Observations in the Clearing

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  • March 08, 2021

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Paula Schuette Kraemer, "Crossing Paths", etching, monotype on paper, 17.75 x 23.5 inches

Ann Korologos Gallery presents Observations in the Clearing, a group exhibition exploring the character and connection of mankind with wild animals through the paintings, mixed-media works, monoprints, monotypes, and linocuts of Ewoud de Groot, Mike Weber, Paula Schuette Kraemer, and Sherrie York. The exhibition is on view March 11 through May 15, 2021 at Ann Korologos Gallery in historic downtown Basalt, Colorado and virtually at korologosgallery.com.

Observations in the Clearing celebrates the simultaneous rush and peace found in the moment when one crosses paths with another being,” shares gallery owner, Ann Korologos. “The exhibition invites one to pause and witness the character and connection of mankind with wild animals through the work of Ewoud de Groot, Mike Weber, Paula Schuette Kraemer, and Sherrie York.”

Ewoud de Groot (pronounced AY-VUDE) lives and works in Egmond aan Zee, a coastal village in the Northern Netherlands. From birds of prey flying at the viewer to serene scenes of Sandhill cranes, egrets, and loons, to big wildlife such as elk, de Groot paints his passions: birds, game, and light. His images are refined, elegant compositions, paired with dreamy backgrounds of “pulsating, magnetic shimmer.”

Sherrie York, "A Tern of the Tide", lino cut on paper, 12 x 12 inches

Mike Weber was born in St. Louis, Missouri and resides in a rustic log cabin 90 miles east of Los Angeles, California. Weber’s art is a combination of paint, resin, gold or silver leaf, and his own nature photography, turning his lens on the wilderness of America’s National Parks and rescued animals. He seeks to inspire his viewers with the innate beauty of the animals he witnesses, pulling them out of their wild settings and transporting them to one’s home where they may be observed and admired.

Paula Schuette Kraemer is a printmaker working predominantly with drypoint monoprints and monotypes to preserve special moments with wildlife and human experience in the woods of Colorado. Her expressive style is reflected in the immediacy and spontaneity of drawing directly into a copper plate using a steel etching needle. Paula’s work is full of symbolism and metaphor, ways the artist works through life’s inherent struggles, anxiety and loss, as well as its joys and unexpected moments in life.

Sherrie York is a Colorado printmaker, painter and draughtswoman who recently moved her studio from Colorado to Maine. York is an accomplished artist with an international reputation for lyrical and expressive works on paper. Having spent time in her 20s conducting research and making scientific observations of the natural world, York eventually turned her observations of nature to the arts, and eventually to linocut printmaking, staying true to her meticulous representations of her observations in the natural world. Her printmaker’s eye is drawn to intricate flora, the interaction of birds with water, and the patterns across land and seascapes.

Mike Weber, "Egret in Flight", mixed media on panel, 30 x 30 inches

Observations in the Clearing is on view March 11 through May 15, 2021 ‘under the clocktower’ in historic downtown Basalt and virtually at korologosgallery.com. For questions, hours or private viewing times, please call (970) 927-9668, email art@korologosgallery.com, or visit korologosgallery.com.

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