Christophe Van De Weghe Purchases a Greg Furie Drawing

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  • December 07, 2011

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Symphony #1
Greg Furie, Modern Artist

Christophe Van De Weghe, high profile art dealer and owner of Van De Weghe Fine Art recently purchased a Greg Furie Drawing.

The drawing is entitled Symphony #1 and is done on thick watercolor paper using a calligraphy pen and black ink.  The drawing is 18" x 24."

Symphony #1 is the first drawing Furie has done in his breakthrough drawings.  Furie's breakthrough drawings are all drawn with a calligraphy pen, very fine point nib, and black ink on thick watercolor paper.  What makes the drawings desirable is that they are extremely detailed with fine lines that create an abstract masterpiece of the highest quality.

"I was very surprised that Mr. Van De Weghe decided to purchase the very first drawing out of my breakthrough drawings.  Even more surprising to me was that Christophe purchased Symphony #1 after seeing it online.  He didn't even need to see it in person before deciding to purchase it.  Obviously, he sees this piece as an investment that will yield him a very good return at some point in the very near future."

You can see Symphony #1 by clicking on:

For more information please go to:, or call Cortez Patten at 818-915-3910.

Cortez Patten
Cortez Patten, Art Broker

Cortez Patten, Art Broker
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Cortez Patten represents Modern Artist Greg Furie.

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