Open Call for Submissions until Exhibition Space is full

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  • December 22, 2011

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Square Inches of Love - Weaving the Virtual and the Real
OPeX studios

Share your Creative Works as part of a unique weaving of virtual and real worlds that starts online then tours offline as a demonstration of the role of collective efforts and creativity in constituting change. OPeX studios, a child-centric architectural and product design company based in L.A., invites you to participate in “Square Inches of Love”, which will not only share your work and link to your website for as little as $1, but will also benefit brave little souls suffering from catastrophic diseases.

Deadline: Until Exhibition Space is Full

Details at:

Submission fee: As low as $1.

(Fifty-percent of fee will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Remainder will go toward building and taking exhibition on tour through the U.S. Learn more at site.)

Mark Reeves
OPeX studios

OPeX studios
About OPeX studios

OPeX studios is an architectural + product design company with a child-centric focus and the administrator of the Square Inches of Love project.

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