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  • October 14, 2020

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POLAR (Crash)
Karin Köpli-Fehlmann

The climate change affects all regions around the world. Polar ice shields are melting and the sea is rising. Today many people are disconnected from the importance of nature and prefer to exploit it rather than nurturing it. Art HIstory Consulting (AHC) / AHC PROJECTS Hamburg is delighted to present site specific artworks in the BASEL ART CENTER created for the group show ART CLIMATE CHANGE, November 20-22, 2020. Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund, art historian and director of AHC PROJECTS: "We are so delighted to be part of the show in Basel. We celebrates the contributions of our influential groundbreaking artists Osvaldo Bacman, Donegel' Chong, Karin Köpfli-Fehlmann and Claudia Mini.

Osvaldo Bacman. Our Ressouces - Burning for Beef?

 Osvaldo Bacman: “The Amazon rainforest is going up in flames. The forests are burning to clear them, making way for more and more pastureland. On the other hand, it is our high demand for beef that is responsible for the burning forests. My new series, RED (Fire), BLUE (Flood), YELLOW (Drought/ Desert), GREEN (Rainforest) refers to the subject of climate change and the effects. Each painting accompanied by another is seen as part of or within a larger sequence, to generate feelings, climate, or an atmosphere of connections open to interpretation.”

Osvaldo Bacman

The Argentinian painter Osvaldo Bacman understands colour as the expression of a bond, a relationship of concomitance. In his abstract geometrical compositions, he removes the manual gesture to emphasize perceptual quality optics, he uses as constants, repeat operations, rotation, and distortion. Bacman’s optical illusions are creating shapes and colours of unstable appearance, which become background and vice versa or that seem to compose new figures or appear to move.  Influenced by Cubism and Constructivism, Bacman employes pulsating colours and tight geometric formulations to express his embrace of urban living. Exhibiting all over Europe and Argentina, Osvaldo Bacman is recognized as one of the most influential Latin American artists for his unique style and vision. Osvaldo Bacman was born in La Plata, Argentina, where he attended The Academy of Fine Arts of the National University of La Plata. The visual artist is currently living in Cologne, Germany.

Donegel' Chong. New series FEEDING. Who is the hunter? Who becomes the hunted?

Donegel' Chong: “In my series FEEDING the fishes are swimming in water jumping up and down. Is it an explosion of energy or restless chaos? How are we feeding the fishes? Or are the fishes feeding us? Who is the hunter and who becomes the hunted? I like the theme of climate change as this is a very current and important topic, that will influence the sustainability of planet earth and everything on and within it. What we have done cannot be undone, but the collective actions that we could make NOW, can still manoeuvre the future and the lives of generations to come. From my point of view as a visual artist, my works are not only meant to be pretty in a room, but are there whenever possible to stimulate reflections, thoughts and dialogues.”

Donegel' Chong

Donegel’ Chong was born in Malaysia as a “third generation” Chinese descent; educated in Malaysia, Singapore, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. While completing his studies in Catholic Junior College Singapore, he spontaneously took part in the 1993 "My Singapore, My Home" art competition organised by the Singapore Ministry of Culture and was awarded with the Merit Prize. This was his first public recognition for his artistic talents. Increasing his career, he graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Science in International hospitality management (Les Roches International School of Hotel Management), which brought him to Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the USA.  After his last station in the USA, Donegel' Chong took up fashion design, creating his fashion brands, Malefactor and Donegel' Chong; all brought under his first boutique in Zurich, FADESTO - FAshion DEsigners STarting Out. An unexpected chance led Donegel' Chong back to the hospitality industry in Japan, Malaysia and China. Finaly an opportunity in retail brought him back to Switzerland again, where the multilevel artist is currently living and working.

Karin Köpfli-Fehlmann - The Earth is Warming Up! - No way return? Karin Köpli-Fehlmann

Karin Köpfli-Fehlmann is a Swiss visual artist, currently living and working in Bremgarten, AG, Switzerland. Due to her past as a trained Graphic Designer, she has created a series of Collages and Acrylics on Canvas, which refers to the elements of life: earth, water, ice and air. Her outstanding translucent nature series attracted collectors and interior designers in Singapore 2019 during a show in the Shangri-La Singapore curated by AHC Projects.

Claudia Mini - Biomorphic Forms - Enjoy the Ocean Breeze?

Claudia Mini,
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