Jonathan Prince brings “Elemental Matters” to the historic landscape at Chesterwood

  • STOCKBRIDGE, Massachusetts
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  • July 06, 2022

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Torus 340, CorTen / stainless steel, 162 x 144 x 96 in.
Property of the artist

Elemental Matters: The Sculpture of Jonathan Prince,” an outdoor exhibition of twelve of Prince’s large-scale and monumental artworks, will be on view from July 1- October 24, at Chesterwood, the former summer home and studio of sculptor Daniel Chester French in Stockbridge MA. French (1850-1931) is best known for his statue of Abraham Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.  

“The exhibition focuses on Prince’s most recent metal works, which are often mistaken for wood, stone or liquid,” says the exhibition curator Cassandra Sohn. “Though monumental in structure, rooted in perfect geometry and made of metal, his sculptures possess an innate vulnerability and are works of meditation both in process and concept. The cracks and breaks remind us of the fragility in nature and humanity and, in some sculptures, create a literal environment for self-reflection.” All of the sculpture in the exhibition is for sale, with a portion donated directly to Chesterwood to advance its mission to support contemporary artists.

Shatter I, II, III, CorTen and mirror polished marine grade stainless steel, 86 x 46 x 46 in.
Property of the artist

As part of the exhibition, Jonathan Prince is launching IOTA, his first work designed for the Metaverse and viewable in mobile augmented reality (AR). Embodying much of the characteristics of his physical sculptures, the work is a collaboration between Jonathan Prince/Berkshire House, emerging AR presentation platform Scavengar, and art technology consultancy MONSOLO. 

All of Jonathan Prince’s sculpture is for sale, with a portion donated directly to Chesterwood to advance its mission to support contemporary artists.

Rumination, CorTen steel, 144 x 16 x 16 in.
Property of the artist

About Jonathan Prince:

Born in New York City, Jonathan Prince is an American artist known for his monumental sculptures fabricated from steel and stone that explore the human connection between our inner and outer selves. Prince’s artworks are uniquely influenced by his background in science, technology and medicine. Having received a doctorate from Columbia University and founding various technology companies, he is also a holder of several scientific patents. Prince’s first museum show ‘The Hologlobe’ in 1996 at the Smithsonian Institution merged the worlds of art and technology and was funded by the National Science Foundation,  DARPA and NASA. At the heart of his sculptures, he strives to show the beauty that can exist in the breaks and that can emerge from chaos. Prince continuously pushes the boundaries of how materials can behave, as well as pushing the limits of what the human hand can accomplish.\

Jonathan Prince Studio

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