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Pencil portrait titled "Gentile's Daughter" ...a colored pencil drawing on parchment paper.

Artist To Artist Interview...The why of becoming an artist

Posted: December 17, 2015 07:39 Last Updated: | Rex Stewart

For nearly fifty years, my mind and hands raced to create pieces that stirred the imagination of my viewers. It was never an accident that the skills I possessed were given to gloat over what I could or could not do; but to find clarity in this strange journey while creating subject matter that brought about the quest of -why? Every artist has a story or account relative to their existance. No two paths are alike. And yet, in the journey that's taken, there seem to be explosive egos that dictate the formalities of the creator. I found this to be perplexed during my early years because th...

Gallery25N – “Gallery A” is proud to present a group exhibition of recent work by ten international, contemporary artists.

Posted: April 27, 2015 18:46 Last Updated: | Edward Burke

G25N’s Online Exhibition in Gallery A Dreams are a window to an alternative reality. The works selected are the artists various interpretations from a fleeting memory of a dream to the haunting of a repeating dream. This fascinating exhibit allows us to see and feel their dreams while allowing the viewer to conjure their own experiences in dreams.   The artists featured in this exhibit are: Carol Collins - USA Cecilia Flaten - Chile Cedrick Nöt – France Donna Rossi - USA Dorothy Zhu - USA Josepha Gutelius - USA Nicholas Zalevsky - US...

MAYFLOWER II Miniature on cradle base

Miniature Collectibles - The Stewart Collection of Classic Ships

Posted: April 15, 2012 08:31 Last Updated: | Rex Stewart

It's evident on the collectible's circuit that miniature ship models have taken on a new perspective as an artform. In recent times it has been garnered the distinctive titleship as being a highend collectible under the auctioneer's hammer -and bidding participants who look upon these tiny gems, with awe and appreciation, anticipate ownership. These ship miniatures have been bought, sold, and appraised for hundreds (sometimes thousand of dollars) -attesting to the fact that these are, indeed, highly desirable art pieces. Ship models, or rather, the ship model has long been regarded in ...

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