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The Antique Helper staff, outside of Antique Helper Auctions, Indianapolis.  November, 2011

Sell It With A Flourish

Posted: January 12, 2012 12:05 Last Updated: | Antique Helper

Some folks like to do things in a big way.  They enjoy the spotlight, and blossom with a little extra attention.  We’re sort of that way, too, so we understand.  Even when it comes to selling an antique or collectible, we think it’s always more fun to make a splash.  Why do anything the conventional way when you can make it fun? Do you remember that Super Hero Auction we had last year?  We had national news coverage for that event, plus plenty of local headlines and spots on our local news networks.  Our own John discovered he looked good in...

"Portland Head Light is the quintessential Maine lighthouse and one the most photographed lighthouses in America.  How was I going to find a unique angle on a vertical canvas that captured its dramatic beauty? I started sketching this magnificent light in March but did not find the right composition until late August when the prominent shadows gave me the depth I was looking for.  To add further drama, I reduced the number of colors I was witnessing to green granite rocks, black shadows, and a c

An Ode to Lighthouses: Alan Claude's Travel Posters

Posted: August 06, 2009 10:13 Last Updated: | ArtfixDaily Staff

Graphic artist Alan Claude grew up in the shadow of a lighthouse, literally. On the shores of Biarritz, France, he and his older brother played day-long under a towering lighthouse while their mother worked. When the internet age allowed Claude to move his career to Maine, lighthouses again figured largely in his experience. He and his wife were married at sunrise at the diminutive Marshall Point Lighthouse in Port Clyde. This memorable event, as well as the inspiration of a coastline spotted with lighthouses, provoked Claude to create a series of bold illustrations of Maine’s most well...

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