Artemis Gallery LIVE’s Spring Variety Sale to feature Ancient and Ethnographic Art

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  • April 10, 2014

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Roman Redware Lamp, ca. 400 CE. Est. $500-$750

Boulder County, CO – Out with the old… to make room for the new!  Artemis Gallery LIVE is cleaning house this April with a fun specialty sale guaranteed to please collectors and dealers alike.   Ancient/Ethnographic Spring Variety Auction, slated for Wednesday, April 16, 2014, offers a wide array of guaranteed ancient and ethnographic art from all over the world, all at unreserved prices.


“This is a great opportunity to really bulk up your collection, and maybe to nab a few pieces you typically wouldn’t spring for at auction.  Almost every lot starts below $400, with many group lots perfect for collectors and dealers alike,” says Teresa Dodge, co-owner of Artemis Gallery Live.


     The auction offers a peek into Prehistory with stunning Megalodon fossil teeth, dating between 28 million and 1.5 million years old (Lot 1-2), as well as stone and obsidian tools used by early humans (Lots 3-5). Lots of note include an especially fine Greek Istros coin, depicting a pair of male faces on the obverse and an eagle grasping a dolphin in its talons on the reverse (Lot 43), an alabaster alabastron which beautifully displays the elegance of Hellenistic Greece (Lot 46), and a striking Parthian terracotta amphora (Lot 81). Lovers of Pre-Columbian art will delight in this auction’s offerings, which include a sweet Chancay Olla with Monkeys (Lot 130), and an adorable Chancay penguin (Lot 128). An impressive Costa Rican Stone Metate with Birds (Lot 203) would make a magnificent addition to any collection.


     Those bidders hoping to score a unique gift for Mother’s Day will not be disappointed. A range of ancient necklaces from a variety of cultures offer a unique and exciting alternative to traditional jewelry. Pre-Columbian amulets and beads carved from shell and stone showcase the artistry of the ancient people of Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, and surrounding regions (Lots 102, 117, 124, 139, 142). Fine Roman glass and carnelian beaded necklaces pique the imagination and carry the wearer back in time to that illustrious empire (Lots 228, 240, 241). Finally, Egyptian scarabs, faience beads, and amulets, vividly colored and wonderfully crafted, are sure to delight any history buff (Lots 257, 258, 259, 260, 268, 269, 303, 311).

Casas Grande Polychrome Bowl, ca. 1300 CE. Est. $1000-$1500


     The art of Asia is represented in part by a series of gorgeous Han Dynasty ceramics (Lot 64-69), as well as a lot of delicate Vietnamese pottery from the famous Hoi An Hoard (Lot 177). Ancient Inuit seal hunting tools, handsomely carved from walrus bone (Lot 148), colorful Mexican retables (Lots 165-174), a German WWI iron bayonet (Lot 163), and a series of impressive African art (Lots 155-162) round out an exciting exploration of time and place.


“We’re cleaning out our inventory to make room for new pieces, plus we invited many of our dealer colleagues to do the same, so this auction really has a little of everything,” says Dodge.


     As with all of Artemis Gallery LIVE’s auctions, all items are legal to buy/sell under U.S. statute covering cultural patrimony per United States Code 2600, Chapter 14 – Convention on Cultural Property, and are guaranteed to be as described or your money back.


     Ancient/Ethnographic Spring Variety Sale will start at 11 a.m. EST on Wednesday, April 16, 2014. Bids may be placed through a variety of methods - absentee (including absentee online), by phone (by prior arrangement) or live on auction day through  For additional information about the auction, please call Teresa Dodge directly at 720-890-7700, ext. 1103, or send her an email at

Maori Greenstone Hei Tiki Amulet, mid-20th C. Est. 400-$600



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ArtemisGalleryLIVE offers online-only auctions of Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Pre-Columbian antiquities, as well as Near Eastern, Far Eastern, Tribal and Ethnographic art. All artifacts offered for sale are guaranteed ancient/authentic, and have been legally acquired and are legal to sell.

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