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Dealer Susan De Jong of Southwest Accents

The Curator’s Eye Features Susan DeJong of Southwest Accents

Released: October 09, 2014

The Curator’s Eye ( recently spoke with Susan DeJong of Southwest Accents about her passion for Navajo textiles, her experience as a dealer, and how she incorporates a growing internet strategy into her business. As a professional flutist, De Jong’s initial exposure to Navajo textiles began when she performed for two summers with the Santa Fe Opera. Her enthusiasm for the material led to annual trips to the Navajo Reservation where she often found stellar weavings in out of the way trading posts. As her collection grew, she realized her fascination for Navajo textile...

Peter Lundberg of Janus Galleries

The Curator’s Eye Features Peter Lundberg of Janus Galleries

Released: September 18, 2014

The Curator’s Eye ( recently spoke with Peter Lundberg of Janus Galleries about his passion for art, his experience as an artist and a dealer, and how he incorporates a growing internet strategy into his business.   Lundberg explains, “I have been a collector and art dealer for thirty years. My grandparents were collectors and my mother was a painter, so it's in the genes. My wife and I began collecting 19th century Scandinavian oils on our honeymoon, and I started selling art as soon as our own walls were full and we needed to make room for new additions.” ...

Egyptian Azure-glazed Royal Shabti for the Princess Nesy-Khonsu

Ancient Art Featured On The Curator’s Eye

Released: April 10, 2014

The Curator’s Eye ( turns its spotlight on the hundreds of ancient art and artifacts on offer through the online exhibition. The Curator’s Eye presents a worthwhile selection of rare, ancient objects from dealers based all over the world, from Roman silver to Chinese jade to Scythian gold. Egyptian Azure Glazed Royal Shabti This Egyptian azure glazed royal shabti for the Princess Nesy-Khonsu, from the 21st dynasty, ca. 1069-945 BC, is made of exceptional deep blue glazed faience, shown mummiform, and the features in applied black. The figure is slim and handsom...

Japanese Imari Porcelain Urns, circa 1860

Every Week Is Asia Week At The Curator’s Eye: Asian Art Highlights

Released: March 31, 2014

Even though Asia Week has ended, The Curator’s Eye ( continues to offer the highest quality art, antiques, and artifacts of Asian origin currently on display on the online exhibition. The Curator’s Eye is pleased to feature thousands of highly desirable objects from dealers based all over the world, ranging from Contemporary Southeast Asian paintings to antique Japanese furniture and porcelain to rare Chinese and Persian jewelry. Japanese Imari Porcelain Urns These exceptional Japanese Imari porcelain vases, created circa 1860, are stunning examples of early Me...

Morton Bartlett, Waving Girl, photograph

The Curator’s Eye Features Dealer Marion Harris, Morton Bartlett Discovery

Released: March 17, 2014

The Curator’s Eye ( recently spoke with New York-based dealer Marion Harris about her discovery of outsider artist Morton Bartlett’s dolls and her subsequent decision to market the contemporary photographs via the art marketing platform, The Curator’s Eye, in order to introduce the limited edition prints. Twenty years ago, Harris followed her “intuitive sense” about an intriguing group of dolls she found at an antiques fair. Despite the fact they were being sold separately, she bought Bartlett’s “fantasy family of model children, 3 boys and 12 girls,” so they coul...

Bella Coola Carpenter Mask, 1875-1900

The Curator’s Eye Delivers Measurable Results To Alaska On Madison

Released: February 26, 2014

The Curator’s Eye ( spoke with Ann Lesk of Alaska on Madison gallery in New York, which features Inuit art of the twentieth century Canadian Arctic, two-thousand-year-old objects from the Old Bering Sea cultures, and nineteenth century art from the Northwest Coast peoples and Yup’ik Eskimos. The discussion centered on the advertising and exposure benefits delivered by The Curator’s Eye, which Eve M. Kahn of the New York Times recently mentioned in her article on New Antiques Websites as an “older competitor” in the field. Lesk and her husband were established coll...

Victor Higgins, New Mexico Sky, oil on canvas, c.  1922-23

The Curator’s Eye Discusses Successful Art Business With

Released: February 05, 2014

The Curator’s Eye recently had a conversation with Corinne Cain of, based in Phoenix, Arizona, about the results and experience delivered to her business by The Curator’s Eye ( The discussion covered online art sales, advertising, and how The Curator's Eye challenges traditional print advertising. SavvyCollector.Com: Art Sales Strictly Online, To Rehome Superior Artworks Corinne Cain is an art appraiser by training who broadened her already extensive experience to include sales. She worked in museums, galleries, as a paid art critic,...

Gold Perfumer with Magnificent Dragons-and-Phoenix Openwork, circa 907-960 CE or earlier, China

The Curator’s Eye Delivers Knowledgable Clients To TK Asian Antiques

Released: January 29, 2014

NEW YORK - In a recent article, Forbes contributor Kathryn Tully quoted Sean Moriaty’s podcast comment, saying, “the majority of people, even in gallery scenarios, are buying art that they’ve actually seen in the form of a jpeg sent in an email from the gallerist. Much of the marketing and demand generation, so to speak, is already electronic.” In this regard, The Curator’s Eye ( excels with its unique set of services. The art marketing organization allows private art and antiques dealers such as TK Asian Antiquities to compete with other art businesses, such as...

Pairoj Karndee, Hong Kong Angel, 2013, acrylic on linen, 90 x 110 cm

The Curator’s Eye Discusses Online Art Market With Anthony Smith

Released: December 19, 2013

The Curator’s Eye recently spoke with Anthony Smith of asart, based in London, England, about the results and experience delivered to his business by The Curator’s Eye ( The discussion covered his history as a dealer, the art that excites him most, and the way he has incorporated The Curator’s Eye into his current business model. Anthony Smith Opts For Online Business Model With Reduced Overhead After studying law, Smith reports, “I became absolutely fascinated by both the artwork and the process of creating art, so much so that I then read art history...

2013 Holiday Gift Guide Presented By The Curator's Eye

The Curator’s Eye Presents Unique Holiday Gift Guide

Released: December 02, 2013

Searching for the perfect gift for a connoisseur this holiday season? The Curator’s Eye, (, the distinctive online platform for the finest art and antiques from distinguished dealers across the globe, presents thousands of truly unique gift options. With offerings ranging from American folk art to Imperial Roman jewelry, The Curator’s Eye is a treasure trove of stocking stuffers that possess a sense of history. 1. In the spirit of the Christmas season, many beautiful and collectible artifacts reflect the long history of the religion, including an illuminated ma...

Dealer Michael Backman

Michael Backman Revisits Art and Technology with The Curator’s Eye

Released: November 19, 2013

Earlier this week, The Curator’s Eye and London-based dealer Michael Backman continued their conversation about the integration of technology into the business of dealing art. As an early adopter of the marketing tools provided by The Curator’s Eye, Backman is well-suited to discuss the merits of the platform and to describe the evolution of these tools. In particular, Backman noted the addition of “well-targeted, cutting-edge Internet-based advertising.” The Curator’s Eye: “Unique Opportunity to Reach New Clients” He began, “From a dealer’s point of view, Curator’s Eye offers an ...

Gustav Klimt Autograph Quotation, 1913

Schulson Autographs Harnesses Marketing Power Of The Curator’s Eye

Released: November 12, 2013

BOSTON - Recently, The Curator’s Eye ( sat down with Claudia Strauss-Schulson of Schulson Autographs, a leading dealer in the historical autographs and manuscripts field. Schulson has been a dealer using The Curator’s Eye for over a year, and we took this opportunity to discuss her approach to the marketing platform, her experience listing items, and how she uses the client lists and client analytics provided by The Curator’s Eye to expand as well as refine her business practices. "The Curator’s Eye Is An Online Antique Show" Already, Schulson Autographs has “shif...

A selection of items from Allington Antiquarian Books, Winston-Salem, NC

Allington Antiquarian Books Expands Client List With The Curator's Eye

Released: October 29, 2013

The Curator’s Eye recently sat down with dealer Stephen Johnson of Allington Antiquarian Books in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. During the interview, the discussion covered Johnson’s path to becoming a rare book dealer and his strategic addition of The Curator’s Eye ( to his business practice. From Student to Lawyer to Full-time Bookseller Johnson says, “I have been buying and selling rare books since 1978 when, as a student at the University of Virginia, I wandered into a local bookshop and discovered shelf after shelf of rare and collectable books.” Eve...

Dealer Sue McGovern-Huffman of Sands of Time Antiquities, Georgetown, DC

Sands of Time Antiquities Embraces Technology, Incorporates The Curator’s Eye

Released: October 08, 2013

The Curator’s Eye recently spoke with Sue McGovern-Huffman of Sands of Time Antiquities, based in Washington, D.C., about her use of the technology provided by The Curator’s Eye ( to expand her client base and increase her sales. McGovern-Huffman, who began her career as a professional dealer twenty years ago in Sydney, Australia, has been at the helm of Sands of Time Antiquities in Georgetown, D.C., for the past eight years. She has been active in e-commerce for over a decade, after combining her experience in information technology with her personal passion...

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