Miami Update from Myers Contemporary: Collectors are Buying

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  • December 04, 2010

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"Horse and House" by Anke Schofield
"Luminous Progression" by David Kessler

To date, Myers Contemporary has sold works by four artists: Anke Schofield, David Kessler, Lisa Nankivil, and Michael Lucero.

During this week's show, Schofield has learned that her collaborative works with Luis Garcia-Nerey, some of which are on display at Red Dot, will be shown in Amsterdam next year.

Interest in George Dunbar is high, but the finishes and austere composition mean the attraction is not as immediate as some other imagery and requires more considered engagement. With so much art on display, many visitors are focusing on what initially catches their eye.

Myers Contemporary has had inquires for commissions for Susie Lee's video portraits. Myers Contemporary wanted to incorporate the video portraits into the overall presentation rather than have a closed space. However, high ambient light during the day makes them difficult to see. Therefore, interest is higher in the evening hours, when it is the best time to see Lee's works.

David Kessler's sales are growing as the result of two factors: existing collectors who want multiple Kessler pieces and Kessler's greater international exposure due to his European representation.

By working with a select group of artists, Myers Contemporary is able to exhibit a wide range of their work at the show. This is beneficial for artists like Kessler, Schofield, and Nankivil whose buyers are interested in collecting more than one piece, as well as for Lucero, whose works are getting more attention when presented as a group than individually.

"Translucent Blue" by Susie Lee

Myers Contemporary looks forward to more sales this weekend. Please direct inquiries to Mark Myers,, 410-263-2554.

Molly Hughes Wilmer
Vision Strategic Marketing & Communications

Myers Contemporary
1851 McGuckian Street
Annapolis, Maryland
About Myers Contemporary

Myers Contemporary is a relatively new gallery led by Mark Myers, who has been a private dealer and consultant for over 25 years. Myers seeks finely finished works with content, avoiding the ephemeral in favor of long term relevance and value. Myers works with a diverse range of artists in reputation and accomplishment, as well as imagery and content. In addition to working with private collectors, Myers recently worked with Legg Mason on a Caio Fonseca large scale commission piece for their new headquarters in Baltimore, MD.

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