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  • August 27, 2021

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Houston, TX - Mitochondria Gallery specializes in artworks from emerging and established artists from
Africa and the African diaspora, with a mission to educate, and expand the public awareness of
contemporary African art. We present a group exhibition titled, “Paradigms of Perceptions.” This
exhibition features works from six artists; four from Nigeria, two from Cameroon.

"Paradigms of Perceptions,” explores how we process information that we receive in life. Each person
has their own perception of reality. This exhibition explores this concept in an array of surreal, abstract,
and figurative works.

Paradigms color our perceptions and serve as a filter for how we receive information. These layers that
we use to screen information are formed over time as a result of our life experiences. Paradigms are
difficult to shift and require extensive work and willpower. This exhibition challenges us to look again and
reassess our initial perceptions.

Romeo Temwa, born 1993, is from Northern Cameroon and lives in Douala. Temwa studied at the
institute of Fine Arts, Foumbam. Since 2015 Temwa has participated in various art exhibitions and
residencies. His work interrogates socio-mediatic realities, pointing out the manipulation aspect of
media. He explores the control mechanism of opinion through the diverse nature of information in an
unstable social context. His artworks are found in galleries in France, Senegal, and the United States

Samson Bakare, born 1993, is a Nigerian artist of multiple disciplines. Inspired by his architect father in
the city of Lagos, at a young age Samson began his journey into a creative world. Bakare is a graduate of
the School of Art, Yaba College of Technology. His work centers around the propagation of black identity
and values in both contemporary and retrospective context while representing historical scenes. His
narrative covers portraits of African men and women with blank expressions as they strive for cultural
emancipation. Samson states that his “work is a time machine through which you can see the past and
behold the future from the same standpoint.” The East African Coptic art has been the influence in his
exploration, even as the theme and subject remains a hybrid of classicism and stylization which he calls
Afro-classicism. Samson has depicted several satirical pieces with an attempt to review the excesses of
British-imperialism and racial inequality. In 2018, he became a member of the Arts in Medicine
Fellowship, Nigeria (an NGO established solely for the improvement of healthcare through arts). He has
been featured in both local and international exhibitions which include, Counter History (Paris 2019),
Counter History Alliance Francaise (Lagos 2019) , and Occupied Space Exhibition (Accra, 2020).

Fredrick Idele Osarodion is a painter and art instructor who lives and works in Benin, Nigeria. Fredrick is
a graduate of the University of Benin, Nigeria. He is a mixed media artist who sees his immediate
environment as a large canvas that offers limitless opportunities to explore. This is evident in his
exploration of diverse materials like pastel, charcoal, pencils, markers and acrylic. It is also seen in his
conceptual approach to figurative renditions.

Roberto Pare, born in Cameroon, has always been passionate about drawing and a lover of color. He
made his first significant contact with art when he met the famous Portuguese painter Manuel during

high school. Pare went on to study at the Foumban Institute of Fine Arts. He obtained his professional
license in plastic arts. He continues to grow in his artistic endeavors by participating in artist workshops
and through exhibitions which he shares his daily reflections.

Chijioke Anyacho is a Nigerian multimedia artist. He studied Sculpture at the University of Benin, 2015.
His background in sculpture plays a role in how he sees and relates with forms, patterns, and
dimensions. Through an organic and spontaneous process, he adopts a layered approach as he explores
the everyday relationship between humans, their own bodies and their immediate environment.
Anyacho’s ongoing thematic focus takes a critical look at marriage, love and vulnerability from a personal

Adeniyi Damilola is a Lagos based self taught visual artist that specializes in mixed media surrealistic
paintings. His works are inspired by the cultural heritage of Africans and the difference in people’s
personalities and lifestyles as a whole. He studied Business Administration at Babcock University. His
career as an artist started in 2016, with an initial interest in sketching. He then transitioned to more
specialized art forms like body art, oil, and acrylic paintings on canvas. His works were featured as part of
the African Art Foundation Group Exhibition “Unusual Suspects.” His works represent the beauty,
struggles, ideals and morals of different chosen subjects.
The show opening will occur in parallel to its virtual exhibition available to the public through our

Paradigms of Perceptions opens, August 27, 2021.
Participating artists: Samson Bakare, Chijioke Anyacho, Romeo Temwa, Fredrick Idele, Roberto Pare,
Adeniyi Damilola.

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Mitochondria Gallery is based in Houston, Texas. Our collection features art from various artists from Africa, and the African diaspora. Our goal is to educate, and further expand the global public awareness on contemporary African art. We aim to enlarge the platform available to these talented artists, by enhancing their reach to experienced and novel art collectors. Most of our inventory is acquired from the artists. We work with art collectors, interior designers, architects, and art dealers to ensure art is enjoyed in homes, public spaces, and offices. We want to make the experience of collecting art enjoyable, informative, enriching, and accessible, in order to spread the beneficial impact of placing art in the space we inhabit

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