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Jean-Antoine Watteau

Ely Bielutin's Birthday

Posted: June 09, 2017 17:58 Last Updated: | Regina Khidekel, PhD

"I became aware of the drawing technique of three chalks (à trois crayons), employed here by Watteau, when Ely Mikhailovich Bielutin (1925 - 2012) mentioned it to me in 1990. A Soviet Nonconformist who authored "Основы изобразительной грамоты" and co-authored "Педагогическая система Академии художеств XVIII века", among other books, he enjoyed sharing his knowledge with beginners like me. I never joined Bielutin's studio, The New Reality, preferring to study independently, but he guided some of my early artistic efforts." Dmitry Borshch Основы изобразительной грамоты ≈ Fundamentals of Vi...