The New Ink Painting from China at Michael Goedhuis

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  • October 21, 2010

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Liu Kuo-sung (b. 1932) Full Moon (E), 2008. Ink and color on paper 39.17 x 72.56 in (99.5 x 184.3 cm)
Michael Goedhuis

The New Ink Painting from China is an exhibition carefully selected by Michael Goedhuis to reflect some of the finest contemporary works currently available on the market. The exhibition of 30 contemporary ink paintings is the first comprehensive display of Chinese New Ink Painting ever held in Britain and will take place at 16 Bloomfield Terrace, London SW1W 8PG. Timed to coincide with the internationally celebrated event Asian Art in London (4-13 November 2010), the exhibition will run from Friday, 5 November to 3 December 2010.

Ten ground breaking artists from internationally recognized Liu Kuo-sung to the new generation of the avant-garde, Qin Feng, will each exhibit three works.  New Ink Painting is the genre poised to be China’s choice for the modern pictorial expression of Chinese civilization and as such is a must for collectors interested in this area. Michael Goedhuis was one of the first western dealers to enter the Chinese contemporary market. He identified artists previously unknown to the West such as Zhang Xiaogang, including one of his key works in the Estella collection which subsequently sold for $6million when the collection was offered at auction in 2008.These ten artists are Michael Goedhuis’ choice for where collectors and first time buyers, with an eye to the future, should now turn their attention. Prices range from $25,000 - $150,000.

Qin Feng (b. 1961) Desire. Landscape No.43, 2009 Ink and coffee on xuan paper 48.43 x 39.37 in (123 x 100 cm)
Michael Goedhuis

“The New Ink Painting is perhaps the boldest pictorial experiment in contemporary Chinese culture. Artists trained rigorously in the traditional brush and ink on paper painting tradition, which is still considered the foundation stone of Chinese civilization, have, in the past few years, broken away from the classical canon and are making works which are meaningful for and relevant to society in modern China”, comments Michael Goedhuis.

Of the established figures Liu Kuo-sung, the most famous of the Taiwanese artists, is exhibiting works from both of his major styles: Snow Capped Mountain which is an example of his pioneering abstract expressionist period and Full Moon which draws on his interest in the cool colour-field works of the 1970’s.

Li Jin from Beijing has recently appeared on the front cover of the publication on ink painting Chinese Ink Painting Now and is known for his humorous and gently satirical brush paintings celebrating the good life in simpler times.

Qin Feng from Beijing and Qiu Deshu in Shanghai are both artists who are exploring ways in which to incorporate a clear link with tradition both technically and through the subject matter, but with a pictorial treatment that connects with society today. This is particularly illustrated in Qin Feng’s Desire Landscape, 2005 and Qiu Deshu’s Mountainscape (red), 2005.

The exceptional variety in this field is illustrated in the broad range of works from Xu Lei, whose blue figurative paintings evoke surrealism to the tough calligraphic abstraction of Wang Dongling.

The artists exhibited are from China or Taiwan and include Li Jin, Qin Feng, Liu Kuo-sung, Qiu Deshu, Lo Ch’ing, Wang Dongling, Zeng Shanqing, Zeng Xiaojun, Yao Jui-chung and Yang Yanping.

Wei Ligang (b. 1964) Ye Fang Chui Xiao Ke, Chun Deng Mai Jiu Lou (On the way to the clarinetist in the night, I passed by a well-lit wine shop), 2010 Ink and acrylic on paper 96.46 x 48.43 in (245 x 123 cm) (a pair)
Michael Goedhuis

An illustrated catalogue of the exhibition is available.



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