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  • April 18, 2011

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Jacquard coverlet woven by James Alexander in New Britain, NY, 1842, inscribed “Agriculture & Manufactures are the Foundation of American Independence.”
Laura Fisher
Sailor's Commonwealth Travels Pieced Quilt.
Laura Fisher
Antique "Love at Home" hooked rug.
Laura Fisher


Looking for that special gift for the soon-to-be-wed British couple? How about a superlative, sailor-made masterpiece made of wool uniforms that depicts the seasons and the countries of the British Commonwealth to which he traveled? Or perhaps give them  the classic American quilt - the Double Wedding Ring – either a bold example in multicolor solids on black wool, or a traditional one of 1930s pastel printed cotton that typifies this design? NYC antiques dealer Laura Fisher has many relevant antique textiles that would make a meaningful gift for Wills and Kate, or for others about to be wed.

Perhaps the royal couple would like a jacquard coverlet woven in 1842 by James Alexander who emigrated to the U.S. where in New Britain, NY he worked alongside other English weavers  to create superb quality American bedcovers that remain desirable 150 years later. Fisher’s choice example proclaims in its signature block “Agriculture & Manufactures are the Foundation of American Independence.”

A King and Queen figure prominently in the rare whole cloth quilt made of fabric from the Oriental Print Works factory in New England. Other antique quilts in Fisher’s inventory include some with pattern names related to English history including Kings Crown and Whig Rose. Fisher’s gallery provided the special quilt presented to Will’s father Prince Charles when he launched a British goods promotion in Chicago. Thanks to Fisher’s research, the company chose a Princess Feather quilt, its pattern based on the insignia that symbolizes the Prince of Wales.

A hooked rug for the bride and groom to stand on as they take their vows is an American tradition; an enchanting gift for Wills and Kate could say LOVE AT HOME, WELCOME, HOME SWEET HOME, or KISS ME, or could be a unique one with a 3-dimensional crown in the center.

 In addition to American quilts, Fisher also has French and English quilts, English ‘Marseilles’ white woven bedspreads, hand knit bedspreads beloved by Englishwomen, tartan shawls and Scottish paisley shawls to wrap your beloved in, or to warm up your home interior.

                 Gallery hours: Monday – Friday 11-4 or by appointment.

Laura Fisher
305 East 61st Street
New York, NY 10065

(212) 838-2596

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