Hyperrealist Sculptor Carole A. Feuerman is the inaugural featured artist at the new Huan Tai Hu Museum, Changzhou

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  • October 26, 2016

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Carole Feuerman, Survival of Serena
Carole Feuerman, Grande Catalina

New York based hyperrealist sculptor Carole A. Feuerman  will be the first solo show at the new Huan Tai Hu Museum in Changzhou China and will also be presented at the Jiangsu International Art Fair from October  28 – November 1, 2016.    Carole Feuerman will be giving the opening artist talk at Huan Tai Hu Museum on October 28, 2016.

Carole Feuerman will present seven iconic hyper-realistic sculptures to be included in the Jiangsu Art Fair exhibition.  A pioneer of hyperrealist sculpture, Carole Feuerman aims to create visual manifestations of the inner balance and beauty of women, though is perhaps best known for her large-scale sculptures of swimmers. “Swimming and water have fascinated me for as long as I can remember, and as a result, have become the essence of my inspiration for my pieces,” she has said. Feuerman has spent the last four decades sculpting monumental, life-sized, and miniature works in bronze, resin, and marble. Her labor-intensive sculptures involve working on the piece both in wax and bronze at the foundry and later applying multiple coats of primer, paint and finished in the studio.

Carole Feuerman, Durgama (detail)

Carole A. Feuerman, recognized as one of the world’s most renowned, influential, and popular hyperrealist sculptors in the 1970’s with her photorealist paintings.  Her prolific career spans four decades in which she has pioneered new approaches to sculpture.  Working in both monumental and life size, and museum size, she is the only figurative artist to hyper-realistically paint bronze for outdoor public art, painting bronze to look like flesh, and the only sculptor to install these painted bronze sculptures in water.

Feuerman's works explore classicism while presenting common themes that occur in our everyday lives. The sculptures tell powerful stories of experiences the artist has encountered in her own life that she feels compelled to tell. One can relate to them as we all struggle to overcome similar personal obstacles. Evoking inward emotions, Feuerman invites the spectator to identify with the narrative they see before them. Water and swimming have fascinated her all her life as she has always been captivated by how the water droplets form patterns over the skin.

Feuerman’s work continues her focus on public outdoor sculptures and table-top pieces. Feuerman maintains two studios in Chelsea NY and the other at Mana Contemporary in NJ. On an ongoing basis, Feuerman's work can be seen in selected galleries and museums worldwide.

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