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New Orleans Auction, St.  Charles Gallery, Inc.  recently auctioned William Woodward (American/New Orleans, 1859-1939) "Sunlit View of the Mission Santa Barbara, California", 1926, oil on canvas board, signed and dated lower left "W.  Woodward '26", frame retains label "Francis Hendricks Co., Inc., Syracuse, New York", 13-3/4" x 19-7/8".  Presented in a giltwood frame.

Jazz Age Artists flocked to Santa Barbara

Posted: July 23, 2009 15:04 Last Updated: | Julie Carlson Wildfeuer

Before Hollywood claimed the role of movie-making capital, Santa Barbara, California, ninety miles north of Los Angeles, was the epicenter of the burgeoning film industry. Surrounded by picturesque mountains, a sparkling ocean, and lovely streets lined with various revival-style architecture, this small city provided the ideal backdrop for nearly 1,200 silent films made by Flying A Studios before the production company moved to Los Angeles. Around this time, known as the Jazz Age period between 1918 and 1930, leading artists, architects, landscape designers, and craftsmen flocked to ...

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