The Curator’s Eye Delivers Knowledgable Clients To TK Asian Antiques

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  • January 29, 2014

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Gold Perfumer with Magnificent Dragons-and-Phoenix Openwork, circa 907-960 CE or earlier, China
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NEW YORK - In a recent article, Forbes contributor Kathryn Tully quoted Sean Moriaty’s podcast comment, saying, “the majority of people, even in gallery scenarios, are buying art that they’ve actually seen in the form of a jpeg sent in an email from the gallerist. Much of the marketing and demand generation, so to speak, is already electronic.” In this regard, The Curator’s Eye ( excels with its unique set of services. The art marketing organization allows private art and antiques dealers such as TK Asian Antiquities to compete with other art businesses, such as Christie's and Sotheby's, that are ten or even one hundred times their size.

The Curator's Eye Provides Targeted Mailing Lists For Exhibitions - And That Is Just The Start

TK Asian Antiquities reports they use the bespoke client analytics delivered by The Curator’s Eye to send “notices of special exhibitions that are being held at our New York Gallery to our Curator’s Eye client lists. Future plans call for digital catalogs and newsletters that will be sent directly to our Curator’s Eye clients.” Additionally, “We anticipate that many who have contacted us will soon become customers after they view our artifacts in real life.”

The Curator's Eye Is More Cost Effective Than Most Other Advertising

They continue, “The Curator’s Eye allows us to convey our gallery’s message and inventory directly to more interested people than we thought possible. This refined method has proven more cost effective than much of our other extensive advertising.”

TK Antiques Gallery Interior
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The Curator's Eye Client Targeting Is Outstanding, Reaching A Very Knowledgeable Group Of Specialized Collectors

Regarding the collectors and potential clients delivered, TK Asian says, “Overall, they are quite a knowledgeable group. We have had inquiries from over twenty countries in Europe, Central Asia, The United States, Australia, Russia and the Far East as well. The dominant group would be from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.”

Although The Curator's Eye Is Not An E-commerce Platform, Direct Sales Are An Added Benefit

After several months exhibiting select items from their inventory on The Curator’s Eye, which functions as a continuous online exhibition, “TK Asian Antiquities sold an Ancient Gold Siren Vessel from the 5th century BCE.” Their most popular artifact, generating the most interest and potential leads, is “a marvelous pierced gold perfumer/censer dated to the Five Dynasties, or earlier.”

The Curator's Eye Staff Is More Friendly And Efficient Than Is The Norm In The Industry

TK Antiques Fielding Media Questions
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In addition to being satisfied with sales and leads, TK Asian Antiquities appreciates that “The Curator’s Eye keeps us current on trends.” They continue, “The staff is both friendly and efficient, which is far from the norm in our experience with various media groups.” The gallery reports that on The Curator’s Eye “virtually all of the other dealers’ exhibited pieces are quality” and “the range of prices, media, subject matter and country of origin is remarkable.”

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