Dynastic Buddhist Art Offers Aesthetic Choices At Gianguan Auctions

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  • May 22, 2018

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Buddha Amitabha, bronze, with four character Xuande mark. Lot 228. Gianguan Auctions, June 9, 2018.
Northern Zhou seated Buddha with robe overflowing pedestal. Bronze. Lot 213. Gianguan Auctions, June 9, 2018.

With a growing reputation for offering Chinese religious art at accessible estimates, Gianguan Auctions is poised to present an outstanding collection of bronze, jade and ceramic Buddhist statues in its Saturday, June 9 sale. 

Of exceptional quality is a rare Northern Zhou seated Buddha. Finely cast and retaining a rich patina, the the folds of the traditionally posed Buddha's robe drape elaborately over the sides of three-tiered gilt bronze pedestal.  It is Lot 213.  

From the Ming comes a rare gilt bronze figure of Buddha Amitabha. While the Buddha is depicted seated in dhyanasana, the left hand holds a floral lotus amphora, all beneath a spherical finial. The cinched pedestal is  encircled by two tiers of elaborate lotus lappet. Of the period, the casting bears the four character Xuande mark. It is Lot 228. 

Equally dramatic is a rare enameled gilt bronze Shakyamuni Buddha of the Ming Dynasty.  Outstanding in form the figure is dressed in a turquoise robe enhanced with pink and red flowers and scrolls within a matrix of fine wire.  It is Lot 206, engraved with the Ming Dynasty Yongle Six Character Mark.

Buddhas of carved jade find a niche in the sale as well.  A Northern Wei carving of Sakyamuni Maitreya is supported on a rectangular plinth carved with lions and buddhas.  It is Lot 221.

Similarly, a jade carving of the standing Sakyamuni Maitreya is a fine example of period craftsmanship. At nearly 20 inches tall, the sculpture is Lot 205.  

Northern Qi stone figure of Sakyamuni Buddha. Lot 211,. Gianguan Auctions, June 9, 2018.

A great value with strong history is a polychromed Northern Qi stone figure of Sakyamuni Buddha.  The  face is tranquil under tight curls surrounded by double lotus petals. A mandorla frames the head. Having survived more than fifteen hundred years of weathering, the statue retains traces of pigment on the loose-fitting robe. Both hands, however, have been lost to the ages. The 16 inch tall property is Lot 211.

To view details of these Buddhist statues and more, please visit the Gianguan Auctions catalog at www.gianguanauctions.com.  The sale will be conducted live in the gallery’s headquarters at 39 W. 56th Street, New York. Online bidding can be done at epailive.com, liveauctioneers.com, or invlauable.com.  Condition reports may be obtained by emailing the gallery at info@gianguanauctions.com.   Previews open on Friday, June 1 and run through Friday, June 8, 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. The sale begins at 6 PM EST on Saturday, June 9. 

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