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  • April 17, 2013

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Pair of Flintlock Pocket Pistols Inlaid with Gold and Silver by John George Lacy, London, circa 1810-1814
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The Curator’s Eye recently had a conversation with Richard Kahn of Kahn Fine Antiques and Works of Art, based in Chatham, Massachusetts, about the results and experience delivered to his business by The Curator’s Eye ( The discussion covered sales and how The Curator's Eye can help dealers save time and money with the high levels of service and control that the platform provides.

Three New Sales and Six New Significant Client Relationships In Just 18 Months

Kahn says, “As a dealer constantly trying to expand business the added exposure from The Curator’s Eye website is unique and precisely targets the kind of people that I am trying to reach.” He goes on, “I have actually made three very nice sales to new customers,” and “have also been in contact with at least six new prospective customers as a direct result of The Curator’s Eye website. I am optimistic that one or more will be making an acquisition soon.” He reports, “My most popular items featured on The Curator’s Eye website continue to be fine antique firearms and antique scrimshaw.”

Curator's Eye Information "Helps Me Determine My Business Strategy"

Kahn reports that one of his favorite features of the site is “being able to see which of my historic items are being viewed and the frequency thereof.” He says, “the database being accumulated by The Curator’s Eye is truly incredible” and he puts this client development tool to good use. Kahn reports, the “information [delivered by The Curator’s Eye] helps me determine my business strategy and helps me redirect my efforts in a more productive manner.”

A 19th Century American Sailor Scrimshawed Whale's Tooth with Lady and a Ship
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"Running My Own Website Is Very Time Consuming": In Contrast, The Curator's Eye Offers White Glove Service

Though Kahn maintains his own site, he says, “Running my own website is very time consuming but a critical part of doing e-commerce.” In contrast, Curator's Eye Representatives take care of everything for the listing dealers except proving the photographs, and the expertise. Other than that there is very little work involved, which leaves more time for closing sales with potential clients. Furthermore, “in an age where people want to shop around while relaxing at home without any pressure,” Kahn emphasizes the added benefit of “Having the most important pieces from my inventory featured on The Curator’s Eye website along side with all the other fine and rare items featured from some of the finest dealers in the world adds substantial exposure and credibility to my own website.”

A Viable Alternative to Auction Sales, Where The Dealer Retains Control And Saves Money

“Consigning an item to auction can be either good or bad depending on the outcome. If an item fails to sell due to lack of interest or a high reserve, that item will have a black mark next to it and many dealers will remember that it failed to sell. Trying to re-offer that same item too soon most likely will result in further disappointment. Items listed on the Curator’s Eye website remain in control with the dealer. If the item is eventually sold both parties will walk away happy and no buyer’s premium will have been paid.”

The Curator’s Eye is the distinctive online platform for the finest art and antiques from distinguished dealers from around the world. To view more exceptional items for the distinguished private collector available from the top dealers across the globe, visit  


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