GENIUS LOCI - The (good) Spirit of the Space - Contemporary Art & Design from Denmark

  • PINNEBERG, Germany
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  • February 08, 2017

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DIE Drostei
Drostei Foundation
Ole Terslose, series Flower Children, Child Growing Branches out of his Ears, Edition 9, 45x70 cm
Ole Terslose

On the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the DROSTEI, a non-profit culture center and arts foundation in Pinneberg, the greater area of Hamburg, the art historian and chief curator Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund invited Danish artists from the fields of fine arts and design to exhibit their works at the show "GENIUS LOCI - The (good) Spirit of the Space". The exhibition presents works from the artists' studios as well as space-related artistic projects.

The group show opening will be held on Sunday, September, 10th and continuing through Sunday, October 15th, 2017.


The focus lays on the space as a source of inspiration, in the baroque architecture of the DROSTEI, as well as considered in general. How does a space/ local area influence the creativity and creative identity? How interactive are spirit & space connected? Where is the home of the (good) spirit, the GENIUS LOCI?

In Roman mythology, the GENIUS LOCI was the saint patron of a place or a temple that causes a positive (or negative?) effect on people and the surroundings. But where can the GENIUS LOCI be found today, in times of globalization - whether in virtual, real, collective spaces, in the public, urban or natural space?

Nynne Faerch & Majken Mann, Design Collaboration, RUGchair, Textiles Furniture.
Nynne Faerch & Majken Mann Design

DROSTEI is pleased to present the works by:

Ivan Andersen (Painting), Claus Bjerre (Design), Nynne Faerch & Majken Mann (Design), Lise Harlev (Concept Art), Tine Bay Lührssen (Installation), Mads Dahl Pedersen (Painting), Kirsten Schauser (Painting), Hartmut Stockter (Installation), Ole Terslose (Computer Graphics).

The exhibition at DROSTEI comprises the work of ten artists  connected by a shared interest exploring the space, the role of perception and the innovative use of materials and technology to create meaningful experiences.



Dingstätte 23 - 25421 Pinneberg - Germany

Phone +49 -4101 -210 30




Genius Loci. The (good) Spitit of the Space.

Curator: Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund


September, 10 - October, 15, 2017

Opening Reception: Sunday, September, 10, 2017 at 10.30 AM

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