Germany)

Day and Faber (UK)

Massimo De Carlo (Italy)

Galerie Delalande (France)

Demisch Danant (US)

Bernard Descheemaeker - Works of Art (Belgium)

Galerie Michel Descours (France)

Alberto Di Castro (Italy)

Alessandra Di Castro (Italy)

Di Donna Galleries (US)

Dickinson (UK)

Didier Ltd (UK)

Galerie Bernard Dulon (France)

Galerie Anne-Sophie Duval (France)



Galerie Eberwein (France)

Charles Ede (UK)

Galerie Xavier Eeckhout (France)

Jaime Eguiguren Art & Antiques (Argentina)

Eguiguren Arte de Hispanoamérica (Argentina)

Donald Ellis Gallery (Canada)

Deborah Elvira (Spain)

Endlich Antiquairs (Netherlands)

Les Enluminures (France)



FD Gallery (US)

Yann Ferrandin (France)

Peter Finer (UK)

Fondantico di Tiziana Sassoli (Italy)

Frascione Arte (Italy)

Peter Freeman, Inc. (US)

French & Company (US)

Friedman Benda (US)




Gagosian (US)

Gana Art (South Korea)

Giacometti Old Master Paintings (Italy)

Thomas Gibson Fine Art (UK)

Eric Gillis Fine Art (Belgium)

Pierre Marie Giraud (Belgium)

Galerie Gismondi (France)

Gladstone Gallery (US)

Galerie Gmurzynska (Switzerland)

Bernard Goldberg Fine Arts, LLC (US)

Oscar Graf (France)

Richard Green (UK)

Dr. Jörn Günther Rare Books AG (Switzerland)



Haboldt & Co. (Netherlands)

Hammer Galleries (US)

Hancocks (UK)

Hazlitt (UK)

Hazlitt Holland-Hibbert (UK)

Patrick Heide Contemporary Art (UK)

Heim Jean-François (Switzerland)

Galerie Marc Heiremans (Belgium)

Hemmerle (Germany)

Galerie Henze & Ketterer & Triebold (Switzerland)

Galerie Max Hetzler (Germany)

Hirschl & Adler Galleries (US)

Hostler Burrows (US)

Gallery Hyundai (South Korea)



Jacksons (Sweden)

Jason Jacques Gallery (US)

Otto Jakob (Germany)

Ben Janssens Oriental Art (UK)

Jaski Gallery (Netherlands)



Galleri K (Norway)

Kallos Gallery (UK)

Kasmin (US)

Daniel Katz Gallery (UK)

Galerie Kevorkian (France)

Maria Kiang Chinese Art (China)

Jack Kilgore & Co. (US)

Tina Kim Gallery (US)

Christopher Kingzett (UK)

Koetser Gallery (Switzerland)

Kollenburg Antiquairs (Netherlands)

Koopman Rare Art (UK)

Galerie kreo (France)

Galerie Kugel (France)





Elfriede Langeloh (Germany)

Kunstkammer Georg Laue (Germany)

Galerie Laurentin (France)

Galerie Léage (France)

Galerie Lefebvre (France)

Lehmann Maupin (US)

Lévy Gorvy (US)

David Lévy & Associés (Belgium)

Lowell Libson & Jonny Yarker Ltd (UK)

Salomon Lilian (Switzerland)

Lisson Gallery (UK)

Stuart Lochhead Sculpture (UK)

López de Aragón (Spain)

Ludorff (Germany)

Luhring Augustine (US)

Lullo • Pampoulides (UK)

Luxembourg + Co. (US)



The Maas Gallery (UK)

MacConnal-Mason Gallery (UK)

Galleria dArte Maggiore g.a.m. (Italy)

Alain Marcelpoil (France)

Matthew Marks Gallery (US)

Maruani Mercier (Belgium)

Helga Matzke (Germany)

The Mayor Gallery (UK)

Mayoral (Spain)

Mazzoleni (UK)

Kunsthandel Mehringer (Germany)

Anthony Meier Fine Arts (US)

Mentink & Roest (Netherlands)

Galerie Mermoz (France)

The Merrin Gallery, Inc. (US)

Mignoni (US)

Galerie Le Minotaure (France)

ML Fine Art (UK)

Amir Mohtashemi Ltd. (UK)

Sydney L Moss Ltd. (UK)

Kunsthandel Peter Mühlbauer (Germany)

Mullany (UK)



Richard Nagy Ltd. (UK)

Lillian Nassau LLC (US)

Mathieu Neouze (France)

neugerriemschneider (Germany)

Galerie Neuse (Germany)

Marcel Nies Oriental Art (Belgium)

Maurizio Nobile (Italy)



Stephen Ongpin Fine Art (UK)

Osborne Samuel (UK)



Pace Gallery (US)

Walter Padovani (Italy)

Perrotin (US)

Petzel Gallery (US)

Ronald Phillips Ltd (UK)

Piacenti (UK)

Piva&C (Italy)

Plektron Fine Arts AG (Switzerland)

Polak Works of Art (Netherlands)

Porcini (Italy)

Galerie de la Présidence (France)

Benjamin Proust Fine Art Ltd (UK)



Christophe de Quénetain (France)



R & Company (US)

Artur Ramon Art (Spain)

Lucas Ratton (France)

Almine Rech (Belgium)

Richard Redding Antiques Ltd (Switzerland)

Jean Michel Renard (France)

Robilant+Voena (UK)

Röbbig München (Germany)

Galeria Nara Roesler (Brazil)

Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac (UK)

Rossi & Rossi (China)

Rudigier Fine Art (Germany)

Kunsthandlung Helmut H. Rumbler (Germany)



Safani Gallery Inc. (US)

Salon 94 (US)

Adrian Sassoon (UK)

Hidde van Seggelen (Germany)

Galerie Patrick Seguin (France)

Senger Bamberg Kunsthandel (Germany)

Shapero Rare Books & Shapero Modern (UK)

Shibunkaku (Japan)

S.J. Shrubsole, Corp. (US)

Elle Shushan (US)

Siegelson, New York (US)

Robert Simon Fine Art (US)

Runjeet Singh Limited (UK)

Skarstedt (US)

Rob Smeets Gallery (Switzerland)

Somlo London (UK)

Librairie Camile Sourget (France)

Sprovieri (UK)

Stair Sainty Gallery (UK)

Marjan Sterk Fine Art Jewellery (Netherlands)

Sycomore Ancient Art (Switzerland)

Symbolic & Chase (UK)




Taffin (US)

Talabardon & Gautier (France)

Heribert Tenschert - Antiquariat Bibermühle (Switzerland)

Galerie Terrades (France)

Galerie Thomas (Germany)

Thomsen Gallery (US)

Omer Tiroche Gallery (UK)

Tomasso Brothers Fine Art (UK)

Tornabuoni Arte (Italy)

Tóth - Ikonen (Netherlands)

Leon Tovar Gallery (US)

Galerie Patrice Trigano (France)

Trinity Fine Art (UK)

David Tunick, Inc. (US)



Galerie Utermann (Germany)



Vallois (France)

Galerie Georges-Philippe & Nathalie Vallois (France)

Rafael Valls Limited (UK)

Van de Weghe (US)

Vanderven Oriental Art (Netherlands)

Vedovi Gallery (Belgium)

Galerie von Vertes (Switzerland)

Axel Vervoordt (Belgium)

Galleria Carlo Virgilio & C. (Italy)

VKD Jewels (Netherlands)



Waddington Custot (UK)

Wartski (UK)

Offer Waterman (UK)

The Weiss Gallery (UK)

Jorge Welsh Works of Art (UK)

William Weston Gallery (UK)

Galerie Maria Wettergren (France)

White Cube (UK)

W&K-Wienerroither & Kohlbacher (Austria)

Joan Wijermars (Netherlands)

Wildenstein and Co. Inc. (US)

Adam Williams Fine Art Ltd. (US)



Yares Art (US)



Alon Zakaim Fine Art (UK)

Galerie Zlotowski (France)

David Zwirner (US)



At Bank of America, we believe in the power of the arts to help economies thrive, educate and enrich societies, and create greater cultural understanding. That’s why we are a leader in helping the arts flourish across the globe, supporting more than 2,000 nonprofit cultural institutions each year. Our arts support is wide ranging. We believe the neighborhood playhouse can be as important as the world-class museum or orchestra in its value to the community, in the lives of its citizens and in the education of its young people. A key component of our arts program is to help nonprofit institutions illuminate varied cultural traditions and to help the arts sector create pathways for more diverse engagement. The Bank of America Art Program is part of the company’s commitment to grow responsibly while bringing value to economies, society and the communities we serve. To learn more about our arts support, please visit



TEFAF is a not-for-profit foundation that champions expertise and diversity in the global art community, evidenced in the exhibitors selected for its three Fairs, which take place annually in Maastricht and New York. TEFAF acts as an expert guide for both private and institutional collectors, which inspires lovers and buyers of art everywhere. 



TEFAF New York was founded in early 2016 to host two annual art fairs in New York at the Park Avenue Armory, TEFAF New York Fall and TEFAF New York Spring. Each Fair features around 90 leading exhibitors from around the globe. Tom Postma Design, celebrated for its innovative work with leading museums, galleries, and art fairs, has developed designs for the Fairs that interplay with the spectacular spaces while giving them a lighter, contemporary look and feel. Exhibitor stands will flow throughout the Armory’s landmark building encompassing the Wade Thompson Drill Hall and extending to both the first and second floors of the Armory’s period rooms, creating a Fair of unprecedented depth and impact in New York City. 



TEFAF Maastricht is widely regarded as the world's premier Fair for fine art, antiques and design. Featuring over 280 prestigious dealers from some 22 countries, TEFAF Maastricht is a showcase for the finest art works currently on the market. Alongside the traditional areas of Old Master paintings, antiques and classical antiquities that cover 7 approximately half of the Fair, you can also find modern and contemporary art, photography, jewelry, 20th century design and works on paper. 





Magda Grigorian, +1 212 829 0002 

Lauren Cody, +1 212 829 0002 

Austin Durling, +1 212 829 0002 



Annie McGrath,, +44 20 7439 2822



Britta Fischer,, +49 61 13 00 877



Gaëlle de Bernède,, +33 17 54 34 680



Roberta Barbaro,, +39 04 96 63 499



Sonsoles Lumbreras,, + 34 6 1710 6776




Jan Peter Verhagen,, +31 6 42567225





TEFAF New York

1 Rockefeller Plaza,

11th Floor,

New York, NY 10020,

+1 646 202 1390


Dijsselhofplantsoen 14
1077 BL Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 20 303 6400


Please visit                                                                                


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