St. Troy Consolidated Mines Makes Important sale with Curator's Eye

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  • September 01, 2016

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"Verde Beleza" Emerald Specimen

Theo Manos of St. Troy Consolidated Mines spoke briefly with The Curator's Eye about his beginnings as an minerals and crystals dealer, his choice to use The Curator's Eye to market and his recent sale of the rare "Verde Beleza" Emerald Specimen.

Theo Has Been Selling Rare Minerals and Crystals Since 1975.

Theo Manos has been selling rare minerals and gemstones for over forty years, beginning in the 1970's. “My specialty, since 1975, was natural gold and platinum nuggets and crystals. But my primary source of specimens was interrupted in the late 1980's with the fall of the Soviet Union. I retired to purchasing on a few important pieces.” He explains. “One of my most important purchases was the largest golden nugget from the western hemisphere that sold at auction for over $1,500,000.”

Theo Purchases the 76 Pound “Verde Beleza” Emerald Specimen

Following the successful sale of the gold nugget, Theo purchased the “Verde Beleza” emerald crystal. The “Verde Beleza” Emerald was discovered in Bahia, Brazil in June 2013, at a depth of 1,000 meters in tunnels comprising the Carnaiba Emerald Mine. Weighing 76 pounds it was an arduous process to transport it safely to the surface, where it was examined by numerous gemologists. Mr. Jerry E. Call, a graduate Gemologist and a Master Gem Cutter, evaluated the stone and states in his report "Specimens of this quality are extremely rare due to the fact that almost the entire cluster is of gem quality.... The color ranges from dark intense green with a tinge of yellow to a medium green and very well crystalized." The cluster contains 15 separate, semi-transparent to translucent emeralds measuring at the largest 123 mm x 71mm to 30mm x 31 mm.

Lacking a Website, Theo Chooses The Curator's Eye To Display The "Verde Beleza".

Upon purchasing the piece, Theo needed a place where he could display and market the piece to discerning collectors. “Since I had no web site I chose The Curator's Eye to display the specimen. It is very professional and extremely well constructed.” He stated. The Curator's Eye is an marketing and client development platform with a focus on high-end art and collectibles that actively markets the inventories of art dealers and galleries and connects them to interested parties across the globe.

Theo Sells the “Verde Beleza" through a Connection Made on The Curator's Eye

The specimen was displayed and marketed on The Curator's Eye's Website for almost a year, when Theo discussed taking the piece off the site with The Curator's Eye Co-Founder Rick Patzman. “I thought that that the piece was over exposed and informed Rick. He quickly responded and took the time to inform me that I should let the specimen stay.” Shortly after discussing the specimen, Rick connected Theo with a collector who had expressed great interest in the “Verde Beleza” Emerald. Theo went on to say, “Rick informed me that a collector from Beijing, China was interested in more information. I started email communication with the collector who flew to the U.S. To view the piece. Upon seeing it, he and his partner purchased the item and it has since been shipped to China.”

The Curator’s Eye

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