ArtCan is celebrating its tenth anniversary

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  • May 09, 2023

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Artcan is presenting their Anniversary 10 x 10 exhibition, curated by ArtCan artists Day  Bowman and Sandy Layton

ArtCan is celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2023 and artist members were asked to submit work on  the theme of Anniversary. The Anniversary 10 x 10 exhibition, curated by ArtCan artists Day  Bowman and Sandy Layton will run 15 - 28 May 2023 in Hansard Studio.

ArtCan is a not-for-profit organisation which over the past ten years has offered up numerous  opportunities and support for artists to exhibit and engage with audiences in the UK and  internationally. This exhibition celebrates the occasion with 2D artworks measuring no more than 10  inches on the longest side, and with 3D work no more than 10 inches in any direction. 

Artworks in this collection include an awesome selection of 2D, 3D, in painting, photography,  printmaking, collage, glass and ceramics. 

A Private View of the Anniversary 10 x 10 exhibition will take place on Tuesday, 16 May 2023,  18:00 BST. Link to reserve a free entry ticket on the ArtCan Eventbrite page. Free Entry.  

Hansard Studio 

10 Hansard Mews, London W14 8BJ 

Exhibition run: 15 – 28 May 2023 

Participating artists:  

Adele Cloony, Alaa Shasheet, Alison Berrett, Am&lie - Hands' Wisdom, Anjali B Purkayastha, Anna  Walsh, Ben Snowden, Caroline Banks, Caroline Lowe, Cat Coulter, Cathy Green, Christina Reading,  Claire Cansick, Claire Chandler, Corn Shuk Mei Ho, Dawn Thornhill, Debbie Tearle, Desa Philippi,  Donna Loiola, Emma Davis, Emma Price, Fran Fell, Gabor Gyorfi, Hannah Pratt, Harinder Sahota,  Henrietta MacPhee, Hilary Rosen, Jan Lee Johnson, Jane Spence, Jess de Zilva, Jessica Dunn, Jo  Angell, Judith Burrows, Julia Weston, Kate Marsden, Katya Kvasova,Kerry Zacharia, Kira Phoenix  K'inan, Liliana Dobbs, Liz Whiteman Smith, Louise Dale Chalmers, Marc Bodie, Marcia Harding, Marie  Connery, Maz Weineck, Miranda Lopatkin, Qin Yue, Rebecca Tucker, Réka Ritt Laklia, Rosemary Burn,  Sal Jones, Sally McKay, Sandra Camargo, Sarah Pooley, Sarah Rawlins, Stathis Dimitriadis, Susan  Clare, Susannah Weiland, Svetlana Atlavina, Sylvia Bahri, Teresa Schippel Hales, THE DnA FACTORY  [MRSS], Tracey Elizabeth Downing, Wendy Brooke-Smith, Zuzana Krskova.

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