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Woodsculpted cutaway showing action on both decks with the feature of 70 handcarved wood figurines.

Gun Deck Cutaways -A Decorative and Definitive Art Form

Posted: April 30, 2014 11:41 Last Updated: | Rex Stewart

It is not surprising that this subject matter has not been recognized in the arts. However, it is a subject that warrants appreciation for its unique form of symmetry and balance when being viewed as a concept. Fine art is anything that is beyond the ordinary; a work which holds unprecedented merit at its finest level -regardless of medium. Money, nor an expert's opinion, cannot control it. What's factual is fine art is defined as "a form"..."a sculpture"...and/or "decorative piece". I can be further said by notables as "a knowledge made efficient by skill" (Genung) or "the expression o...

Portrait of a young lady with a bird pastel, dated and signed in right corner 1760

John Singleton Copley: the great portraitist of the eighteenth century

Posted: January 13, 2012 12:15 Last Updated: | Gene Oliver

It is tempting for anyone who creates art to believe that it would be easier somewhere else.  Where less people pursue art. Where every artistic creation has not already been done. Where everything and anything about art is not a click away. After reading John Singleton Copley by James Thomas Flexner, I could not help but wonder what would have been of the great portraitist of the eighteenth century if he hadn’t been born in the Boston colony and then lived in London? Would he have been as successful or would it have been easier for him to succeed?  Although the book published by...

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