Tribal Art Takes Center Stage in New York City During 3rd Annual NYC Tribal Art Week™

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  • February 15, 2012

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NYC Tribal Art Week

A wealth of gallery exhibitions, auctions, and events focused on tribal art will take place from May 7 - 13, 2012 in New York City. A consortium of leading specialists offered traditional African, Asian, Oceanic, American and Asian works of art of the highest quality, including rare masterpieces as well as more affordable items. New York Tribal Art Week™ was created by gallery owner and publisher of Art Tribal-Les Arts Premiers Magazine, David Cassera. "Last year the excitement of the Sotheby's auction had everyone enthrawled, there was a great atmosphere everywhere. I had a vision two years ago when I created this event after Caskey Lees canceled their annual show. We are following the blueprints of New York's Asia Week. We are pleased with the progress we have made over the last few years bringing Tribal Art excitement back to the city where it all began."

Participating NYC Tribal Art Week Galleries Include:

Cassera Arts Premiers, Mark Eglinton Tribal Art, Brian Nault Tribal Art, Throckmorton Fine Art, Arte Primitivo - Howard S. Rose Gallery, Hemingway African Gallery, Turner Gallery, Bruce Frank Primitive Art, Reynold C. Kerr African Art, Tabwa Gallery, Alan Steele, David Zemanek, Howard Nowes, Chris Boylan, Fernandez Leventhal, Dave DeRoche, Cavin Morris Gallery, David Norden, Jacaranda Tribal, Patrick and Ondine Mestdagh, Gallerie J. Visser, Gallerie Flak, Neil Becker, Gail Martin Gallery, Claudia and John Menser, Earl Duncan, Michael Rhodes African Art, Bernard Dulon, John Giltsoff, Young Robertson African Art, Amyas Naegele Fine Art, James Stephenson African Art, Fily Keita African Art, Pace Primitive, Alaska on Madison, Nasser & Co., Galerie Schoffel - Valluet, John Molloy, David Bernstein.

Mezcala Stone Temple Models, Mexico, Guerrero, Mezcala, 500 B.C. - A.D. 100, from Throckmorton Fine Art

NYC Tribal Art Show: A New Addition to NYC Tribal Art Week

The NYC Tribal Art Show 2012, is a one of a kind event designed for collectors, dealers, curators and museum professionals to view, purchase and discuss traditional art objects from Africa, Oceania and the Americas (AOA). The NYC Tribal Art Show will take place at the Bohemian National Hall at the same time as major auctions at Sotheby's and Bonhams, as well as various AOA gallery exhibitions around New York City.

Historically, New Yorkers have been among the foremost collectors of AOA tribal art. New York politicians, artists, business leaders, professionals, fashion moguls and celebrities such as Helena Rubinstein, Nelson Rockefeller, Andy Warhol, John Friede, Armand Arman and Robert Mapplethorpe have solidified the international tribal art market rumored to now only exist in Paris.

The goal of the NYC Tribal Art Show during New York Tribal Art Week™ is to bring together those who share a common interest in the arts and to inspire a greater public knowledge of the cultural importance and artistic significance of non-western art forms. Local and visiting collectors and aficionados, as well as anyone interested in tribal art or simply wanting to learn about this fascinating art form are invited to attend and help bring back the excitement of AOA tribal art to it's original home in New York City.

Bohemian National Hall
321 E 73rd St  New York, NY 10021
(3 blocks from Sotheby's)

Regular Show Hours :
Friday 11th & Saturday 12th May

Sunday 13th May from


Sotheby's, Bonhams

Press Contact:
David Cassera
(888) 832-9285

David A Cassera
The New York Tribal Art Association, Inc
(888) 832-9285

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