Rebuilding with Art: Clarke Auction's November 18th Sale Provides Renewal After Sandy.

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  • November 14, 2012

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Important Bronze, Illegibly Signed
Keane Ryan

After Hurricane Sandy, we are all reminded that we may lose our possessions, but we never lose our need to be surrounded by beauty and brightness. A force of nature forces changes in landscape, residence, and environment, so why not a change in what we fill our homes and our lives with?

Clarke Auction, Westchester's Premier Auction House, appreciates the severity of destruction that Sandy has left behind, down to a personal level. They also appreciate people's need to rebuild and renew.  On Sunday November 18th, Clarke Auction will provide over 400 lots of beauty and structure in art, furniture, sculpture, jewelry, Asian art, and sterling, all enough to renew whatever needs to be rebuilt.

The localized effects of Sandy keep the mind of the public in a narrowed focus, which is all the more reason to view beauty on a worldwide scale. The most important and largest collection in the Sunday November 18th sale is artwork. The large international selection broadens the view of the artistic world, and renews beauty locally. Bring the outside world in, and the inside thrives because of it.

The most mysterious and interesting item in the upcoming November 18th sale is an illegibly signed, life sized modernist bronze statue of a man.  Although Clarke Auction has not been able to definitively identify the signature, they do believe it is a very important work.  Also intriguing in the sculpture selection are two signed terracotta bloodhounds, both of exceptional size, by artist Edward Kemeys.         

Starting internationally in Europe, selected artworks of note include a striking and personal modern figural painting entitled "Zena Iriba" and dated 1966 by renowned Croatian artist Duro Pulitika. What makes this particular painting even more personal is its provenance. The consignor's mother was the personal representative for the artist in the United States and the painting is accompanied by a hand painted and dedicated holiday card from the artist. This strong history in the piece will surely create a new history in anyone's collection today.

In restoring today, it is important to remember the past as well. The history of the beautiful is most pronounced in examples provided in works by Old Masters. Clarke's Old Masters selection includes one work after Schedoni, and a Bolognese School gouache and several smaller works.

Of the more recent European selection, a large marsh landscape painting by Hungarian artist Gabor Peterdi reflects the beauty of Nature which will, in time, forgive the transgressions of the most recent experience.  The painting is entitled "The Golden Marsh" and is dated 1985, which reminds us that in a short period of time that Nature may change for the worse, but will most certainly change for the better again.

Gabor Peterdi, "The Golden Marsh."
Clarke Auction

Other notable and desirable paintings include two paintings by the important African - American artist, A.C. Hollingsworth, two works by Harry Sternberg, one by Phillip Evergood, and a Contemporary collection that includes works by Jerold Burchman, Joan Hall, Felipe Orlando, Morago, Stanley Boxer, and Steven Sorman. From Israeli artists, there is a strong selection of four paintings by William Weintraub, and one work by Yossi Stern.  

On a human level, a large society portrait by Frank Brooks also headlines the art selection. The resiliency and delicacy in the expression of the portrait parallels the attitudes and drive of a population facing an opportunity of rebuilding and the renewal of grandeur.

The human aspect of beauty in artwork is rarely removed from its societal influence in culture. The culturally important pieces in Clarke's November 18th selection are highlighted in the form of lithographic posters. A Chagall poster for the Metropolitan Opera and a Cognac Jaquet  poster, remind us of the magnificence of societal culture, and  a well preserved  James Montgomery Flagg " I Want You for the U.S. Army"  poster remind us of the intertwining strength and beauty of American culture.

Pulitika, "Zena Iriba"
Clarke Auction

In addition to these many works of note, Clarke Auction will offer 50 pieces from a local storage warehouse. While some of these lots have been identified, there are still numerous discoveries to be made among them.

Of all the selections, there is ample opportunity to rebuild a sense of splendor and renew a sense of resiliency by becoming immersed in international beauty through art at Clarke Auction, Sunday November 18th at 2pm in Larchmont, NY.

Keane Ryan
Clarke Auction
914 833 8336

Clarke Auction
2372 Boston Post Road
Larchmont, New York

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