Scissors Obsession: Figure/Figuration

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  • June 21, 2010

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Twain No. 1 (2005-cast bronze) 24" x 21"
Cloak (2005-recycled scissors) 75" tall

This summer, MODA presents the work of sculptor Delona Wardlaw for a cutting exploration into the semiotic form of scissors. Wardlaw’s exhibition, entitled Scissors Obsession: Figure/Figuration will run July 20 through August 14 and include an Artist’s Opening Reception on Thursday, July 23 from 6 to 9 p.m.

Through her work, Wardlaw investigates, manipulates and re-creates common, everyday objects as way of storytelling. With her bronze pieces and assemblages she strives to uncover the layers of meaning held in each object. In this exhibition Wardlaw will explore her ongoing obsession with scissors as a tool, as a composition, and as a receptacle for memory.

“Objects have histories and can serve as repositories of memory,” she says. “They embody fantasies, dreams, and alternative realities.  They may be icon or relic.  Personally, they keep me connected to the physical world.  The tangible object in my sight, in my hand, in my space helps me move from that place inside my head back to a place in reality.”

Delona Wardlaw is originally from LaFayette, Georgia and after earning her Bachelor of Business Administration degree and a MBA, she quickly became disillusioned with the corporate world. Her childhood fascination with objects, lead to jewelry making, metalsmithing and studying sculpture. In 2005, Wardlaw earned her MFA and currently lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Big Scissors (2004-steel). 69.5" x 35"

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