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  • September 12, 2012

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Overview ViaView Art Prints
Flowers Still Life
Van Doorn

London, September 10, 2012. Online gallery ViaView will be present at Wonderhill Market on Saturday September 29th at the Tooting Tram and Social Club, among other artists and designer makers from the London area.

Wonderhill Market started in 2010 and focusses on handmade and vintage items created solely in the UK. In accordance with the personal ethos of Wonderhill Market (they ask that the artist/maker sell only their own work), ViaView artist Van Doorn will be selling work. Other artists in the ViaView portfolio are Jan Mankes, Katsushika Hokusai, Gustaaf van der Wall Perne, Rosanna Rovenkamp and Annemarie De Vries.

About ViaView

ViaView is an online gallery selling contemporary art, printed on museum quality paper and where possible signed by the artist. It was created with the view that ‘we can have art in our home like food in the fridge’ and with the insight that ‘art on your walls should change like your taste does. Hairstyles change, and so does art.’ The low key atmosphere at both ViaView and Wonderhill Market offers stress-free browsing for creative gifting, interior design and budding collectors. ViaView artists are a mix of established and emerging talent. Sizes and prices are small to fit the homes and budgets of those interested in art as part of their lifestyle. (Prices are from £12.50 per print.) For further information visit the gallery on

Titled: Bow
Rosanne Rovekamp




Willemijn Zandt
ViaView Art Prints

ViaView Art Prints
About ViaView Art Prints

ViaView is a webgallery filled with beautiful, cool, inexpensive contemporary art in a no-threshold atmosphere . ViaView was created with the idea that we can have art in our home like food in the fridge and with the insight that the art on your walls should change like your taste does. Because it is a fact of life that everything changes. Hairstyles change and so does art. Art for every day life. Your lifestyle. Your art. Your home, in whatever shape or form, is a reflection of your lifestyle. Finding the right art for it requires more than simply shopping among the masses in Ikea or Habitat. You want something stylish, fresh and different and ViaView art prints may just be the ticket! Check out our gallery or shop. A special occasion calls for a creative gift A bottle of wine, hand-cream, a tie, book or cd just won’t do for some of those extra special occasions. Giving art is creative, thoughtful and yes a bit daring. But common! If you are buying this person a gift it means you must know him or her pretty well. You won’t go wrong with that ViaView art print. Buying art, a daunting prospect? Art galleries: pretentious and mysterious. Yes, you are right. Some galleries just seem to promote aloofness as a great marketing tool to lure in their buyers. But online art galleries make the path to finding the art for your taste so much more accessible. ViaView art prints are a great mix of established artists and emerging talent. But besides that, all you need to do is decide what you like and what not. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!

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