The Colors of Snow

  • BASALT, Colorado
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  • January 07, 2022

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Peter Campbell "A Break in the Storm", 48" x 35", oil on canvas
Ann Korologos Gallery
Cap Pannell, "Ouachita", 36" x 42", oil on canvas
Ann Korologos Gallery

Ann Korologos Gallery presents The Colors of Snow, a group exhibition showcasing the colors of light and shadow across the winter landscapes of “Colorful Colorado” captured by Peter Campbell, Veryl Goodnight, Leon Loughridge, Cap Pannell, and more.  The exhibition is on view January 8 through February 13th, 2022 at Ann Korologos Gallery in Basalt, Colorado.


“Ask an artist what color snow is, and they'll never respond with "white,"” reflects Ann Korologos. “Instead, they may explain how snow reflects the colors around it or showcases the complementary colors of shadow. They may talk about the stark contrast of a winter landscape, the beauty of a limited palette, the importance of values, the quiet offered by snow amplifying the other senses. In any case, this exhibition is a visual exploration of the colors of snow and the world of winter in the Rocky Mountains and greater American West.”

Peter Campbell moved to Colorado after studying at the Savannah College of Art & Design. Campbell’s paintings reflect his direct connection with the landscape, and convey an intimate and personal reaction to nature. A limited color palette and omission of details results in a dream-like mood, open to each viewer’s interpretation as he captures the serenity of snow, meandering rivers, or the light on bare winter trees.

Veryl Goodnight was born loving animals and the American West, two elements that have been the focus of Goodnight’s art for over three decades. The oil painter and bronze sculptor works from life, preferring a live model over photography references to capture the dynamism of her subjects. Bears, wolves, foxes, burros, and bison are favorite subjects of the artist, painted within the landscapes of Colorado, the shared home of the artist and her subjects.

Veryl Goodnight "A New Day", 20" x 30", oil on board
Ann Korologos Gallery


Leon Loughridge lives in Denver, Colorado, where he makes prints based on watercolor paintings created en plein air. Loughridge paints the great wilderness of Colorado, yet often includes historic structures that show intimacy and boundless expanse of both man and nature. Influenced by Japanese printmaking techniques, he prefers watercolors to begin the woodblock process. The contrast in the fluidity of watercolor versus the hard lines of a wood carving is artfully translated by Loughridge. 


Cap Pannell lives in Dallas, Texas, and has been a designer, illustrator, and painter for over 35 years. Pannell works in oil on canvas and does multi-media printmaking, interpreting nature from his photographs and drawings. Edgar Degas, J.M.W. Turner, and Andrew Wyeth are among his most admired influences and like them, he seeks to record moods and moments. His representational landscapes focus on light and the seasons in Texas, New Mexico, Florida, Arkansas, Utah and other favorite locales.

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Ann Korologos Gallery
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