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  • March 21, 2011

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• Michael Good’s anticlastic sculpture in bronze.
Aaron Faber, New York


Aaron Faber Gallery  presents “METAL+SCULPTURE+JEWELRY” a group exhibition of bold three-dimensional works in metal, both sculpture and jewelry,  as its ‘Focus’ exhibition at the Park Avenue Armory, Wednesday April 13 through Sunday April 17.

The works shown include sculpture and jewelry by Michael Good, legendary metalsmith; a collaborative installation work by jeweler Enric Majoral and painter Michael Mouffe; and Atelier Zobel’s richly innovative  jewelry by Peter Schmid.  Collectors and aficionados are invited to meet both Michael Good and Peter Schmid. Michael Good will give an informal in-booth talk Saturday at 12:30PM, April 16, and Peter Schmid will be in the booth to meet collectors and visitors throughout the exhibition.

Artists and selected works represented in this presentation at SOFA include: 

Enric Majoral/Michael Mouffe collaboration

Peter Schmid’s oxidized sterling and black granite ‘Castle’ ring

Michael Good’s anticlastic sculpture in bronze

So Young Park’s sterling and gold organic two-finger ring

Glenda Arentzen’s abstract sterling and gold rings

Angela Hubel’s 18K gold rings, designed for a specific hand and finger

Aaron Faber Gallery, known as well for its collections of high-end vintage wristwatches and 20th century design-oriented jewelry, will bring a special selection to the SOFA show. 


Rami Abboud, Paris  •  Glenda Arentzen, USA  •  Marco Borghesi, Italy  •  Petra Class, USA  •  Marilyn Cooperman, USA  •  Arata Fuchi, Italy  •  Michael Good, USA  •  Barbara Heinrich, USA  •  Angela Hubel, Germany  •  Juha Koskela, Finland  •  Enric Majoral, Spain  •  Bernd Munsteiner, Germany  •  Jutta Munsteiner, Germany  •  Tom Munsteiner, Germany  •  Earl Pardon, USA  •  Tod Pardon, USA  •  So Young Park, USA  •  Peter Schmid / Atelier Zobel, Germany  •  Christian Streit, Germany

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