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Fine Art Daily, The Fresh Market, Pammelo grapefruit

Fine Art Daily - November 17, 2010

Posted: November 17, 2010 05:06 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

November 17, 2010 I am going to continue to campaign that The Fresh Market move to Stuart, into the space formerly occupied by Stuart Fine Foods and more recently by Milam's. Because we need to be exposed to the finer things of life. Who knew that grapefruit could grow to the size of basketballs? Look at these Pummelo Grapefruit! Don't you think your life would be richer if you had a neighborhood grocery store where you could amble through the produce department, harvesting cranberries from a miniature bog, and then practice your free throw with the Pummelos? The possibilities are...

Cranberry bog at The Fresh Market

Fine Art Daily - November 16, 2010

Posted: November 16, 2010 04:51 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

Best Beloved remarked as we paused to look at this display at The Fresh Market that, "Presentation is everything." Exactly. Why buy those cans of cranberry jelly for your Thanksgiving feast when you can zip up to Vero Beach and harvest your cranberries from a small bog? Back in day, when we were living in North Carolina, I did the illustrations for The Fresh Market's weekly ads. It's nice that they have made inroads in Florida, although the hour-longdrive to Vero is a bit of a stretch for cranberries. Would someone tell them about the empty Stuart Fine Foods/Milam's store space? Then we co...

Fine Art Daily, Ladbroke Grove, red door, Caroline DeCamp Benn

Fine Art Daily - November 15, 2010

Posted: November 15, 2010 05:01 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

November 15, 2010 It's Guy Fawkes Day! Here is a nice, cold, wet and rainy London day for you to enjoy. It happens to be the house in Ladbroke Grove where Caroling DeCamp Benn Lived and worked from 1932 - 2000. ( I was more taken by the gleaming red paint on the door, that was reflected back in the wet pavement. Please visit to find out how you can contribute your recycling materials to the important upcoming EcoArt project! All those empty wine bottles and pizza boxes you don't want the neighbors to see? They can become art!

Turkey for placecard

Fine Art Daily - November 10, 2010

Posted: November 10, 2010 05:47 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

November 10, 2010 Here is a Thanksgiving craft for you! Place cards which will set the tone for your Thanksgiving meal. Print the PDF on card stock, cut out on the dotted lines, fold, inscribe with your best penmanship and arrange judiciously. Gobble-gobble! (If you are reading this on line and want the PDF, email me at

Fine Art Daily, cranberry jelly

Fine Art Daily - November 9, 2010

Posted: November 09, 2010 05:11 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

November 9, 2010 This is not verisimilitude. This is food that has been styled. Cranberry jelly is another one of the last minute items thrown onto the Thanksgiving table just as I am peeling my fingerprints from the roasting pan in my annual attempt at mastering gravy prep. Perhaps I will add it to the Tall One's responsibilities this year - although I wouldn't want to interrupt the flow of his mashed potato concentration. Once he grasped the concept that cream makes all the difference in the mashing process he has gone to town with the potatoes - which are surely more important t...

Fine Art Daily, green beans

Fine Art Daily - November 8, 2010

Posted: November 08, 2010 05:46 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

November 8, 2010 Here are green beans in an almost natural state - before those Thanksgiving cooks get their anxious little hands on them and boil them down to a gray, congealing mass, covered with canned mushroom soup and French's fried onions. When I do remember the green beans (there have been a couple of Thanksgivings when the Beaujolais Nouveau caught up with me) I try to cook them in a flash; steamed for just a couple of minutes, before slipping them into a Revere bowl, when they are a bright spring green and crisp as an apple. If someone offers to bring the green beans to y...

Chocolate Pie á la Ken

Fine Art Daily - November 5, 2010

Posted: November 05, 2010 05:54 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

t's Food Friday! We have to keep it simple today since some of the Gentle Readers will be gearing up for the scrum at the H&M opening in Palm Beach. (Charles and Camilla are going,too. I'm on deadline, so I hope they bring me something nice!) I have raised a family of renegades. They do not like pumpkin pie. They do not like pecan pie. They do not like apple pie. At birthdays they demand Boston Cream Pie, and at Thanksgiving they expect Chocolate Pudding Pie á la Ken. It is a secret family recipe, rather like Rice Krispies Treats. Be sure to sigh, and dust yourself with flour...

Fine Art Daily, fish knife

Fine Art Daily - November 4, 2010

Posted: November 04, 2010 05:30 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

November 4, 2010 While I pursue the Thanksgiving theme I was struck by an odd coincidence. We have a collection of odd sterling - wedding gifts, hand-me-downs, thrift shop treasures and eBay bargains. We have pickle forks (very handy at Thanksgiving), cake forks, ice cream forks, cruets, ladles, salt bowls, punch bowls - a vast compendium of serving implements from another time. Lady Marjorie would perhaps smile sadly at the assortment of napkin rings - which I hasten to assure her I only use for the most ceremonious occasions. She thought napkin rings were so middle class - clearl...

Thanksgiving pickles

Fine Art Daily - November 3, 2010

Posted: November 03, 2010 04:39 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

November 3, 2010 Maria von Trapp can have all the brown paper packages she wants - one of my favorite things is a nice, 1950's-style bowl of pickles on the table at Thanksgiving. And while I suppose we could have a bowl of them any other night during the year,it seems more Thanksgiving-y to set out a little dish amid the clamor and chaos that is our family celebration. Along with the celery bowl and the olives, the cranberry jelly replete with the striped indentations of the tin, the gravy boat and the beans that have almost been forgotten, again. I saw a kingfisher sitting on the ...

Fine Art Daily, cupcakes

Fine Art Daily - November 2, 2010

Posted: November 02, 2010 05:54 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

November 2, 2010 I was thinking about Thanksgivings we have celebrated, and naturally, remember the year the Pouting Princess and I were in London. Generally we are not sweets-driven, and are lured instead to salty snacks. But we kept finding ourselves with our stubby little noses pressed up flat against the shiny windows of cupcake shops and pastry shops and bakeries and pâtisseries, where there were always throngs of happy people taking away wee parcels of confection. Visit me on Facebook: Fine Art Daily

Counting down to Thanksgiving

Fine Art Daily - November 1, 2010

Posted: November 01, 2010 05:48 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

November 1, 2010 Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, tibbar, tibbar, tibbar. Have I got it right now, Meems? And now the countdown to Thanksgiving has begun. Although I suspect that some of my Gentle Readers are more interested in the H&M opening in Palm Beach on Friday... It is time to assess the china and silver, and see how many emergency trips we will need to make to Williams-Sonoma (which happens to be in the same mall as the new H&M). The gravy boat is fine, but one of the big, ancestral blue and white platters has sprung a big crack. Might have to wander south to acquire anothe...

Bell Island, Rowayton, CT

Fine Art Daily - October 20, 2010

Posted: October 20, 2010 06:01 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

Isn't this charming? A simple, seasonal display of small pumpkins on a porch on Bell Island in Rowayton. Clapboard, chrysanthemums, tousled autumn grasses and a white porch. There was another house on Rowayton Avenue that had at least a dozen similarly-sized pumpkins placed all along the stone wall that edged the front yard. I thought that I could have that look here in Florida. I bought 3 wee pumpkins and arranged them on the little bench in our front yard (I would say front garden, but right now the weeds outnumber the flowers). I have also artfully arranged some Indian Corn on t...

Rowayton, October

Fine Art Daily - October 19, 2010

Posted: October 19, 2010 04:35 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

October 19, 2010 The leaves hadn't all turned when I was in Connecticut last week, but there were glowing patches of golden radiance as we zipped around with Henry Clay, who had many appointments to keep. And then I kept getting turned around, ending up in New Canaan twice. Getting lost is an excellent way to see the sights! Visit Fine Art Daily and The Chestertown Spy to read more!

Henry Clay - October 2010

Fine Art Daily - October 18, 2010

Posted: October 18, 2010 05:11 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

October 18, 2010 This is my new friend, Henry Clay. I was visiting Connecticut last week, and spent some time hanging in the dog park with Henry and his many energetic friends. We rambled around the fenced area, chasing tennis balls, sizing up our companions and their humans. The original 101 Dalmatians got that right. Everyone did have a slight family resemblance - except for the crazily marked Australian shepherd, with his bright blue eyes and wild ocelot spotting. His human was calm and quietly funny. Henry was always very swift, shot from canons, in the beautiful sunny and gold...

One Corner of the Chihuly Ceiling at the Norton Museum

Fine Art Daily - September 30, 2010

Posted: September 30, 2010 04:31 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

September 30, 2010 Here is my interpretation of a tiny corner of the Chihuly Ceiling at the Norton Museum in nearby West Palm Beach. You need to abandon your inhibitions and throw your head back to marvel at the bold colors and myriad shapes and layers and his sheer audacity. You are under the sea, awash with the sound of a waterfall, marveling at his ingenuity, abandoning the conceit that art is flat, rectilinear and on a wall. And now you need to go see it for yourself! The Norton Museum. Visit Fine Art Daily to read more, and The Chestertown Spy to see my latest illos.

Chagall at the Norton Museum

Fine Art Daily - September 29, 2010

Posted: September 29, 2010 05:18 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

September 29, 2010 As much as I enjoyed the visiting Van Gogh on Free Museum Day I was also giddy with our old friends in the Norton Museum's permanent collection. This is a humble little homage to the real Chagall Anniversary Flowers, which he painted when his dear wife died. His pain is palpable in this exquisite, shimmering canvas. And imagine this, you can find just around the corner, any day of the week. Amazing. And I haven't even begun to wax poetical about the Chihuly Ceiling! The Norton Museum. To read more, stop by Fine Art Daily. And to see new illos, visit The Chester...

Visiting Van Gogh - at the Norton Museum

Fine Art Daily - September 27, 2010

Posted: September 27, 2010 05:25 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

September 27, 2010 Did you take advantage of the Smithsonian's Free Museum Day? I sure did. I mooched around the Norton Museum in West Palm Beach for a couple of hours, brushing shoulders with lots of arts lovers, trying out the cell phone tour, watching a worker painting gallery walls a satisfying Blue Man Group blue, and toured the galleries, dancing with Chihuly, Warhol, Dufy, Wyeth, Rockwell, Henri, Degas, Sir Joshua Reynolds, Matisse, Hassam, O'Keefe. Eakins and the blindingly brilliant visiting Van Gogh. You have until February to visit the man, so take yourself down there. We...

Seasonal Sunflowers

Fine Art Daily - September 23, 2010

Posted: September 23, 2010 05:42 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

September 23, 2010 Happy First Day of Autumn! And how, in South Florida, do I know that the seasons are changing? Was it the Harvest Moon last night with its attending glittering near-by Jupiter? Was it all the news about Fall Fashion Weeks in New York and London? Excellent warning signs, but the true indicator that time is swiftly passing us by on this tilted planet was the aisle of Christmas lights and extension cords nestled in with the Halloween candy and cheesy imagination-free costumes at Target yesterday. I was not alone in my horror. I overheard another shopper shriek to ...

Artichoke Sale

Fine Art Daily - September 22, 2010

Posted: September 22, 2010 05:02 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

September 22, 2010 The last day of summer! It is hard to go wrong with masses of beautiful, shiny fruits or vegetables. That's why well-arranged produce departments are always so appealing - with symmetry, color and balance.(Beauty and the inherent danger that plucking one piece from the middle will bring the whole display down in a loud, embarrassing, crowd-satisfying incident.) I bet these artichokes sold well on Saturday. And if you bought a Portobello mushroom at the West Palm Whole Paycheck on Saturday I hope you washed it well. I listened to a lululemon-clad blond stick mommy...

Fine Art Daily, many exotic olive oils

Fine Art Daily - September 21, 2010

Posted: September 21, 2010 04:44 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

September 21, 2010 We continued on our merry shopping way through the Whole Foods store (we have heard it called "Whole Paycheck") in West Palm Beach on Saturday. There is a dizzying array of shiny, colorful goods to be had at WF. Who knew that there could be so many different kinds of olive oil? Here - just a small selection of their olive oil shelves - are: Toasted Almond Oil, Sundried Tomato Oil, Porcini and Truffle Oil and Lemon and Ginger Oil. When the revolution (or the big hurricane) comes, I want to be locked in a Whole Foods Store. I am someone raised on Mazola Corn Oil as...

LBD at Betsey Johnson

Fine Art Daily - September 20, 2010

Posted: September 20, 2010 05:51 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

September 20, 2010 Seemingly no computer woes! Hurrah! We escaped the bonds of suburbia on Saturday and ventured south to Palm Beach and the mercantile delights therein. We did a little window shopping, and here at Betsey Johnson saw a dress that the Pouting Princess would countenance. My, Betsey's designs have changed! When I was in high school and prowling Greenwich Village looking for second hand jeans and dance wear, I remember a shop featuring Betsey's wild (rubber) designs. It was just around the corner from Danskin, Earth Shoes and an Orange Julius. It's good to see that her...

Indian River Drive Lawn Ornament

Fine Art Daily - September 15, 2010

Posted: September 15, 2010 06:05 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

September 15, 2010 - Hide quoted text - This is a familiar yard ornament for locals - although I bet you have never seen it in its naked, natural state. On Indian River Drive, just south of Walton Road, there is an intrepid artist, bent on entertaining us passersby, according to the season. We have seen this buoy painted up to look like a red and white fishing bobber, a Pokémon character, the Earth (with cloud cover) and even a jolly Santa. A Gentle Reader recently sent me a link to an article in the New York Times about the Wurman's house in Newport:

Tasteful Yard Ornament

Fine Art Daily - September 14, 2010

Posted: September 14, 2010 05:00 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

September 14, 2010 The War Lord thought that perhaps I was a little outspoken yesterday when I illustrated the folly of our neighbors. So today I am taking a higher road, and showing you the beauteousness of another neighbor's lawn ornaments. This house has a few objets d'art including a fabulous kinetic sculpture, but I would have been trespassing if I had gotten any closer. All are very nice, contemplative, tasteful and items to covet. (Of course, given the opportunity, our yard guys would mow over everything with their usual skill and abandon!) Happy birthday to Sidney! Vis...

Black bean and corn salsa

Fine Art Daily - September 10, 2010

Posted: September 10, 2010 05:28 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

Best Beloved’s Black Bean and Corn Salsa 1 (15 ounce) can black beans, drained and rinsed 3 ears cooked corn, corn sliced off the cobs 2 large, fragrant tomatoes, chopped 2 bunches green onions, chopped Cilantro leaves, for garnish In a large bowl, mix together black beans, corn, diced tomatoes, tomatoes and green onion stalks. Garnish with desired amount of cilantro leaves. Chill in the refrigerator at least 8 hours, or overnight, before serving. Serve with chips, or as a relish for any grilled meat. Yumsters. Charles was enjoying the salsa more than he was talking...

Fine Art Daily, radishes

Fine Art Daily - September 9, 2010

Posted: September 09, 2010 05:15 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

September 9, 2010 My friends at Food52 are having a competition this week for the best recipe for radishes, so I bought a flaming red bunch for experimentation. As as we imagine the summer heat waning and hope that Fall is upon us, these tasty little root vegetables could only invoke summer days for me. Sitting on my parents' back porch, quite possibly after having shucked some corn, I can remember eating cold radishes, plucked from a little Pyrex dish of ice water. Nothing fancy, no rosettes, just radishes with their tops and bottoms lopped off. With a dash of salt to tame the hot,...

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