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  • October 25, 2019

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Joséphine – Jolie De La Danse
Surrealism Josephine

The website showcases magnificent original contemporary masterworks created by Michael Kilgore.

As imagined by the Artist, the first quarterly exhibit is a collection that provides insights into the psyche and lifestyle of Josephine Baker - the famous entertainer and hero of World War II France. The art takes you through the journey of Ms. Baker’s life - her migration from the United States to France.

Josephine Baker initially performed nude as revealed in the sexually intense “Cabaret Collection.” Josephine’s style changed and was later embodied in her trademark Banana Dance. Ms. Baker evolved into a more sophisticated performer as seen in the elegantly designed costumes in the “Follies Bergère Collection.”

The passion in Josephine’s dance routines gained increased recognition and is reflected in the “Dans Sauvage Collection,” while her love of flowers and gardening is captured in the exquisite “Les Fleurs Collection.” The “Love, Lust & Frida Collection” embodies her love of herself as well as Josephine’s love of both men and women. This is highlighted in works depicting her short but very intense relationship with Frida Kahlo. 

The influence of Michael Kilgore’s highly acclaimed fashion design expertise is revealed in the “Haute Couture Collection” styling of Josephine’s one-of-a-kind apparel. This collection draws, in part, from Ms. Baker’s time as the ambassador of couture, after World War II. Josephine Baker literally revived the French couture industry. The “Harlem And Carnegie Hall –Stork Club Collections” represent Josephine’s on-going connection to her roots.

The breadth and diversity of style in Mr. Kilgore’s art makes the entire assemblage of masterworks appear to be created by several different artists. Actually, Michael Kilgore is a truly gifted surrealist artist who skillfully incorporates fauvism and cubism – among other styles, while also paying homage to his principal art mentors like Picasso.

Joséphine – Art Deco Rhapsody

There are a number of astounding “uncharacteristic” - “characteristics” - of this Artist’s style captured in these unique artworks. Just to name a few! 

  1. More often than not artworks are completely spontaneous creations, except commissioned pieces that tend to be deliberate compositions creatively rendered.
  2. There are nipple eyes that speak to you, see through you and captivate you - in incredible ways.
  3. The backgrounds in Michael’s artworks are so intricately detailed that they could be an artwork - unto themselves.

For those art collectors, those seeking to acquire their first fine artwork, or curators who want to be one of the first to recognize a Modern Master – come and explore CTM Modern Fine Art.

Clients can also send a picture of the space where you plan to hang your artwork. We can show you how your selected art will look in your space, and also discuss our Custom Payment Plan arrangements.

For now, international purchases are unavailable through the website. However, please contact us directly (E-mail, Facebook, Messenger) regarding International Client Inquiries and Purchase Arrangements. 

Note: The theme of the artworks for the next quarterly exhibit will be announced in December. 





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