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  • April 21, 2023

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Next Stop Bangkok. AHC PROJECTS HAMBURG returns to the Asian art market.

Southeast Asia’s important and global art show takes place in the River City Bangkok Art Center from May 2-7, 2023. It covers more than 47.000 sqm of indoor exhibition space that showcase the thriving art scene. AHC PROJECTS HAMBURG (Germany) is delighted to participate in Bangkok, presenting a selection of uprising visual artists.



With just a short time until the opening on May 2,2023, AHC PROJECTS Hamburg (Germany), is excited to share booth highlights from the participating artists Claudia Bläsi, Tatjana Deutschmann, Carlos A. Duro, Christine Keruth, Beate Kulina, Marcus Steffen. „We are delighted that we participate at Mango Art Festival“, Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund, curator of AHC PROJECTS Hamburg explains, „the uprising global art hub in South East Asia. As we are working in long terms with our artists together, it is a pleasure to realize how they formally, materially, and conceptually further the visual vocabulary they had pioneered the last years.“

Artists To Watch

The Berlin based artist Beate Kulina continues to pursue her translation of sensitive and sublime (garden) phenomena into watercolor representations. She studied Art History and Painting in Berlin and was working at the Theatre Pforzheim to paint huge stage sets. Deepening her research on the manifestations of light, her work is exploring storytelling traditions in an extended landscape.

Marcus Steffen currently lives and works in Hamburg (Germany). The artist traces the origin of his deeply personal and quietly abstract work to his experiences in the nature. At the heart of his practice is a profound concern for process and materials, with each series seeking a formal solution. Influenced by minimalism, he explores issues related to the unknown space of anywhere and nowhere.


Claudia Bläsi is a German painter and photographer living in Munich. During her artists residencies in Vietnam and China, she has been exploring the vibrant downtown scenes. Her series of street art and Neo-Expressionist works on canvas and paper are characterized by psychologically powerful and fancy assemblages of charged words and cryptic phrases, numerals, pictograms, comic figures and commercial graphic art novels.


Carlos A. Duro’s expressionistic paintings are individual universes of dynamic brush strokes in Chinese and Japanese ink and acrylic colours on paper and canvas. The German artist is living and working in Leonberg and Buriam, Thailand. His current series, among them „Girl on Rocket“ is exploring the polarity between darkness and light, silence and noise, a story of power and passion in all its multilayered complexity.


Christine Keruth is living and working in Berlin. The art historian, philosopher, painter and Art Academy Berlin Weissensee Master Graduate, is best known for her nature inspired drawings and paintings. In her work we find a thinking about the grandest and most terrifying aspects of nature, and the ways in which figure, form and line are corresponding with the theories of the sublime. Keruth created a singular style based on the primacy of the line, involving it with a sublime neo-romantic language and infusing it with uncommon energy and optimism.

Tatjana Deutschmann’s paintings are inviting the viewer with empathetic compassion. The German artist and graphic designer studied at the Art Academy Hamburg, where she is is living and working. Many of her works, among them the portrait painting of „Clara“ (Clara Zetkin, 1857-1933, women‘s right activist) and the landscape painting „Black Forest“ are dealing with narrative elements. Although there is no action in the scenes, there is something mysteroius inside, the calm before the storm, when even wildlife animals keep quiet.


Gallery Section

Booth G12



Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund

IG @austwegemund



Mango Art Festival at RIVER CITY BANGKOK

The Anchor of Arts and Antiques

23 Charoen Krung Soi 24

Talard Noi, Sampantawong

Bangkok 10100 Thailand

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Opening Hours

2-7 May, 2023

Daily 11 am – 9 pm

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