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Fine Art Daily, new old chair

Fine Art Daily, March 21, 2011

Posted: March 21, 2011 04:57 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

Back from Spring Break!March 21, 2011Happy Spring! I hope you had a chance to step outside to watch the moon rise on Saturday. What an amazing event! We went around the corner to one of the Tall One's favorite fishing holes and watched it glide up over Hutchinson Island. There was a blazing red moon path the crossed the Indian River, right to the shore where we sat swatting at the mosquitoes.I did a little consumering this weekend. There were plenty of opportunities for folks to help the economy at the gloriously colorful and upbeat ArtsFest 2011. Tom Winter's huge photos have been ...

Fine Art Daily, Raspberry Tart

Fine Art Daily, March 11, 2011

Posted: March 11, 2011 06:12 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

March 11, 2011It's Food Friday!I entered today's FAD in the Food52 Tart Contest this week. (No comments, please, Red Hots.)If you have a moment, wander by the Food52 site and get some other ideas from people who really know how to cook.When I was little we would go for walks along a private drive that is now covered with many houses. I doubt if our bushes are still there. There was a red raspberry bush and a black raspberry bush. We learned to pick the sun-warmed berries without getting scratched by the rasping thorns or fearing the many bees. It was always hot, and the sweet berries...

Fine Art Daily, Chinese New Year

Fine Art Daily, March 10, 2011

Posted: March 10, 2011 04:38 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

March 10, 2011Miss Morning Glory certainly knows how to brighten the corner where she is. She wandered through her garden just before the Chinese New Year party the other afternoon, picking pink hibiscus, a salmon bougainvillea and a few tiny Golden Rain blossoms and managed to artfully mass them into a spectacular and towering grouping. I caught her part way through the arranging - imagine this with another 5 pink hibiscus dancing on slim sticks of bamboo, and that's what she created. Poof! Of course, she is so prepared for any floral situation that she even had some green florists...

Fine Art Daily, Year of the Rabbit

Fine Art Daily, March 9, 2011

Posted: March 09, 2011 04:36 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

March 9, 2011.Today is Vita Sackville-West's birthday. One of these days I will get to Sissinghurst, to see her white garden. In the meantime I am luxuriating in the beauteousness that Miss Morning Glory has created across the road from us. Every corner has a story, every flower has a well-scrubbed face, every thing is loved. (Well, except for the damn moles and the possums, but those belong in another story.)

Fine Art Daily, Year of the Rabbit

Fine Art Daily, March 8, 2011

Posted: March 08, 2011 04:52 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

March 8, 2011More Chinese New Year. There are a few moments just before the sun goes down, when the rays of light are long and lush and golden, and time slows - just for a moment. The dust motes blur and soften the sharp edges, the garden is lovely, and so are your companions. As the dusk gathers nothing is quite as beautiful as the lamp light.

Fine Art Daily, Year of the Rabbit

Fine Art Daily, March 7, 2011

Posted: March 07, 2011 04:44 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

March 7, 2011We were a little out of step with the rest of the world in celebrating the Chinese New Year, but that is the way we prefer to be. It was a glorious afternoon of slanted gauzy rays of sunshine, and a cool evening with the glowing lanterns strung red and gold above the lawn. Even the cool sprinkle of rain did little to dampen the enthusiasm of the children as they ran fearlessly in the dark. The Year of the Rabbit was well celebrated.

Fine Art Daily, orange blossoms

Fine Art Daily, March 1, 2011

Posted: March 01, 2011 05:11 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

March 1, 2011Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit. I just love that this is the Year of the Rabbit!Miss Morning Glory and I went out for a larcenous stroll the other night. We passed the new stick-like trees planted in the small orange grove at Bay Tree Lodge, throwing our heads back to enjoy the scent of the orange blossoms at their aromatic peak. I remember for the first couple of years we lived here that I thought it was the honeysuckle giving out the sweet, pungent aroma. I was wrong about that in a rather spectacular way - because not only was the scent from the oranges blossoms, the other b...

Fine Art Daily, March calendar

Fine Art Daily, February 28, 2011

Posted: February 28, 2011 05:22 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

Here is your calendar for March. Please email me if you would like a high rez PDF.

Fine Art Daily, Bruschetta

Fine Art Daily, February 25, 2011

Posted: February 25, 2011 06:11 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

February 25, 2011It's Food Friday!This is one of our reliable crowd pleasers, the recipe for which we no longer have to scour through the cookbooks - Bruschetta. We have to step out tonight and thought this would be a tasty little contribution to the mix. Camilla is desperate to get out and socialize. (She still hasn't gotten over Kat...e's pony tail in public yesterday.) And Champagne Charlie is always ready for a party!This is very tricky-woo - so pay attention.Cut a day old baguette into slicesToast the slices under the broilerAllow slices to coolRub each slice with a chunk o'garlic...

Fine Art Daily, nasturtiums

Fine Art Daily, February 24, 2011

Posted: February 24, 2011 05:36 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

February 24, 2011The nasturtiums are taking over the world. Our back porch has disappeared. There are 8 pots with blooming nasturtiums right now, and 2 of them must be embracing the notion of manifest destiny (although they are headed east, maybe back to the mothership). One pot has tendrils that are at least 6 feet long. If we wake up as pod people one morning, please check the nasturtiums for trace evidence of our mortal remains because they do seem otherworldly and vaguely sinister. Don't be beguiled by those cheerful blossoms and coin-like leaves. They are on the move.

Fine Art Daily, tomato farm

Fine Art Daily, February 23, 2011

Posted: February 23, 2011 05:26 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

February 23, 2011Here are a few of tomatoes from the modest container farm we are operating this winter. Unfortunately there are not very many spherical objets in my compendium of office supply metaphors, so I must rely on sporting goods. So far these tomatoes are slightly larger than ping pong balls, yet smaller than lacrosse balls. There are about 4 clusters which should be ripening soon, and if the Tall One and the Pouting Princess come home next weekend they might be able to help with the harvest. With some of the basil hunted and gathered from the container on the front porch ...

Martial Raysse, L'Annee derniere a Capri

L’Année Dernière à Capri Sets World Auction Record

Posted: February 22, 2011 11:54 Last Updated: | Gene Oliver

  It is not every day that a contemporary French artist sets a world auction record.  This is however what happened at Christie’s last week when the painting L’Année Dernière à Capri from Martial Raysse was sold for more than four million pounds.  Painted in 1962, L’Année Dernière à Capri or Last Year in Capri is representative of the female portraits Raysse was painting in the 60’s. Acidulated colors, women in bathing suits inspired from the fashion magazines, and the addition of the neon, contribute to a unique portraying of a consumerist society.  Martial Raysse was born in the south of ...

Fine Art Daily, first strawberries

Fine Art Daily, February 22, 2011

Posted: February 22, 2011 05:54 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

February 22, 2011Happy George Washington's birthday!As our friends in the gelid North shovel out yet again I offer a small sign of hope. We have a wee, tiny container garden on the back porch. So far the harvest has yielded 2 dozen protractor pencil-sized green beans, 1 golf ball-sized tomato and soon about half a dozen pencil eraser-sized strawberries. (I tend to measure things almost exclusively in terms of office supplies - perhaps I do not get out enough...)The strawberries are such a deep, translucent red that my Dr. P.H. Martin's Radiant Watercolors do not do them justice. I h...

Fine Art Daily, flower shop

Fine Art Daily, February 21, 2011

Posted: February 21, 2011 05:53 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

February 21, 2011Happy Presidents' Day!It is only another month before Spring, so I thought a little floral tribute was in order. It seemed like a good thing, if you have to go to your cubicle today. If you are off, then I hope you are sleeping late. And that the cardinals did not wake you up this morning like the rude boys here did an hour ago. Spring, it is like this little flower shop, just around the corner...

Buying Fine Art Not Like Buying Detergent

Buying Fine Art Is Not Like Buying Detergent

Posted: February 14, 2011 07:17 Last Updated: | Joseph K. Levene

Buying Art is not like buying Detergent; the key is to "buy intelligently". Art buyers often make the wrong decision when comparing two examples of the same Work of Art with the objective of "saving money".  Many Buyers fall prey to buying the Work of Art with the lowest price, and often not the best. Daniel Grant wrote a WSJ Article titled Why You Can't Always Trust Art Dealers which casts a negative light on Art Dealers.  We don't condone the ethical behavior cited by Mr. Grant and agree due diligence is essential to protect financial ...

Fine Art Daily, Mid-Winter Chili

Fine Art Daily, February 11, 2011

Posted: February 11, 2011 05:18 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

Mid-winter Chili 1½ pounds ground beef 1 tablespoon olive oil1 medium onion, chopped1 medium green pepper, chopped1 clove garlic1 36-ounce can crushed tomatoes3 tablespoons chili powder1 clove garlic1 tablespoon paprika1 to 2 or 3 teaspoons of cayenne – depending on your thrill factorSalt and pepper to tasteGrated sharp cheddar cheese for toppingBrown meat in a large pot. Drain and set aside. Sauté onions, peppers and garlic in olive oil in the same pot. Return meat to pot. Add tomato sauce, chili powder, paprika and cayenne. Cook on medium heat for approximately 1½ hours. Now thi...

Fine Art Daily, Year of the Rabbit, Pinder's

Fine Art Daily, February 10, 2011

Posted: February 10, 2011 06:38 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

How could we be a week into the Year of the Rabbit without a rabbit celebration? The good folks at Pinder's know the value of a good rabbit, or two. Actually we saw several excellent displays of bunny artistry at Pinder's, which should drive a good rabbit lover out to Palm City to consider his or her own pitiful lobilias, and rectify the situation immediately. Have you looked at your petunias lately?

Fine Art Daily, Hand of Buddha

Fine Art Daily, February 9, 2011

Posted: February 09, 2011 05:25 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

February 9, 2011Still at Pinder's. Here is another icon of good luck to hang up in your cubbie today: Buddha's hand. It is rising from a field of flowers, looking much less dire than Ozymandias, or even the colossal toe-challenged foot from LOST. Everything is going to be OK. Breathe.OzymandiasI met a traveller from an antique landWho said: `Two vast and trunkless legs of stoneStand in the desert. Near them, on the sand,Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown,And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,Tell that its sculptor well those passions readWhich yet survive, stamped on ...

Fine Art Daily, a pig at Pindar's

Fine Art Daily, February 8, 2011

Posted: February 08, 2011 04:59 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

February 8, 2011We found lots to admire and inspire at Pindar's the other day. Sometimes sights were just worthy of big grins. Mostly I just like the bacon aspect of pigs, but this little pig wallowing in a container of yellow petunias was pretty amusing. I hope it gets you over the indignity of getting up for a Tuesday; a day usually fraught with sales meetings and leftovers for dinner. At least there is the prospect of a new NCIS tonight! Go forth and wriggle in the petunias!

Fine Art Daily, Make a Wish on Buddah

Fine Art Daily, February 7, 2011

Posted: February 07, 2011 05:27 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

February 7, 2011Without grating on our Northern Gentle Readers' already jangly nerves, I have to say that I think signs of spring are starting to crop up. Yesterday we saw two flocks of crazy robins flitting through some groves of holly bushes, obviously enjoying some very early pre-game libations. And we have seen some storks floating in lazy circles, scoping out the real estate, nest planning. We went out to Pindar's in Palm City yesterday to get some flowers for the pots on the front porch and found all manner of amusing garden ornaments and scores of blooming plants. Here is a h...

Fine Art Daily, Disappearing Act

Fine Art Daily, February 4, 2011

Posted: February 04, 2011 04:36 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

February 4, 2011The Disappearing ActThis evolved from your basic 1950s onion dip for John Cheever-y kinds of cocktail parties. I think it is a step up the slippery evolutionary kitchen slope because Camilla uses Knorr soup mix, which sounds imported, no? (Charles always blanches at the idea that a mix is used. He seems to think that everything needs to be organic and handmade and heaven knows where would we get all the time? The rest of us do not have a staff, let alone personal servants!) Regardless of the shopworn cliché and conceit, this dip is very popular with our guests, wheth...

Fine Art Daily, Arts Council, Private Beauty

Fine Art Daily, February 3, 2011

Posted: February 03, 2011 05:23 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

February 3, 2011It's hard to beat all those festive Groundhog Day pop ups and parties, but tonight you should wander by the Court House Cultural Center for the Private Beauty exhibit. I imagine I'll swan in wearing this simple, modest little Alexander McQueen, which I adore because the shoes remind me of poison ivy. Come to the Court House tonight and see the Annie Leibowitz photos! It will be almost as much fun as her last exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery in London that the Pouting Princess and I attended a couple of years ago, only this time there will be wine and no freezi...

Fine Art Daily, Groundhog's Day

Fine Art Daily, February 2, 2011

Posted: February 02, 2011 04:50 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

February 2, 2011Happy Groundhog's Day! Forget about that doom and gloom Phil guy up in Pennsylvania! Our groundhog is celebrating Spring! Despite the freezing drizzle as reported by one Gentle Reader, we are going to gear up for a beauteous and bountiful spring. My Publix daffodils are in full bloom on the kitchen windowsill - a finer harbinger I do not know. Famous birthdays today: Ernest Shackleton, James Joyce, Liz Smith, Stan Getz, Pebbles Flintstone and our own Miss Crabby Abby, who is now two. And you have to see this! The Google Art Project. Just amazing!

Fine Art Daily, Fashion Report, H&M

Fine Art Daily, February 1, 2011

Posted: February 01, 2011 04:55 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

February 1, 2011Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit! And don't forget - in 2 days it will be the Year of the Rabbit!While carrying the Pouting Princess's train on Saturday I was subjected, I beg your pardon, privileged, to view some of the new fashions out in the world of sophistication and style. I would like to share these visions with you. I am quite sure a pair of these shoes would improve my current outfit immediately. I am wearing black sweat pants, because black always makes a statement, by Liz Claiborne. And a blue and white striped Oxford cloth shirt by Ralph Lauren, a garment snagged fro...

Fine Art Daily, mysterious Tomoato Farmer

Fine Art Daily, January 31, 2011

Posted: January 31, 2011 04:36 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

January 31, 2011What a whirling dervish of a weekend! The Pouting Princess came home, foraging for art supplies and new fashion items. We buzzed her down to Jerry's Artarama on Saturday morning and stocked up on papers, inks, color pencils and precious, tiny sketchbooks. After a successful pillage of H&M and a restorative lunch we tooled home and found these tomatoes nestled in a plastic bag, hanging from the handles on the front door. Such a nice surprise! And who is the mysterious Tomato Farmer, please? We want you to know that we made a Salad Rustico that night, tossing the s...