Gianguan Auctions Offers Paintings By Top Tier Chinese Artists on June 17th

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  • May 24, 2019

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"Lady With Fan" by Zhang Daqian. Gianguan Auctions, June 17th.

Gianguan Auctions presents a slate of traditional scroll paintings by China's best selling painters on Monday, June 17th. The auction also includes collections of scholars items and personal accessories. 

The catalog cover lot “Lady with Fan” leads a selection of four paintings by Zhang Daqian that display the artist's virtuosity and mood in the mid to late 1940s. A traditionalist who eschewed tradition, Zhang Daqian heightened the interest in this statuesque portrait of a courtly maiden by focusing on the detail in the back of her golden silk robe. The face, done in flesh tones with white makeup, is a beguiling three-quarter portrait. Dated 1949, it is Lot 166, inscribed and signed Zhang Daqian, with three artist seals and one collector seal. Estimate is upwards of $80,000.

A color splash skyline entitled “Sunset,” by the same artist, is a tour de force of the technique that was new at mid-Century. Blues run into dark mountain peaks just as the eye might catch at dusk. Signed Daqian, Yuan, the painting carries two artist seals, Lot 14 is estimated to fetch more than $20,000. 

His hard-edged landscape, “Snow Capped Xishan,” comes to life in angles and cool earth tones. It is Lot 82, titled, inscribed, signed, and bearing four artist seals. 

Two figurative paintings by Zhang Daqian are "Scholar and Plum Blossom”, Lot 198, and “Scholar Under Willow,” Lot 112. The latter carries a colophon by Shi Shuping. Estimates on these paintings start at upwards of $20,000.

A four panel painting of Cranes by Lu Kuchon (1898-1983) are well diplayed on two facing pages in the catalog. The prince of birds often associated with longevity and peace, thes pairs are depicted in symbolic guises. They are seen under pines, among peonies, in greenery and flying. In each panel, one bird looks upwards while the other tends to more earthly matters. Each scroll is inscribed and signed Kuchan and carries three artist seals. Lot 120 is estimated at more than $60,000.

The masterpiece that deserves mention and will be the measure of more accessible landscapes is “Scholar in the Mountain” by Qing Dynasty painter Shi Tao (1630-1724). The landscape that reaches beyond the world of mortals to embody the transcendental aspirations of the scholar couched in a fold of the mountain, is rendered in tones of black ink. Dated 1686, inscribed and signed Shi Tao, with one artist seal, Lot 109 will command $150,000 or more.

Meanwhile, there are many accessible paintings by such known artists as Fu Baoshi, Cheng Shifa, Wu Guanzhong, Wu Changshuo,  Liu Danzhai. They range in value from $3,000 upwards.

For details on these and other paintings, please download the catalog at

The sale also includes deep collections of scholars' and votive art, Chinese ceramics, seals, teapots and carved jades. 

"Cranes" by Lu Kuchon (1898-1983). Gianguan Auctions, June 17th.

The sale begins at 6 p.m. on Monday, June 17. Previews run from Monday, June 10 - Sundunday, June 16 (10 am - 7 pm) and the day of the sale, Monday, Jun 17 (10 am - 5 pm)

The auction will be conducted live at Gianguan Auctions' gallery, West 56th Street, NYC. Bidding is also online at and 

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