Italy's MAXXI Launches Jack TV, Video Platform for Contemporary Art

  • ROME, Italy
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  • January 25, 2017

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Istanbul Museum of Modern Art has a channel on JACK

An international web TV platform for museum art, conceived and promoted by Italy's contemporary art foundation MAXXI, has launched. The video platform is devoted to contemporary arts, as shared by international institutions.

JACK Contemporary Arts TV ( overcomes the physical and geographical confines of a museum and brings together multiple international centres of excellence in cultural experimentation and production.
With exclusive contents, a constantly updated schedule of live streaming, space for users’ comments and the contributions of art bloggers, JACK intends to excite, provide food for thought, describe reality with new eyes and above all bring the general public into contact with contemporary art. From its very name, JACK, universal and familiar, referencing an electrical connector, a playing card and a fruit, a name that belongs to us all.

From Rome to Amsterdam, from Istanbul to Lisbon, JACK units multiple and diverse experiences and points of view to recount the universal energy of art to all those ready to allow themselves to be transported by the power of creativity and to be inspired.

The project has been developed thanks to the three-year partnership between MAXXI and Engineering, a leader in the software and IT services sector. The objective of the collaboration is to create and provide technological support for the museum's projects, guaranteeing their distribution, supporting contemporary creativity in all its forms – art architecture, dance and photography – with maximum involvement of the public.

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