Inscriptions of Infinity - Claudia Bläsi Solo Exhibition at Seyhoun Art Gallery in Tehran

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  • October 06, 2015

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Claudia Bläsi, Inscriptions of Infinity, Oil on Canvas, 90 x 90 cm, 2015
Claudia Bläsi

by Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund, Art Historian

When the colors of nature and the shapes of Pollock were filtered through patterns of inner visions, Claudia Bläsi is creating her dazzling surreal-poetic abstractions. Those, looking for something impulsive colorful but at the same time meditative, can not ignore Claudia Bläsi’s recent series, especially created for the solo exhibition in Tehran.

The German artist, who is living in Munich, is delighted to be invited for the solo exhibition at Seyhoun Art Gallery in Tehran. The distinguished gallery was founded in 1966 in Tehran by Massoumeh Noushin Seyhoun, herself a painter whose modern works appeared in many events in Iran and abroad.

Seyhoun Art Gallery is representing the leading contemporary Iranian artists, showcasing painting, sculpture, photography and graphic art as well as upcoming contemporary international trends, such as installation art, conceptual, video and digital art.

So what is it, what makes Claudia Bläsi’s work so unique and extraordinary? No doubt, it is this hybrid language where Modernism meets the Contemporary through inner and outer journeys and vibrant visions become reality.

Feeling tension, but also harmony and inner freedom during the creative process, Claudia Bläsi explains the aesthetic concept of her series:“ My hidden inscriptions represent the twist and turns, heights and depths, quiet and stormy moments of life – they are like a diary, a mirror of my soul.” Infinity is like a universal symbol which represents that endless path with all points being equal, with no beginning, and no end. The viewer is invited to enter the spacescapes to explore Bläsi’s recent series.

Claudia Bläsi, Spring I, Oil on Canvas, 155 x 155 cm, 2015
Claudia Bläsi

Claudia Bläsi, born in Germany, studied Economics before she focused on Visual Arts and Photography. Influenced by her professional career, she has been involved in cross cultural media world, as well as private and public collections. Since 2005 the visual artist is a member of the Artists Association BBK Munich and Bavaria.

Among her international exhibitions, Claudia Bläsi’s works are showcased at Miami River Art Fair (USA) during Art Basel Miami Week, Swatch Art Peace Hotel Collection (Shanghai, China), Cao Changdi Chaoyang District (Beijing, China), New Space Art Foundation (Hue, Vietnam), Shanghai Art Garden (Shanghai Fengxian District, China), Kunstforum im Arabellapark Munich (Germany), Städtisches Atelierhaus am Domagkpark Munich (Germany).

It is Claudia Bläsi’s first exhibition in Iran. In January 2016 her visionary work premiers at the Seyhoun Art Gallery to the Tehran audience.


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Claudia Bläsi Solo Exhibition at Seyhoun Art Gallery
The exhibition runs from January, 29 – February, 10, 2016.

Claudia Bläsi, Love Letter, Oil on Canvas, 155 x 155 cm, 2014
Claudia Bläsi

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Claudia Bläsi

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