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Fine Art Daily, May 6, 2011

Posted: May 06, 2011 06:35 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

May 6, 2011 Monty here. POW is MIA. Actually, he is on walkabout Stateside, so Jean asked me to step in again. I am upstairs, as you can see. HM and I are having a Royal Taste Test: Jean's tasty, buttery, crumbly sweetum Shortbread Bikkies vs. POW's Duchy Original Organic Shortbread. (Just because Camilla went on Eastenders and shilled for him does not mean they are a tasty bikky...) We even had to send a lady-in-waiting out to Waitrose to buy a packet of the Duchy Originals - wouldn't you think there would be some in the kitchen? Cook was very obliging and outdid herself, we think,...

Fine Art Daily, Buckingham Palace, corgi

Fine Art Daily, April 25, 2011

Posted: April 25, 2011 05:18 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

April 25, 2011 Good morning from London! This is the big week when Wills and Kate get married, and I will be filling you in with my wonderful behind-the-scenes (under-the-table, more accurately) insights. The security around Buck House has been tightened, and there are more policemen walking the drafty halls, which means extra biscuit crumbs and the occasional crust from a sandwich coming my way. HM has been trying out some new shoes. DofE is having a new uniform made. Kate, who has lovely ankles, comes for tea often, and is trying to befriend us. She is learning the value of fish ...

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