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Barbara Chase-Riboud with “The Albino” (aka “All That Rises Must Converge/Black”), 1972, bronze with black patina, silk, wool, linen, and synthetic fibers, 138" x 137" x 30" / 350.5 x 348.0 x 76.2 cm

MoMA Acquires Monumental Sculpture by Barbara Chase-Riboud

Released: October 31, 2017

(New York—October 31, 2017) Michael Rosenfeld Gallery is proud to announce that the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York has acquired the Barbara Chase-Riboud sculpture The Albino (aka All That Rises Must Converge/Black), 1972. This major acquisition coincides with her current solo exhibition Barbara Chase-Riboud—Malcolm X: Complete (now on view thru Saturday, November 4, 2017) at Michael Rosenfeld Gallery.  The Albino (1972) joins several other works by Chase-Riboud already in MoMA’s collection: an early woodcut, Reba, purchased for the museum by curator William Lieberman in 1955 and t...

Barbara Chase-Riboud (b.1939), "Malcolm X #17," 2016, polished bronze and silk, 92" x 41" x 36" / 233.7 x 104.1 x 91.4 cm

Barbara Chase-Riboud – Malcolm X: Complete

Released: August 31, 2017

Michael Rosenfeld Gallery (New York) proudly presents Barbara Chase-Riboud—Malcolm X: Complete, an exhibition celebrating her now complete series of monumental bronze and fiber sculptures that the artist has created over the last half-century in honor of the slain human rights leader. The exhibition, her second large-scale solo show at the gallery, will be accompanied by a fully illustrated color catalogue featuring a recent interview with the artist by Carlos Basualdo, the Keith L. and Katherine Sachs Curator of Contemporary Art at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. “Suddenly there was a c...

Women’s Liberation Parade on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, August 1971

The Time Is N♀w

Released: June 22, 2017

Michael Rosenfeld Gallery presents The Time Is Now, a group exhibition featuring thirty-two artists whose work the gallery has consistently championed for three decades through thematic group exhibitions as well as multiple solo shows. The exhibition, which takes its title from a protest sign captured by Bettmann on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan during the Women’s Liberation Parade in August 1971, is curated to complement and expand on Making Space: Women Artists & Postwar Abstraction currently on view at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA, New York). The Time Is Now features artists who rep...

Hannelore Baron, c.1985

Michael Rosenfeld Gallery to Represent the Estate of Hannelore Baron

Released: June 22, 2017

(New York—June 22, 2017) Michael Rosenfeld Gallery proudly announces its exclusive representation of the Estate of Hannelore Baron (1926-1987). The gallery has long been an energetic champion of Baron, including her work in such group thematic shows as Fiber & Form: The Woman’s Legacy (1996), [un]common threads (2008) and most recently, Collage: Made in America (2017).  Her work is currently featured in the gallery’s summer exhibition The Time Is Now (June 17–August 4). The gallery was eager to partner with the Baron Estate not only because of the artist’s superlative talent, but als...

Barbara Chase-Riboud (b.1939), “Matisse's Back in Twins,” 1967/1994, polished bronze and silk on painted steel base, 75 1/4" x 39" x 18" / 191.1 x 99.1 x 45.7 cm

Barbara Chase-Riboud: The 1960s and 1970s @ Frieze New York

Released: April 27, 2017

Michael Rosenfeld Gallery @ Frieze New York Barbara Chase-Riboud: The 1960s and 1970s Spotlight Stand D31 Randall’s Island Park May 5-7, 2017 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (April 22, 2017 – New York) Michael Rosenfeld Gallery will present a spotlight position for Barbara Chase-Riboud (American, b.1939) at Frieze New York, concentrating on works from the 1960s and 1970s. The exhibition will include a selection of sculpture and drawings; most works to be featured have never been exhibited in the United States. American-born, European-based author, poet, and sculptor Barbara Chase-Rib...

William T.  Williams (b.1942), "Things Unknown," 1988-2003, acrylic on canvas, 65" x 28 1/2" / 165.1 x 72.4 cm, signed and dated

William T. Williams: Things Unknown, Paintings, 1968-2017

Released: March 22, 2017

Michael Rosenfeld Gallery is pleased to present its first solo exhibition for abstract painter William T. Williams (American, b.1942). Things Unknown, Paintings, 1968-2017 is scheduled to be on view from April 7 through June 3, 2017. The exhibition has been curated to present an overview of the artist’s most major painting series. Twenty-eight paintings will be included, starting with his late-1960s bold geometric abstractions like Harlem Angels (1968) to recent gold metallic fields with lyrical lines like Evidence (2016). For five decades, Williams has been committed to an abstraction tha...

William T.  Williams with "Page One" (Blue Line Series), in 2010.  Photograph by Nodeth Vang, New York City.

Michael Rosenfeld Gallery to Represent William T. Williams

Released: November 22, 2016

“One of the things I remember most is ... people asking me … ‘Why are you making abstraction? It’s not African American art.’ And I would always say, “Well … you tell me what it should look like. Jazz is the most abstract of all music. Music is totally abstract. How can you not say there’s a tradition of abstraction?’ I would talk about quilts, point out that the geometry of quilts is certainly coming out of abstraction. There is this rich tradition; all you have to do is see it and to use it.”                     —William T. Williams (New York—November 22, 2016) Michael Rosenfeld Gall...

Benny Andrews (1930-2006), Sexism Study #15, 1973, oil on linen, 27 1/2" x 25", signed and dated

Benny Andrews: The Bicentennial Series

Released: October 29, 2016

(New York-October 28, 2016) To coincide with the presidential election, Michael Rosenfeld Gallery presents Benny Andrews: The Bicentennial Series – the gallery’s second solo exhibition featuring the work of Benny Andrews (American, 1930-2006). This exhibition will consist of paintings and drawings from all six individual subseries – Symbols, Trash, Circle, Sexism, War and Utopia - which in their totality comprise The Bicentennial Series. Completed between 1970 to 1975, The Bicentennial Series was conceived to reveal one Black Americans view of the United States at a time when the country...

Theodore Roszak (1907-1981), Untitled, 1979, graphite on paper, 60" x 47 1/2" / 152.4 x 120.7 cm, signed and dated

Theodore Roszak: Propulsive Transfiguration, A Survey of Drawings from 1928 to 1980

Released: March 16, 2016

Theodore Roszak: Propulsive Transfiguration A Survey of Drawings from 1928 to 1980 March 25 - May 14, 2016 Preview Event Thursday, March 24 5:00-6:00 PM: A Conversation with the artist’s daughter Sara Roszak and Robert Slifkin, Associate Professor at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University Reception to follow 6:00-8:00 PM “Every beginning requires of me a new orientation, since at this point little is actually known and less is formally categorized—yet within this amorphous area of emotional experience, one’s perceptions and sensibilities stir anew and make unknown a...

Michael Rosenfeld Gallery at Art Basel Miami Beach 2015: Norman Lewis in the Spotlight

Released: November 24, 2015

Michael Rosenfeld Gallery will feature the work of Norman Lewis in our forthcoming 2015 Art Basel Miami Beach Booth (#K4).   Known for his calligraphic compositions often in procession, Norman Lewis (American, 1909-1979) was a vital member of the first generation of abstract expressionists. He was the sole African American artist of his generation who became committed to issues of abstraction at the start of his career and continued to explore them throughout his lifetime. Lewis’ art derived energy from his vast interests in music – both classical and jazz - as well as nature, ancient ...

Stefan Banz, author of Eilshemius: Peer of Poet-Painters


Released: September 26, 2015

BOOKSIGNING / LECTURE / RECEPTION Please join Michael Rosenfeld Gallery and KMD – Kunsthalle Marcel Duchamp | The Forestay Museum of Art to celebrate Louis M. Eilshemius Saturday, September 26, 2015 4:00 Reception 4:30 Lecture by author Stefan Banz 5:15 Booksigning (New York – September 9, 2015) Michael Rosenfeld Gallery is pleased to host a lecture and booksigning reception on Saturday, September 26 with author Stefan Banz. The event is in celebration of the new publication Eilshemius: Peer of Poet-Painters, published by KMD – Kunsthalle Marcel Duchamp | The Forestay ...

Alma Thomas (1891-1978), Untitled, c.1968, oil on canvas, 35 ¾” x 37 5/8”

Alma Thomas: Moving Heaven & Earth, Paintings and Works on Paper, 1958-1978

Released: March 13, 2015

March 20 - May 16, 2015 Opening Reception: Thursday, March 19, 2015 / 6-8pm “The use of color in my paintings is of paramount importance to me. Through color I have sought to concentrate on beauty and happiness, rather than on man’s inhumanity to man.”                                                        &nbs...

Michael Goldberg (1924-2007), Untitled (2/05-S), 2005, oil and oil stick on canvas, 78" x 73 7/8", signed and dated

Michael Goldberg: Making His Mark, Paintings and Drawings, 1985-2005

Released: January 07, 2015

One Show, Two Cities:   Michael Rosenfeld Gallery, New York, NY: January 17–March 14, 2015 Manny Silverman Gallery, Los Angeles, CA: February 21–April 18, 2015 Opening Reception at Michael Rosenfeld Gallery: Friday, January 16th / 6:00-8:00pm (New York—January 7, 2015) Michael Rosenfeld Gallery is pleased to present Michael Goldberg: Making His Mark, Paintings & Drawings, 1985-2005, a single exhibition of paintings and works on paper running simultaneously in New York and Los Angeles. Spanning the last two decades of the artist’s career, the exhibition is the joi...

 Barbara Chase-Riboud (b.1939), Tantra #4, 2007, polished bronze and silk, 78 1/2" x 47 1/2" x 27 3/4"

Michael Rosenfeld Gallery to Represent Barbara Chase-Riboud

Released: October 15, 2014

“I love silk, and it's one of the strongest materials in the world and lasts as long as the bronze. So it's not a weak material vs. a strong material so the transformation that happens in the steles is not between two unequal things but two equal things that interact and transform each other.” —Barbara Chase-Riboud (New York—September 30, 2014) Michael Rosenfeld Gallery proudly announces our representation of Barbara Chase-Riboud, the American-born, European-based author, poet, and artist whose work in all genres engages with the processes of transformation. To mark this occasion,...

Nancy Grossman (b.1940), For David Smith, 1965, leather, metal, rubber, fabric and paint assemblage, 85" x 85" x 4 3/4", signed and dated

Nancy Grossman: The Edge of Always, Constructions from the 1960s

Released: May 06, 2014

Opening reception with the artist: Friday, May 9, 5:00-7:00PM “[In 1960] I underwent an internal revolution. I no longer felt that I had to please. . .but knew that I could express myself. I did that through human figures. They were falling from the sky as if falling from grace. . .or were suspended in fetal positions. I also fell—out of my harness of familial expectations. . .I fell out of the bondage of being the oldest child with so much responsibility. . .In between the womb and tomb was fierce strife and anxiety. Any figure not in the fetal position or buried was striving.” &n...

Alma Thomas (1891-1978) Lunar Rendezvous-Circle of Flowers, 1969 oil on canvas 50" x 48", signed and dated

Beyond the Spectrum: Abstraction in African American Art, 1950-1975

Released: January 08, 2014

“I think all art is abstract . . . the earliest art of human beings was figurative and abstract. Period. So there was never a time that human beings didn’t deal with both modes. To conceive of something from the world you experience, and then create or recreate based on it, is an abstract process anyway.”­                                                                             - Melvin Edwards “R...

1955, Photograph by Marvin P.  Lazarus

Michael Rosenfeld Gallery to Represent the Estate of Michael Goldberg

Released: July 08, 2013

(New York—July 8, 2013) Michael Rosenfeld Gallery proudly announces its representation of Michael Goldberg (American, 1924-2007). Michael Rosenfeld Gallery has been an energetic champion of the abstract expressionist and the Michael Goldberg Estate is a welcomed addition to the family of artists represented by the gallery. Described by nearly everyone who knew him as “larger than life,” Michael Goldberg was a vital presence in the history of American art, with a career that spanned five decades. Labeled a “second generation abstract expressionist” early on with Alfred Leslie, Joan Mi...

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