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Shanta Mingel, Kawandi (Quilt), Cotton and Other Textiles, 2005-6.

Brilliant Colorful Quilts from Descendants Of Africa In India Adorn Galleries of The Davis Museum

Released: February 05, 2018

A unique tradition of artful quilt making is displayed in Soulful Stitching: Patchwork Quilts by Africans (Siddis) in India, an exhibition of patchwork kawandi at the Davis Museum at Wellesley College. The fourteen quilts in the exhibition were created by Siddi women of Karnataka, descendants of early African immigrants to South Asia and enslaved Africans brought to India’s west coast from the 16th-century. The exhibition will be on view in the Freedman Gallery from February 13 through June 10, 2018. While they have integrated many aspects of Indian cultures, Siddis have also retained an...

Cambridge Wildflower dolphin candlesticks.

Important collection of Cambridge glass in the Wildflower pattern will be auctioned August 19th

Released: August 04, 2017

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. – The lifetime single-owner collections of Kenneth and Joan Cole – a wide array of items, to include Cambridge glass in the Wildflower pattern, 100+ cake plates, crystal and cut glass compotes, hand-painted china, quilts and more – will be sold on-site, Saturday, August 19th, at the Coles’ residence in the Woodlawn subdivision, at 423 Bayshore.   In addition to the abovementioned items, the collections also include fabrics and fine linens from different countries, teapots, sterling silver, dolls, cookbooks and needlepoint books and yarns. Also being sold is a Ci...

This oil on canvas river landscape after Cornelius Ver Bryck (New York, 1813-1844) was from the collection of Judith & James Miller, Alexandria, VA and sold for $46,800.

Ver Bryck Landscape Top Lot at Garth's May Auction

Released: June 03, 2015

On Friday, May 15th, Garth's Auctioneers & Appraisers hosted the Early American Auction of furniture & decorative accessories including the 9th Annual Ohio Valley session. On a beautiful Ohio spring day when it’s tough to be inside, Garth’s historic barn held a packed house and the phone lines and internet were all abuzz. Bidders were willing to give up the sunshine for a chance to bid on a fine selection of Americana. Richard “Jeff” Jeffers, CEO of Garth’s noted, “Friday’s auction saw a large, interested, and attentive crowd with strong bidding on material like...

Double Cornucopia hooked rug, a brilliantly colored, finely hooked example from Maine

AUTUMN IN NEW YORK IN COLOR: FISHER HERITAGE Gathers a Seasonal Bounty in Antique Textiles

Released: September 18, 2014

Autumn in New York comes in vivid color in all our new parks and now at Laura Fisher’s FISHER HERITAGE gallery in Chelsea. The colors that emerge in the landscape as the season changes can be yours year round if you add 19th century antique quilts, hooked rugs, and coverlets to your design mix. The bronzes, russets, golds and earth tones of the season were prevalent in cotton and wool fabrics of the last half of the 19th century both for home and for self. In quilt making especially from the 1860s on, the palette out the window by September become a favored palette, and a way to help de...

Faith Ringgold, Coming to Jones Road Part II #4 Aunt Emmy and Uncle Tate, 2010 Acrylic on Canvas, 55 x 35 1/2

Noted African American Women Artists to Exhibit at the Mattatuck Museum

Released: March 14, 2014

Stories and Journeys: The Art of Faith Ringgold and Aminah Robinson The Mattatuck Museum announces the opening reception for Stories and Journeys: The Art of Faith Ringgold and Aminah Robinson on Sunday, March 30, 2014 from 2:00-4:00 p.m. Faith Ringgold’s narrative driven work is perfectly paired with that of Aminah Robinson in this spring exhibition on view March 30 – June 8, 2014 at the Mattatuck. Ringgold and Robinson have been close friends since meeting in 1988 and their apparent commonalities inspired the pairing. They are African-American, feminists, both making art associated...

Corners Log Cabin pattern in terracotta, wine, sand and rose shades.


Released: April 04, 2012

 TANGERINE TANGO, TERRACOTTA ROSE ARE AT FISHER HERITAGE NOW. The two beautiful shades declared the colors of 2012 – Tangerine Tango and Terracotta Rose – have been incorporated by quilt makers, rug hookers and coverlet weavers into their handwork since the late 1800s. They can accent your home or office right this minute through a call or visit to NYC gallery FISHER HERITAGE, where antiques dealer Laura Fisher has pulled together a varied group of vibrant textiles that emphasize these rich colors.   Fisher specializes in finding the eye catching and the uncommon i...

Double Hexagon Quilt from FISHER HERITAGE.


Released: January 26, 2012

Some incredible quilts pieced with thousands of hexagons from the inventory of Laura Fisher’s FISHER HERITAGE in NYC have been chosen for the exhibition: 'Hexagon, Eternal Piece' at the Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival on view through January 28, 2012. The exhibit displays antique American quilts and also new quilts by Japanese artists that incorporate the hexagon shape. Fisher has provided classic masterworks like a complex Grandmother’s Flower Garden Six Point Star variation, Mosaic and Honeycomb designs, and some unique examples like a Spider’s Web and Diamond Mosaic. H...

‘TARGETS’ VINTAGE PIECED QUILT- circles of folded layered triangles resembling a Sonia Delauney.

The Modern Art of Antique Quilts - A Fisher Heritage Specialty; at Hayes Fine Arts Building During Americana Weeks

Released: January 09, 2012

  “Visual impact, design, sculptural quality, and fabrics are characteristics of antique quilts that guide collecting today,” according to NYC Americana dealer Laura Fisher. Design-astute individuals view quilts as art, not simply craft. They especially seek examples of innovative design and compositional vitality that resemble modern art but are pieced together of fabric, not painted on canvas. Quilts’ historical context is a bonus but not the sole reason to collect anymore, because they step up the impact of any interior. Graphic quilts are the focus of a special collection as...

A SILK ‘’CONTAINED CRAZY’ BARN RAISING VARIATION with lavish embroidery from Fisher Heritage.

A Soft Touch to Welcome the New Year: Fisher Heritage Offers Elegant Silk, Velvet 'Show' Quilts

Released: December 28, 2011

  To herald the advent of a new and hopefully peaceful year, treat your senses to a luxurious antique silk or velvet quilt from the special collection at Laura Fisher’s FISHER HERITAGE, 305 East 61st Street, 5th Floor in the Hayes Fine Arts Building. “A jewel tone, intricately pieced antique quilt offers a tactile and visual experience as well as an historic context,” Fisher reports. Thanks to the increasing wealth and urbanity of a growing American middle class in the late 19th century, velvet and silk materials were available to fashion into decorative ‘show’ quilts. Because f...

Aunt Eliza's Star quilt from Fisher Heritage.

We've Got You Covered....Classic Quilts Express Holidays and Home

Released: December 05, 2011

  When you think of a home decorated for the holiday season, an antique quilt is often central to the room setting. Displaying such an heirloom – whether from one’s family or  a store-bought antique – is a simple decorative gesture, yet it speaks volumes. It expresses a sense of continuity, of home, family, and tradition, its hand-made beauty a memorable visual accent. FISHER HERITAGE, acclaimed for its one of a kind, out of the ordinary selections especially in antique quilts and in hooked rugs, also carries the best of the classics for traditionalist clients. Featured ...

Straight Furrow Quilt from FISHER HERITAGE.


Released: November 18, 2011

  Before there was computer technology to figure out iterations of pattern, 19th century quilt makers fiddled with narrow strips of light and dark toned fabrics to create intriguing optical illusions of a design known by the umbrella term LOG CABIN QUILT.  A favorite graphic of NYC Americana dealer Laura Fisher, a collection of them is presented throughout the winter season at her gallery FISHER HERITAGE, 305 East 61st Street. Hours are usually Monday through Friday from 11 to 4 daily or by appointment. Popular variations include the BARN RAISING, LIGHT AND DARK, WINDMIL...

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Streak of Lightning quilt from Fisher Heritage.

Got Zigzag Fever? Fisher Heritage Offers Quilts, Hooked Rugs Abuzz with Zigzags

Released: October 13, 2011

If the fervor over the zigzag pattern in the sold-out Missoni for Target collection has made you eager to add visual excitement to your décor, consider the zigzag in antique quilts and hooked rugs at NYC’s FISHER HERITAGE. Owner Laura Fisher so enjoys the dynamic pattern that it is always found in her vast range of pieced quilts dating from the early 19th to the mid 20th century, and in geometric hooked rugs. Whether the quilts contain just two colors or a multitude of printed cottons, the impact is brilliantly graphic, as it is in hooked rugs that combine variegated wool strips that an...

United States Eagle Flag with fringe from Fisher Heritage.

Display Antique American Flag Textiles Year-Round

Released: September 08, 2011

Saying “The American flag is and has always been a powerful symbol of the resilient and indestructible American spirit and of the values that unite us as a people,” U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer this week urged people across the United States to prominently display an American flag, as “a fitting tribute to those we lost on 9/11” that “will make good on our promise to never forget …and will send a powerful message of ongoing national unity and resolve…From Betsy Ross to Iwo Jima to Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon, the America flag is a demonstration of pride and strength for our...

Roman Stripe quilt from Laura Fisher.

SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING BLUE… Antique Blue Textiles as Wedding Gifts at FISHER HERITAGE

Released: June 08, 2011

June brides and grooms, or grooms and grooms, or brides and brides will cherish an antique textile emphasizing the color blue that NYC Americana dealer Laura Fisher has collected in anticipation of the wedding season.  At her midtown NYC gallery FISHER HERITAGE, this perennial favorite color ranges in hue from the deepest indigo to the gentlest weathered denim-y blue. It appears in antique American quilts, in hand woven American wool coverlets and blankets, and also in select Japanese and African textiles dyed with indigo. Any of these could make a unique, memorable, heirloom gift....

Sailor's Commonwealth Travels Pieced Quilt.


Released: April 18, 2011

  Looking for that special gift for the soon-to-be-wed British couple? How about a superlative, sailor-made masterpiece made of wool uniforms that depicts the seasons and the countries of the British Commonwealth to which he traveled? Or perhaps give them  the classic American quilt - the Double Wedding Ring – either a bold example in multicolor solids on black wool, or a traditional one of 1930s pastel printed cotton that typifies this design? NYC antiques dealer Laura Fisher has many relevant antique textiles that would make a meaningful gift for Wills and Kate, or for other...

Compass quilt from Laura Fisher's FISHER HERITAGE, New York.


Released: March 07, 2011

Fired up by the forthcoming exhibition from the American Folk Art Museum of  one collector’s red and white quilts called INFINITE VARIETY,  in further celebration of the color red and quilt art, NYC American antiques dealer Laura Fisher is offering a diverse collection of red and white quilts at her gallery throughout the Spring. At the 67th Street (Park Avenue) Armory from March 25 -31 will be 650 (yup, amazing!) quilts in solid red and white literally hanging from the rafters like nothing ever seen before! Up for only a week, and  FREE to the public, lovers...

HOLLY HOCKS QUILT by Eva G.  Rex (dates unknown) United States.  Dated 1944.  Cotton 96 x 81".  American Folk Art Museum, New York, gift of Cyril Irwin Nelson, 2004.14.5.


Released: January 06, 2011

The American Folk Art Museum will welcome the New Year with warmth and comfort as it spotlights a time-honored art form―American quilting.  The American quilt is but one element of the museum’s extraordinary collection devoted to folk art dating from the 18th century to the present. To celebrate the museum’s commitment to the appreciation of traditional folk art and the creative expressions of contemporary self-taught artists, NYC & Company, the City’s official marketing and tourism organization, has named the American Folk Art Museum the Culture Spot for January. As part of the C...

Persian blue medallion with floral embroidery crazy quilt.


Released: December 14, 2010

To herald the advent of the new (and hopefully peaceful) year, treat your senses to a luxurious antique velvet or silk quilt from Laura Fisher at the FISHER HERITAGE gallery, 305 East 61st Street, 5th Floor (Hayes Fine Arts Building) through the end of February. “A jewel tone, intricately pieced velvet or silk quilt from America’s past offers both a visual and tactile experience as well as an historic connection,” Fisher recommends. The luxury materials that became decorative, not utilitarian, quilts were wildly fashionable in the late 19th century thanks to the increasing wealth and ur...

"Eye Dazzler"


Released: October 26, 2010

New York City antiques dealer Laura Fisher will present visually distinctive antique quilts pieced from menswear suiting in an autumn exhibition and sale “MALE ENHANCEMENTS:  Suit-able Quilts." The collection pays homage to the design inventiveness of quilters who turned woolen menswear fabrics into powerful American textile folk art. They will be available at FISHER HERITAGE, 305 East 61st St, 5th Floor (the Hayes Warehouse), October 11 - December 31, 2010; Monday-Friday, 11:00 am - 4:00 pm. "This year both in fashion and home furnishings, menswear is suddenly 'hot" say editors wh...

Log Cabin Quilt, 1990, by Polly Raymond of Gee's Bend, AL, graces the Parlor Bedroom's mahogany four-poster bed as part of the Community Threads quilting exhibition at Hill-Stead Museum, on view through March 28, 2010.  Photo by Ben Jordan.

Hill-Stead Museum Extends Gee’s Bend Quilt Exhibition Through March 28, 2010

Released: March 04, 2010

  Hill-Stead Museum is pleased to announce that its special exhibition of Gee’s Bend and other historic and contemporary quilts, the museum’s first loan exhibition, has been extended a full month, through March 28. The exhibition is a component of Hartford’s Community Health Services’ Community Threads project, a city-wide celebration of arts, community, and the history and culture of quilting.   Throughout the 20th century, women in the small rural village of Gee’s Bend, Alabama, made quilts as labors of love and necessity, eventually attaining economic fr...

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