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Zena Fairweather's graphite, ink and charcoal drawing “Father and Son” is the first place winner in Art-Competition.nets ’s art call “Drawing 2”

Selected Artists for "Drawing 2" Art Call

Posted: June 23, 2016 09:00 Last Updated: | Edward Burke

Selected Artis for’s “Drawing 2” Art Call Review Artwork Zena Fairweather Title: Father and son - Medium: Graphite ink charcoal - Size: 30" x 22" Maria DAngelo Title: I Strike First - Medium: Nero pencil on Bristol - Size: 17" x 10" Holly Siniscal Title: Dancing Shoes - Medium: colored pencil - Size: 24" X 14" Erwin Lewandowski Title: Cascading Water VIII - Medium: Colored Pencil Pigment Ink Liner Graphite Pencil - Size: 16" x 21" Andrew Denman Title: Icarus Fallen - Medium:...

Call To Artists “Drawing 2”

Posted: May 13, 2016 13:39 Last Updated: | Edward Burke

Awards in Cash and Art Marketing Prize Value: $8,025. Persectus announces the Art Call “Drawing 2”. There will be 7 winners and 10 honorable mentions. Theme: “Drawing 2” - Whether the work is created as classical or experimental this call is all about drawing.  Drawing is the original art and language of man and continues to allow us to communicate what we see and feel. A drawing can be formal and refined or expressive and energetic; it can capture our thoughts with doodling, marks, lines or shaded areas expressing our external world and our individual thoughts. I...

Art Call for Entries "Dreams 2" Online Exhibit at

Posted: April 20, 2016 19:57 Last Updated: | Edward Burke

Call To Artists Theme: "Dreams 2" - Dreams are a window into an alternative reality that we all experience. The memory of a dream can be fleeting or can haunt us for a lifetime. Without the artist we would only see and feel our own dreams. However, the artist can help us connect to our dreams as well as allowing us to see into their dreams. The artist can present a dream as a visual reality from representational memories to an explosion of abstract and surrealistic images.     Submission Deadline: May 23, 2016 (Midnight EST)     Curator Selection: June 1, 2016     Artists Notification: ...

Eduardo Eloy.Untitled 7.  Acrylic on Canvas.  37"x57.5"

An International Celebration of Art at Agora Gallery

Posted: August 30, 2015 14:46 Last Updated: | Olga Ku

This September, two shows open at Agora Gallery that represent the great diversity and excitement in the emerging international art scene. In the exhibition Enigmatic Visions, artists from around the world present abstract and figurative two-dimensional works that use color and composition to tell extraordinary stories about the world around us. In Masters of the Imagination: The Latin American Fine Art Exhibition, twenty-two artists present 75 paintings, sculptures, digital works, and mixed media pieces that prove the Latin American art scene is as multifaceted and innovative as any. Thes...

Harold Miller.  Company Houses.  Oil on Linen on Wood.  12"x24"

Conversations and Color Revolutions: Two New Exhibitions in NYC

Posted: June 07, 2015 10:31 Last Updated: | Olga Ku

This July, Agora Gallery presents two collective exhibitions to re-imagine and reinvigorate the world. Répartie in Art presents the work of international artists as they tackle the concept of “space” and those who occupy it. From landscapes to fragments of a scene, from human or animal subjects to something more abstract, the works open a dialog between artist and audience on a variety of levels. Rhapsody in Color is an exhibition of immeasurable vibrancy, presenting expert combinations and groupings of hue to produce carefully calculated reactions in the viewer. By applying their manipula...

Branko Miskovic.  He Cracked.  Ceramic and Steel.  53.5"x38-40"

Bodies and Spaces: Two Collective Exhibitions at Agora Gallery

Posted: May 18, 2015 05:22 Last Updated: | Olga Ku

This June, Agora Gallery will host two collective exhibitions that take on the challenge of redefining figures and spaces through a variety of artistic techniques. The artists featured in the exhibition In Reverie of Form tackle subjects of flora, fauna, and the human body, to examine various phenomena with their representations. Culture, psychology, and natural beauty are all considered by this talented array of artists, and are given a comprehensive re-examination through sheer technical mastery. Sharing the gallery, the artists in Spatial Articulation take their color, patterns, and geo...

Gallery25N – “Gallery A” is proud to present a group exhibition of recent work by ten international, contemporary artists.

Posted: April 27, 2015 18:46 Last Updated: | Edward Burke

G25N’s Online Exhibition in Gallery A Dreams are a window to an alternative reality. The works selected are the artists various interpretations from a fleeting memory of a dream to the haunting of a repeating dream. This fascinating exhibit allows us to see and feel their dreams while allowing the viewer to conjure their own experiences in dreams.   The artists featured in this exhibit are: Carol Collins - USA Cecilia Flaten - Chile Cedrick Nöt – France Donna Rossi - USA Dorothy Zhu - USA Josepha Gutelius - USA Nicholas Zalevsky - US...

Colin Grant.  When in Rome.  Oil on Canvas.  48"x38"

May and June at Agora Gallery

Posted: April 17, 2015 01:20 Last Updated: | Olga Ku

The Australian and New Zealander artists featured in Out From Down Under & Beyond represent some of the finest emerging talent from the Oceanian art world. These artists draw inspiration from their nations’ histories, their natural splendor, the artists’ own travels across the globe, and their internal processes. They offer a unique and unforgettable view into a familiarly unfamiliar world. In Nicole Tremblay’s paintings, displayed in the solo exhibition, Sovereign Women / Femmes Souveraines, female subjects take on a presence that is larger than life. “I have always been fascinated by...

"Flowers Of Spring" - Art Competition - $7,600 in cash & prizes

Posted: April 07, 2015 16:35 Last Updated: | Edward Burke

"Flowers Of Spring" Open for Submissions, $7,600 in Cash & Prizes Deadline: May 11, 2015 (Midnight EST) Announces a call to artists/photographers for an online-juried international competition, April 1, 2015 - May 11, 2015 (Midnight EST) $7,600 in Cash and Prizes. (Winners will also receive extensive marketing of their work.) Theme: "Flowers Of Spring" The seasonal shift into spring historically has inspired artists to create some of their most beautiful works of art.  Spring flowers have symbolized new life, beauty, peace and love. The abundance ...

"Faces of Humanity" - $7,600 in cash & prizes

Posted: February 16, 2015 13:16 Last Updated: | Edward Burke

"Faces of Humanity" Announces a call to artists/photographers for an online-juried international competition, February 5, 2015 - March 9, 2015 (Midnight EST) $7,600 in Cash and Prizes. (Winners will also receive extensive marketing of their work.) The competition is open to all artists/photographers 18 years of age or older working in any drawing, painting, photographic and or digital medium. Theme: "Faces of Humanity" Artists/Photographers bring us the diversity of humanity in their art by capturing the emotion, beauty, love, hope and wisdom in the faces of ...

"All Watercolors" - - Open Call

Posted: February 11, 2015 13:43 Last Updated: | Edward Burke

"All Watercolors" $7,600 in cash & prizes Theme: "All Watercolors" The competition is open to artists expressing themselves with the richness and beauty of the glowing pigments of watercolor paints. This traditional medium attracts a wide range of artists from traditional to cutting edge contemporary artworks. The work can be expressed from representational to non-representational. Deadline: March 2, 2015 (Midnight EST) Juries Selection: March 4, 2015 Artists Notification: March 6, 2015 has developed online competitions from our extensive ...

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