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8-10 Tradd Street, Charleston, SC

Fine Art Daily - July 19, 2010

Posted: July 19, 2010 05:06 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

uly 19, 2010 8-10 Tradd Street The Lamboll Double Tenement I was strolling up the East Battery one morning, before all the tourists mobbed the place, smug because I had snagged a legal parking place. I was enjoying the relative quiet - the only other people around were gardeners who were tending their tidy gardens, some with hoses and clippers and one perfectionist with a weed whacker and a patch of grass that refused to conform itself to his pictured ideal. I wandered off the main road and was tiptoeing along Tradd Street when I had an encounter that usually only happens in gauz...

Hank's, Charleston, SC

Fine Art Daily - July 16, 2010

Posted: July 16, 2010 05:14 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

July 16, 2010 It’s Food Friday! No recipes this week – as we were not concerned with cooking last week – just consuming all the best foods we could find in Charleston. We had a splendid time at Hank’s. Yumsters. I had the fried chicken and it was quite simply the best I have ever eaten. The chicken was boneless, crisp and crunchy and sweet with the tang of buttermilk and fresh pepper. Had my grandmother come from Charleston I imagine she would have fried up batches of this chicken. It came with garlic mashed potatoes (also divine) and collards (which I moved around the plate, fo...

Major Peter Bocquet's House, Charleston

Fine Art Daily - July 15, 2010

Posted: July 15, 2010 05:17 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

July 15, 2010 The Preservation Society of Charleston has made life so easy and convenient for people like me who mill around the streets without maps or guidebooks. (Yes, I did have the Google Machine in my pocket, but generally used it for terse texts to keep track of Tall Boy and his World Cup issues.) Here is another stunning window box display, set off by the boldly orange paint of Major Peter Bocquet’s Georgian architecture. The symmetry of the planting is nicely bracketed by the dual gas lights. Charming and clearly labeled. This is what the Historic Marker says: Major P...

Jack Patla Antiques - Charleston, SC

Fine Art Daily - July 14, 2010

Posted: July 14, 2010 05:45 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

July 14, 2010 This was just the beginning of my pilgrimage through Charleston’s wonderful world of window boxes. I managed to tear away from Best Beloved and Tall Boy on the first afternoon in Charleston. They set me down on King Street, where the first store I stumbled into was this divine antique shop, Jack Patla Antiques. I love garden ornaments. I have three wrought iron garden chairs I liberated from the side of the road a few years ago, and a concrete cherub astride a dolphin which once poured water in a Sewall’s Point fountain and now stands on a plinth on our back porch....

Hominy Grill - Charleston

Fine Art Daily - July 13, 2010

Posted: July 13, 2010 04:34 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

July 13, 2010 Best Beloved and Tall Boy and I spent last week in Charleston, SC. Ostensibly I was doing my usual serious and productive field research with the Tall One as my companion and cohort in crime, and Best Beloved was attending a fishing tournament. The reality was that we wandered around in the Charleston heat, looking at the many beautiful buildings and flowers and historic sights –while constantly thinking about our next meal. We had many, many meals which were so deelish – Tall Boy kept pronouncing each one the best he had ever eaten! How is that possible? Anything is possibl...

Strawberry Daiquiri for the Fourth of July

Fine Art Daily - July 2, 2010

Posted: July 02, 2010 05:13 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

Strawberry Daiquiri 5 large, fresh or frozen whole strawberries 1 tablespoon lime juice 1 teaspoon sugar 2 ounces of rum ½ ounce triple sec 1 cup crushed ice Blend 10-20 seconds and serve in a chilled cocktail glass. Charles and Camilla are not sure about the Fourth of July. Sometimes Charles gets a little sniffy about those upstart Colonials. Silly Charles. Usually he is mollified after a daiquiri or two, and he does hull the strawberries nicely, and without being told. Camilla is rooting around the laundry room looking for the chairs we are going to take to Downtown Stua...

Gumbo Limbo's new location - 3 Osceola Street in Historic Downtown Stuart

Fine Art Daily - July 1, 2010

Posted: July 01, 2010 05:11 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

July 1, 2010 Rabbit, Rabbit! It's official - Patty has moved Gumbo Limbo into its new digs on Osceola Street. Tall Boy and I stopped by yesterday to inspect the bright and airy space, which should be packed with eager shoppers during tonight's Stuart Stroll. Another option for tonight is a new venue the Arts Council is sponsoring - an extension of First Thursday, called "Hot Summer Arts" held at Harbour Bay Plaza from 5:30 until 8:00. We don't have to wait for season to enjoy art, music, photography, food and wine. Visit for more info!

Hoover's Pool

Fine Art Daily - June 30, 2010

Posted: June 30, 2010 05:14 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

June 30, 2010 Hoover was not the least bit happy with yesterday's Fine Art Daily. My interpretation of his vision of the sacred watering hole was limited and pedestrian. I did not apprehend the full scope of his appreciation of the dynamic that exists between him and his surroundings. Here, with a little prodding, and some swipes at my pen, is what Hoover's pool of water really looks like. A temple-like setting much more befitting a cat of noble birth, with cool, dark areas where he can assess the neighborhood. (I think he has pool-envy - the cat next door's pool has been under con...

Pool (From Hoover's POV)

Fine Art Daily - June 29, 2010

Posted: June 29, 2010 04:53 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

June 29, 2010 This is the swimming pool - but from Hoover's point of view. No dragonflies this morning. Roxanne is still in the house. I think I'll lie on the chaise for a while. It's quiet. It's good.

Swimming Pool Relief!

Fine Art Daily - June 28, 2010

Posted: June 28, 2010 06:11 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

July 28, 2010 It is going to be another scorcher, but that's OK because there is relief in the back yard. We bobbed around the pool several times this weekend, far away from the computers, the TVs and the iPhones. The mosquitoes did find us after a while, but we splashed them away languidly, and pushed off the wall for another lazy lap through the broth-warm water. Have you visited the Spy Osprey Cam lately? Those young birds have gotten big and adventurous. Mama O looks beside herself some days, keeping the two from falling out of the nest. She needs a nice swim in the river, and...

Cover of "Andy Warhol: Making Money," a new book coming in October 2010.

"Andy Warhol: Making Money" debuts

Posted: May 23, 2010 13:29 Last Updated: | ArtfixDaily Staff

A book hand-made by Pop artist Andy Warhol as a gift for a young girl will be published for the first time this fall. Rizzoli is releasing a fascimile edition of the one-of-the-kind "Making Money." Originally created by Warhol in 1981, the book features a series of his exuberant freehand drawings. An appealing "flipbook" quality emerges as the images slowly build from abstract renditions to the artist's familiar dollar sign. The backstory is another draw. The gift-book was for Berkeley Reinhold, then a pre-teen and daughter of Warhol's close friend, diamond dealer and art collector ...

Debra Force Fine Art, Inc., presents Thomas Hart Benton (1889-1975) The Twist, 1964, signed Benton and dated 64, lower right, polymer tempera on canvas mounted on panel, 20 x 28 inches.

Collector's Guide: American Art in New York City

Posted: May 12, 2010 19:21 Last Updated: | Julie Carlson Wildfeuer

American paintings, works on paper, and sculpture take center stage in Manhattan from May 17 to 26 in a series of major auctions and special events at leading art galleries. The dizzying array of art-centric festivities involves cocktail receptions, special exhibitions, three auctions, two dozen gallery open houses, and a pair of important fundraisers.  Thousands of works of art will be available for sale. View our Itinerary below to help plan logistics. Plus, a Slideshow offers a sneak peek of what's ahead. Even though these sales are focused on 18th- to mid-20th century art...

Jean Wells, Cupcake.  Timothy Yarger Fine Art.

Los Angeles Art Show 2010: More than eye-candy

Posted: January 28, 2010 12:21 Last Updated: | ArtfixDaily Staff

Candy may be the art world's answer to the recession blues. Sweet and palatable images abounded at last week's Los Angeles Art Show: Wayne Theibaud's ice cream cones, Jean Wells' giant chocolate Kiss and pink cupcake sculptures, and gummi bears expertly captured in oil by Jeanne Vadeboncouer. Beyond the theme of edible delights, a wide range of art styles, from California impressionists to New York abstract expressionists, Arts and Crafts-era prints to cutting-edge video installations, gave the Fine Art Dealers Association's (FADA) 15th annual show breadth. This year, heavy rains and...

Chet Reneson - Winter Marsh

A Painter's Passions: Watercolors by Chet Reneson

Posted: October 19, 2009 12:39 Last Updated: | Stephen B. O'Brien Jr.

I am pleased to announce a new exhibition of paintings by renowned sporting artist Chet Reneson that will run from October 15 – December 15, 2009. The exhibition features a variety of subjects near and dear to Reneson, including five sporting scenes and four Bahamian paintings. I am particularly thrilled to present a snowy-blowy duck hunting scene that perfectly captures the bluster of a winter hunt, as well as a grouse shooting work and an intense image of two Bahamian fishermen hauling a great white shark into their boat.           &nbsp...

Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin's portraits of famous New Yorkers are on display at the Museum of the City of New York's exhibition "Dutch Seen."

Dutch Treat: New York exhibits the best in Netherlandish art

Posted: September 10, 2009 12:54 Last Updated: | Julie Carlson Wildfeuer

This fall marks the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson's historic journey from Holland to New York. In commemoration of this early settler's voyage, a number of spectacular New York exhibitions are celebrating Dutch art. From Sept. 10 to Nov. 29, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is showing one of the most popular and well-known works by Dutch master Johannes Vermeer (1632—1675): "The Milkmaid." This special loan from the Rijksmuseum marks the first time that the painting has traveled to the United States since it was exhibited at the 1939 World's Fair. Five other Vermeers and other Dutch wo...

Art Basel Miami Beach, the sister show to Art Basel in Switzerland, is a major annual contemporary art fair enjoyed by some members of the fund.

Investors eschew Wall St. for Wall Art

Posted: August 12, 2009 18:55 Last Updated: | Julie Carlson Wildfeuer

Inflation may be lurking around the what are stock market-skittish Americans considering as investments? Oil, gold, and great art---assets which some experts consider positioned to perform well in the next market upswing. For aesthetically-inclined investors, The Collectors Fund is a novel approach to both enjoying art in the home and diversifying a financial portfolio. With a minimum $120,000 investment, members buy-in to the two-year-old art fund. It's a long-term play with a bit of instant gratification. Members bid (using votes derived from the level of their investme...

Eli Broad, on Forbes' Top Billionaire Art Collector list

Forbes' Top Billionaire Art Collectors

Posted: July 27, 2009 15:44 Last Updated: | Julie Carlson Wildfeuer

Forbes revealed its list of "Top Billionaire Art Collectors" on Friday. Even with the world's wealthist folks losing 23% on average of their net worth last year, these collections made the cut with values ranging from $700 million to $2 billion for an array of fine art. View the slide show of each collectors' art interests from Microsoft chairman Paul Allen's French Impressionists to the estimated $2 billion collection of modern masters amassed by Philip Niarchos, son of the late shipping magnate Stavros Niarchos, who tops the ranks. The list is limited to private collections. Exclud...

Padaro Lane beach view

Estate of the Week: Dream House for Modern Art Collectors

Posted: July 16, 2009 16:01 Last Updated: | ArtfixDaily Staff

After media mogul Oprah Winfrey paid an astonishing $52 million in 2001 for an estate that caught her eye, the affluent enclave of Montecito in Santa Barbara County, 90 miles north of Los Angeles, continued to experience skyrocketing home values. Some real estate experts suggest that Oprah's Georgian-style residence, on about 45 acres, might have been a good buy at that sum. The property was appraised in 2008 for $85 million, reflecting an average 18% increase in that neighborhood's home values since 2000, but may have taken a dip with the recent housing market slide. (In 2008, the aver...

Chris Jordan, Cans Seurat

Shock 'n' Awe: Chris Jordan's Green Theme Mega-Art

Posted: May 20, 2009 20:57 Last Updated: | Julie Carlson Wildfeuer

Chris Jordan was a lawyer, but don't hold that against him. He reinvented himself as an artist with a social conscious. Seattle-based Jordan creates large-scale photographic works that jolt viewers into thinking about burning issues such as global consumerism and excess. On view at Santa Barbara's Museum of Natural History (through Sept. 11, 2009) is the travelling exhibition "Running the Numbers," his powerful series of work that Jordan describes on his website as a look at "contemporary American culture through the austere lens of statistics." Statistics can be dry, but within a visu...

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