Sargam Griffin’s ArtDoors™ Offer Collectors Functional Installations

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  • October 04, 2012

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An Art Door(TM) in the making

When German abstract artist Sargam Griffin discovered doors it marked a watershed moment in her career. The resulting installations she calls ArtDoors(TM) may well be on their way to defining an interior design style that blends art with architecture, as evidenced by the exhibition of Griffin's Art DoorsTM now running at Ceres Gallery in Chelsea.

ArtDoors(TM) are more than fluid abstractions on large wood panels. They are, in fact, functional installations that marry art and design and address the need to collect with the need to create space for a collection.  As applied art, ArtDoors (TM) are a unique concept in the tradition of Wendell Castle's sculptural furniture or Dale Chihuly's blown glass lighting.

The panels for Griffin's art are standard size doors available in all the configurations a collector, architect, or designer might demand for a home or office.  Each ArtDoor(TM) painting - they can be comissioned with paintings on one side or two - evokes movement in varying degrees of light and depth that shift as the doors open, close, slide or pivot. 

As Griffin explains, her oeuvre is inspired by her philosophy of life and informed by years of travel. Griffin's technique of layering the surface with as many as forty coats of fine pigment, silver leaf and epoxy resin has been honed over a twenty-five year art career.

It is a demanding enough process when applied to canvas. When used on a very large panel that must be lain flat to accommodate Griffin's intentional application of pigment, it becomes more so. Each ArtDoor(TM) requires anywhere from eight weeks to four months to complete.

For instance, an ArtDoors(TM) commissioned from the Artist Edition catalog of twelve basic concepts that are further enhanced and customized to make each a unique work of art are ready for installation in twelve to fourteen weeks.  A fully original ArtDoor(TM) takes fourteen to sixteen weeks to paint. 

An installed sliding ArtDoor(TM)

The ArtDoors(TM) exhibition at Ceres Gallery in Chelsea gives viewers a look two freestanding sliding doors, complete with contemporary hardware. One, entitled "Palatino" (80" H X 48 W X 3" D), is an example of an original ArtDoor(TM) work of art. The second, "Armoni / Azzurra" (96" H X 48 W X 1¾" D), is from the Artist Edition. It is painted on both sides and the edges arae finished in pigment. 

The doors are accompanied by a display of twelve template-driven designs for the Artist Edition that, once ordered, are customized to become unique artworks.

The exhibition also includes paintings on canvas that reflect Griffin's interpretation of the transformative times in which we live.  One can see how they might inform the work on the ArtDoors(TM).

ArtDoors(TM) by Sargam Griffin is the largest exhibition to be held at Ceres Gallery.  It is substantial and substantive. ArtDoors(TM) will be on display through October 27. 

A special "Meet the Artist" reception is being held tonight, Thursday, October 4, from 6-8 p.m.   Sargam Griffin will also be on hand to speak with viewers on Saturday, October 6, from 3-8 p.m.

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Sargam Griffin ArtDoors™
About Sargam Griffin ArtDoors™

Painter Sargam Griffin was born and raised in Germany. Sargam has traveled all over the world. In 1982, she moved to San Francisco where she studied at the Day Studio. This led to twenty-five years of designing and painting for large commercial and private estates in California and Hawaii. Sargam Griffin has exhibited in Berlin, New York, and throughout California. Her paintings have garnered international attention and hang in collections in Dubai, Europe and Africa. High-quality ArtDoors™ are Griffin’s latest creation. She paints and innovates at her studio set amongst the vineyards in Healdsburg, California.

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