See Inside the Kathryn Hart Exhibition THE OTHER VOICE, at Sala Coll Alas, Gandia, Spain

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  • March 09, 2020

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THE OTHER VOICE, a multidisciplinary exhibition by Kathryn Hart (USA), at Sala Coll Alas de Gandia (Spain), on view through March 20, 2020. A catalog presentation is March 13, 7:30 pm.

From the earliest recorded Western European history, men were referred to as the “First Voice” and women were deemed the “Other Voice.”  Women were considered property, lacking the intelligence of men, without voice, presence or power.  Despite this history, risk-taking women across distance, time and cultures dared to announce their discontent. 

THE OTHER VOICE, a multidisciplinary exhibition by Kathryn Hart (USA) in Sala Coll Alas de Gandia (Spain), is inspired by the psychic heritage of 16th century powerful women (namely Lucrezia Borgia, María Enríquez and the early Venetian feminist writers like Moderata Fonte); a reinterpretation of Greek myth and the view of the female image in mythology and art, taking as an example Velázquez’ painting “The Fable of Arachne” (a dual narrative including two of Ovid’s stories); and her own pioneering lineage.

Interlaced throughout the THE OTHER VOICE, are line, gesture, meticulous weaving and webbing, and found objects. Weaving has historically been a symbol for poetry and voice.  Webs are indicative of home, the body, traps, plots and repair.  The viewer is a vital participant to the exhibition, casting shadow and the reflection onto the artworks and into the space.  The installation is interactive as visitors are encouraged to contribute objects to it as inspired by the theme. 

Amparo Zacares Pamblaco (Associacio de Valencia Critics d’Art – AVCA) writes in the catalogue essay: “…the artist presents a series of abstract spatial structures of architectural cut…(using) diverse material with which she achieves a certain configuration of objects in a dispersed and ascending direction to serve as a loudspeaker to those dissident Renaissance women by whom she has been inspired…From this artistic proposal emerges the need to review the secondary role that women have had throughout history, claiming the consideration they really deserve as producers of meaning…”


In THE OTHER VOICE, Kathryn Hart continues her dialogue with female agency and identity, that lasting core which transcends the white noise from society, family and personal experience.

THE OTHER VOICE, sponsored by Ajuntament de Gandia and organized by Rosa Mascarell, is on view through 20 March 2020. A catalog presentation is on March 13 at 7:30pm. Sala Coll Alas, Placa de les Escoles Pies 7, 46701, Gandia, Spain.  For more information, contact Ferran Mascarell at  ( and +34 686 90 51 89

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