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"Still Lives: Passages," 39’ 31”.  Hi-def video in framed LED TV.  2010 Inspired by Goya’s "Men Reading"

Susie Lee Continues to Evolve in Media and Influence

Released: April 26, 2011

ANNAPOLIS, MD, April 19, 2011—With 2011 showings in New York City, NY, Los Angeles, CA, Kirkland, WA, Denver, CO, Baltimore, MD, and Bologna, Italy, Susie Lee’s work continues to expand to an even greater audience. Her work continues to gain acclaim, as she was the winner of the Stranger Visual Art Genius Award in 2010 and was selected as one of the recipients of the Northwest Contemporary Art Award by the Portland Art Museum in 2011. Susie Lee’s use media continues to evolve, while maintaining a rich diversity evidence of the brilliant thinking that inspires her. Lee will be presenting ...

"Horse and House" by Anke Schofield

Miami Update from Myers Contemporary: Collectors are Buying

Released: December 04, 2010

To date, Myers Contemporary has sold works by four artists: Anke Schofield, David Kessler, Lisa Nankivil, and Michael Lucero. During this week's show, Schofield has learned that her collaborative works with Luis Garcia-Nerey, some of which are on display at Red Dot, will be shown in Amsterdam next year. Interest in George Dunbar is high, but the finishes and austere composition mean the attraction is not as immediate as some other imagery and requires more considered engagement. With so much art on display, many visitors are focusing on what initially catches their eye. Myers Cont...

Two Men Gazing

Myers Contemporary to Showcase Susie Lee in Miami

Released: November 22, 2010

 Myers Contemporary will be showcasing Susie Lee at Miami Arts Week. Susie Lee's video portraits "Still Lives" will be on view at the entrance to Red Dot Miami. Susie Lee has a strong background in both the sciences and the arts and brings a curious and adventurous mind to her art. With experience in media ranging from clay, paper, sand, water, light, burning twine, and Bach, Lee continues to poetically advance her work with an audacious sense of creative advenutre. Exploring the ever-fascinating portrait concept, Susie Lee captures minutes of time while commenting on historical...

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