Arcadia Contemporary Presents 'Celebrating Women Artists'

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  • April 13, 2015

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Arcadia will be presenting, “Celebrating Women Artists,” featuring new pieces by six distinct female talents: Jess Riva Cooper, Nancy Depew, Alessandra Peters, Romina Ressia (SHOWN: "Double Bubble"), and Dianne Gall.

For its first-ever salute to women artists, Arcadia Contemporary will present work by female painters, sculptors and photographers from four different continents: North America, Europe, South America and Australia. While these distinct talents cover divergent territories, their diverse practices are united by unique explorations of themes involving the body in time.

From North America come the hauntingly beautiful ceramic works by Toronto-based Jess Riva Cooper (b. 1981). As part of her celebrated “Viral Series,” these uniquely sculpted busts depict
female figures with flowers, leaves and creatures emanating and enveloping their heads and shoulders, expertly rendered in surface relief and painterly filigree.

The U.S. is represented by three artists. Nancy Depew (b. 1965), whose large-scale nudes and florals are masterworks of hyper realism, paradoxically imbues her works with a dreamlike
otherworldliness. The signature works of Alessandra Peters (b. 1990) combine ethereal drawings of female subjects with a lace-like overlay of gilded decoration which are flattened, like icons, into a field of gold.

Deon Duncan (b. 1963) presents bronze sculptures depicting swimmers athletically poised; their tensed musculatures are accented with gold and blue hues.

South America is represented by Argentinian avant-garde fashion photographer Romina Ressia (b.1981). Making her foray into fine art photography, Ressia has become an internet sensation. Her work marries Elizabethan-era subjects and Renaissance sensibilities with modern anachronisms, playfully collapsing time to document an imagined past.

Finally, painter Dianne Gall (b. 1964) from Australia makes her Arcadia debut with cinematic oil paintings featuring femme fatales of a bygone era. Eschewing the expected black and white palette of 1940’s cinema, Gall immerses her heroines and scenes in acid-dipped colors more indicative of the 1960’s Pop era.

An opening night reception for the artists will take place on Thursday, April 23rd at Arcadia
Contemporary in Soho from 6 to 8 pm and the exhibition continues through May 20, 2015.
For additional images and information contact:

Celebrating Women Artists

APRIL 23 - MAY 20, 2015


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